Cool gifts for a cool person for the Birthday of a best friend


Hello, dear readers! I, Anastasia Skoreeva, traditionally welcome you to my gift-congratulatory resource. And today I will share my thoughts on what to give my best friend for his birthday and how not to lose in this not always simple situation.

I’ve been thinking for a long time about which side to approach this topic. And I decided that I would consider exclusively male strong camaraderie. And dedicated a separate post to girlish friendship, don’t miss it ;)


I must say, a best friend is really a rarity and a valuable find.

There are, however, people who will say: “Yes, I have 50 friends and they are all the best!” I think there will be such among you, dear readers.

But think about it: will all of these friends visit you in the hospital if you break your leg? Or will they help you with money in a difficult moment (not to mention participation)? And immediately “fall off” at least three-quarters of the “mighty bunch” that was at the beginning :)

Well, as usual, I was carried away. In general, I wanted to say that there are few real friends, therefore it is worth congratulating them with special care.

It seems that the breakdown by age in this situation is very suitable.

13 – 16 years old – crazy games

Ohoho, now the old lady will share her ideas :D

I must say, guys generally think less about gifts than girls.

At least, that’s the impression I got. But maybe it’s not like that at all?

At this age, there is not always an extra hundred to congratulate a friend on his name day. Therefore, to begin with, let’s consider a small list of what you can buy even for a small amount:

  • baseball cap
  • set of bright stickers with emoticons
  • a bright bandana
  • a pocket book with fantastic stories
  • wire holders in the form of menStickers

Well, if you don’t have a penny in your pocket, then give your participation: come up with contests or help with the organization of the event. Believe me, not everyone likes to do this, and therefore help in this matter will be appreciated.

18 – 25 years – adult life begins

The best thing here is to give something related to the hobbies and preferences of a friend. Or arrange it so that the gift was somehow connected with a hobby.

Here, say, gamers. What do they need? It’s not a fact that you can guess with the game. But the money presented in the original design, in this case, will help out.

For example: “In the name of the Emperor, I order to reward you for the coolest achievements in the game space with this manual for the purchase of new battles.” Well, or not so pathetic :)


The same gamblers can also present a coffee holder for the table. Or a pad under the keyboard. In general, something that is in the area of hobbies, but not directly related to it.

30 years and more is a solid time

Here the youthful ardor cools down a little, you can also give something more serious.

Here, for example, books on self-development. Such a universal gift that I can’t even imagine who it wouldn’t suit. Recently, I read one myself, still half impressed) It’s called “Be the best version of yourself.”

It is mandatory to read to all those who want to understand the very essence of the greatest achievements, and achieve the same themselves.

Also pay attention to wine sets, bath sets (especially handmade) and possibly hiking backpacks. These are, perhaps, some of the most common ideas.

Summing up, I can note that “all gifts are good if you give from the heart” (I wonder if I invented it myself or is there really such a saying?))

I’m done with this, share your impressions and express your ideas and suggestions. And I also advise you to read about gifts to the brother, because the brother is often the best friend)

See you soon! Don’t forget to subscribe to updates to get the latest material ;)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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