Secrets of originality for congratulating your best friend on her Birthday

Congratulations and contests

Hello, friends! Today, the next post is about how to congratulate your best friend on her birthday. And we will do it in our own words, and not in a hurry with poems torn off the Internet.

I also have friends who I periodically want to congratulate on some date (well, happy Birthday for sure).

And recently I’ve been thinking: how can I bring a little originality to this process? So that again I don’t have to read out endless dry rhymed lines that aren’t by me. Or get off with the standard “happiness, health”.

In general, as a result of these thoughts, today’s article was born. By the way, at the end of the article you will find a mega-formula for the perfect greeting ;)

Original greetings – plus in karma

The best friend will never judge you for a somewhat banal greeting (if she is really the best). But still, by “wrapping” your words in a bright package, you will get a much more advanced result :)

I thought, thought, and decided to make a list of universal tips that will help to present wishes at a new level (they will be a little later).

Suspension "Best friends"

The essence of this small section is that it is unusual to congratulate a friend, not that it is desirable, but almost mandatory. This becomes especially necessary with age, when there are not so many bright emotions in life anymore.

A masterpiece in your own words

But how to be original? Now I will give you the promised tips that will definitely help you out)

  1.  The first piece of advice is somewhat hackneyed, but without it anywhere: do not try to get into someone else’s skin, using not your thoughts, formulations. Let it not be very beautiful of its own, than mega chic of someone else’s.
  2. It is not necessary to compose congratulatory sheets. Believe me, even your best friend will send you to hell on the 20th minute)) Ideally, it will take 1-2 minutes.
  3. Do not use incomprehensible words to anyone (that is, they are understandable to you, but make allowances for others).
  4. Remember all the things that you like about a friend. Absolutely everything. And choose the appropriate adjectives to describe.
  5. You can also do this: remember everything that does not suit you, and turn it into cute features for which you love your girlfriend even more. For example, she is not punctual. And you say this: “I appreciate you for being 15 minutes late, but you don’t forget about our friendship for a second.” Well, or something like that)


In Contact: starting amateur activity

Up to this point, we’ve been talking about how to express our appreciation in person. And if fate has decreed that you can’t see each other on this day?

Then a great option would be a greeting in the network In Contact (by the way, you can also attach it to a personal one).

The options can be very different:

  1. We use the available applications to the maximum. This includes sending greeting cards, and all kinds of stickers, and gifts that are purchased for so-called votes (you can pay from a card, from a mobile phone, and from an electronic wallet).
  2. If possible, send not just a postcard from VK, but find a picture (or several) in the spirit of the congratulatory one, and attach it to the message that you send to the wall. You can accompany it with your favorite song of the birthday girl. Believe me, it’s much cooler than ordinary postcards)
  3. The words can be used the same as for a personal greeting. But in VK, you can also provide them with a bunch of emoticons.

Rabbit and guinea pig

What about the surprise?

Of course, without an accompanying gift anywhere :) It can also be presented in a very unusual way.

For example, to break a present into several parts (not literally, of course) and give them during the evening. You can give something small at the beginning, and then according to the degree of increase in the value of the items.

For example: candle → candy box → decoration. Stretch the fun :)

Also, do not forget about various entertainment items, such as sky lanterns, firecrackers and confetti. The atmosphere of the holiday has not been canceled)

By the way, you can also choose a very unusual gift. Recently, I came across the long-forgotten idea of a wolfpack again. How I would rejoice at such a thing! Maybe aunt over 30 is already giving it and not worth it. Although… If she has a good sense of humor – why not?)

In this case, you can give advice to choose something related to a hobby, but… Sometimes the birthday girl accumulates SO many such things that it is already worth considering the expediency of the advice) (Although it never seems to be enough for me as a needlewoman))
To get around this problem with the help of things about hobbies. For example: for a collector of teddy bears, a storage container or an exclusive book related to bears will be quite in the theme.

Well, finally, the promised formula ;)

Dignity (vice versa disadvantage) in the form of an adjective + cute (funny, unusual) noun + wish = excellent congratulations

You can use it in almost any sequence. For example: “Smart little star, the happiest days to you.” Much better than the classic “happiness”, right?)

That’s it, see you soon!

P.S. Do not forget to subscribe, share your impressions with me and with friends using reposts ;)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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