What to give mom for her Birthday to please her


Hello, Dear readers and readers of the blog nyaskory.ru ! By tradition, I announce the topic of today’s post: what should I give my mom for her birthday?

Of course, all moms are different. One may come up with a pot of flowers – the other will prefer to get a blanket. But in the end, the most important thing is the warmth and understanding, the feelings with which the gift is presented.

Well, let’s get started! Maybe we won’t learn to read thoughts, but we will definitely know the direction of choice ;)

What should I give my mom for her birthday?

What can I give to my dear and beloved mother? Here you need to start not only from the available amount, but also from the impression that your present will make on the birthday girl.

Having interviewed more than a dozen friends and acquaintances (as well as their mothers) I came to the conclusion that it is best to give the following items from the list:

  • An unusual portrait. Now it is not a problem to order not only the usual image of the birthday girl’s appearance, but also to do it in a special style. Masters offer portraits created based on famous paintings, laid out of letters and even from photographs of a woman.
  • A set of honey. Moms should be beautiful and healthy! Honey solves both of these problems. After all, in addition to ingestion, it can be used to create masks and useful wraps. The most important thing is to make sure that your mom is not allergic to this product.
  • External battery. The modern world does not leave us the opportunity to be outside the network access zone. There should always be some kind of parcel, there is a need to call a taxi, etc. So that such a necessary unit as a phone is always at hand in a charged state, hand an external battery to a dear person.
  • A set for making real coffee. How our mothers love coffee! If you have the same situation, then there is nothing better than a set for a real coffee lover. Thanks to it, it will be possible to brew your favorite drink for real, without diluting the instant analogue.
  • Salt lamp. This device became a real “breakthrough” on the anniversary of the mother-in-law. She was thrilled! But in addition to the exoticism, this unit also has a huge benefit. With him, Mom will no longer catch a cold.

A gift from my daughter

Daughters and mothers are often on closer terms than sons. Besides, both are girls, if I may say so, without taking into account their age. Therefore, it is easier for a daughter to choose a gift for her mother to some extent (but not always).

So, 5 ideas for a gift to the closest person from my daughter:

  1. Aquafarm. This is a very cool thing if your mom is a lover of animals and plants) The essence is this: it is a combination of plants and an aquarium that are in a kind of symbiosis: a fish (or maybe fish?) lives, and plants feed on what comes out of the fish :) A self-cleaning ecosystem.
  2. Shawl, down shawl. Oh, especially the handmade shawl. They say Orenburg shawls are very cool. I don’t really understand this myself, but many friends claim that this is an extra-class thing, although not cheap.
  3. Music box. a very romantic gift and the variety of shapes is amazing.
  4. A set of expensive cosmetics. The gift is not the most universal, since you need to know exactly the tastes of the recipient. But expensive cosmetics – that’s why expensive cosmetics, that its very presence already adds status.
  5. Funny centimeter tape in the form of a toy. I saw one recently – an elephant whose trunk is a ribbon. Very creative and useful in the household.

Surprise from my son

It’s always harder for my son – in all sorts of he hardly understands women’s stuff, but he also wants to give a necessary and interesting gift.

The following list will come to the rescue:

  1. Ice cream maker. A funny thing for sweet tooth and hospitable housewives (so that there is something to put on the table). Just make sure in advance that mom has a place to place your present.
  2. Passport cover. You can find an expensive leather pathetic cover or vice versa – funny and girlish bright.
  3. Magnetic board. The thing is very useful (I wouldn’t refuse myself, it would help out sometimes). You can always attach a note about not forgetting something, or you can concoct a composition of magnets.
  4. Funny shaped pen. Oh, how many of these works! here you have a cactus, a hairpin, and a funny little animal! A gift for moms with a sense of humor ;)
  5. Video postcard. The gift is very touching, but not the most budget. There are two options: you can buy a postcard of the “You were born” series, which tells about what happened in the year of a person’s birth, or find a studio that will compose a memorable record of the most important events of life.

ruchka 1 ruchka 2

Choosing a gift for the anniversary

At any age, mothers want to feel loved first of all. To please them, you may need the following options:

