10 great ideas for a birthday gift to your brother


Hello, my dear readers! I am very glad to see you today in a new article where we will discuss what to give my brother for his birthday and how to avoid a bloodbath in case of failure.

Of course, I was joking about the latter. But my torment (and yours) about presents to my younger brothers (and perhaps you know that I have two of them) pushed me to write this article. After all, very soon one of them will have a birthday.

There will also be ideas for the older ones, so enjoy) And in the end you will learn how easy it is to decorate a room before the arrival of your beloved brother :)


My choice

Before we go any further, I decided to tell you about what I gave for my brothers’ birthdays:

  1. Badminton set. At one time, we often played this fascinating game with them. The set included rackets and directly shuttlecocks (you need a lot of them, since they are periodically lost).
  2. Smiley Face mug. A bright, positive mug could not be better suited as a present :)
  3. Custom puzzles. I brought a picture of WarHammer (a popular game) to one of the souvenir printing salons. Mishka was satisfied :3
  4. Set of “Angry Birds”. A stationery set with a pencil case, pencil, pen and several other bird-themed devices.
  5. A solid diary of your favorite color.

Of course, these are not all gifts and ideas will go to younger brothers rather. But further – more))

15-18 years old

Perhaps the most flexible age in terms of choosing a present. There is also something boyish to hand over, and adult gifts will be appropriate (say, an elite perfume).

And here are a few non-trivial ideas for those who have brothers at this age:

  1. Flying minions. A gift for the enthusiastic, but now there is just such a wave of fascination with these heroes!..
  2. Cheat sheet watch. Well, how can it be without this) Help your brother with his studies.
  3. Grizzly knife. The trick of this knife is that it is hidden… in the belt buckle. Let the brother feel like an employee of law enforcement agencies or a secret agent :)

20-25 years old

At this age, a person is already beginning to grow up, can already have a family.

I suggest an adult relative to give:

  1. Wine set in a bottle. An unusual interpretation of such a worn-out gift as alcohol.
  2. Flask. A useful accessory, especially in the heat. Both solid and unusual.
  3. Chocolate set “Master”. In general, I think that chocolate is not the coolest gift. But how it is packed and presented here! The tools are like real ones, see for yourself :)

Or you can buy hookah with delivery in Moscow. Hookah is also a gift for an amateur, but it will always gather all friends around it in the evenings.

30-40 years old

Here a person already has his own way of life, he lives separately. Perhaps you don’t see each other often. But after all, a birthday is once a year!

So please your beloved brother with cool gifts ;)


  1. Electroshashlychnitsa. When I saw her, I thought: “Wow!” It always bothered me that in order to eat shish kebab, you have to go somewhere far away, because often you can’t do this at home) And this unit is just a lifesaver. Now my brother will be able to eat kebabs at home ;)
  2. Autostack. Something like a thermos, but only for the car. Convenient)
  3. Table billiards. To the same category I would include table hockey, football, etc. Entertaining games of a tabletop nature in general)

And don’t forget to decorate the room where the Birthday will be celebrated ;)

With this, I will say goodbye to you, dear readers. I will be glad to hear from you, how do you celebrate the birthdays of your relatives? And do you prepare in advance or do you leave everything at the last moment?

And read the article about gifts to your best friend – there are even more ideas.

P.S. Subscribe to blog updates, and also share on social media. social networks and comment! It was nice to see you)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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