  1. On 40th anniversary choose a certificate to a beauty salon or a relaxing foot massager.
  2. In 45 years old some women are already retiring (this applies to teachers and some other categories). A warm blanket will help to create comfort in the house.
  3. 50 years is usually celebrated as one of the largest anniversaries. Accordingly, something weighty should become a gift – for example, a trip to a sanatorium or to a resort.
  4. 55 years old. At this age, women are often already happy grandmothers, often retire and have the opportunity to do what they love. Give the same set for mom’s favorite thing.
  5. 60 years old. Often, health problems begin here, so please the birthday girl with a present in the form of several sessions of healing procedures.
  6. 65 years old. Hand over a rock garden – it will help to put your thoughts in order and calm your mind.
  7. At 70, the best gift is your concern. But you can add a beautiful tea set to it.

what to give a girl for the new year

What flowers should I give to my mother?

In the selection bouquet for mom there are practically no restrictions. One of the most versatile options are the favorites of many women – roses.

How many of these flowers should I give to the birthday girl? It’s up to you. However, the larger the bouquet, the more the person will be able to appreciate your care and love.

Original birthday gifts

In addition to these original ideas, there are other unusual surprise options that will appeal to your mother. I managed to put together such a list of ideas:

  • Garden set. For ardent lovers of the garden and vegetable garden.
  • Florarium. So that you can enjoy your favorite colors indefinitely.
  • Personal song. If you compose it, then the value of such a gift will increase threefold! But a custom-made song will also impress the birthday girl.
  • The Oscar statuette. For the role of “the best mom in the world”.
  • Exotic tea. Best of all, not classic varieties. Perhaps you will focus your attention on a Japanese manufacturer – then you can even hand over a whole set for a tea ceremony.

How to make a surprise with your own hands?

Oh, that’s what, but a good a gift with your own hands for mom certainly she will remember. I remember, a couple of years ago, I gave a bear sewn by me in addition to the main gift. Although I was no longer 5-10 years old, my mother was very pleased))

Many can say: “Yes, fuu, that I’m going to do all sorts of nonsense there, adults are already people that I’m like a child…” But I fundamentally disagree with this statement.

Although not everyone considers themselves creative personalities, but I will say for sure: everyone can make such a gift, and the impression often exceeds all expectations.

And here are some ideas:

  1. Buy a box of chocolates, print out a beautiful congratulatory image (it must have something like “To the dearest Mommy” on it). Glue the box. That’s it! You can also put pieces of paper under each candy with the words “wonderful”, “necessary”, etc. You can make such a gift easily and quickly, and mom will be happy to show your concern.
  2. Bake cakes. The Internet is full of recipes. Look for the most detailed and use it! Mom will definitely appreciate it. I recently made my chocolate cupcake – it turned out very well))
  3. Make a collage. Here you can dream up: for example, make a series of photos “Mom is a superstar” (print out several photos of Hollywood celebrities and paste a photo of mom’s head on them). Or so: a selection of your and mom’s photos from birth to the present moment.
  4. Do you know the art of origami? This can also be used. Simple boats or airplanes will not work here, but an elegant rose made of paper or a crouching tiger can impress anyone. Do not forget to fix the work with varnish so that it will last longer.
  5. If you know how to draw, then it is in your power to create a bright and life-affirming panel that mom will look at every time with a kind smile as she passes by.


What to do if there is no money: choosing an inexpensive surprise

Such a deplorable financial condition is very relative: after all, you can give something inexpensive, but sweet to the heart.

Here, for example, is a list of inexpensive gifts, the cost of which ranges from 100 – 300 rubles.:

  1. Original cookie or cupcake molds. It is better to choose reusable silicone.
  2. Sleep mask. Here and with a joke you can buy, and just romantic.
  3. Glass figurine. Of course, large figures will cost a considerable amount. But small and medium-sized ones are quite suitable.
  4. A call to raise money. A funny souvenir that will surely make your mom smile.
  5. The “Best Mom” icon. Well, no comments here :) By the way, the most budget of all gifts.

maska dlya sna

Well, I hope you have chosen the most the best gift for your mom. Share your ideas in the comments ;)

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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