15 ideas for a super gift for dad on February 23

February 23

Hello everyone, friends! Anastasia Skoreeva is with you again and I want to tell you today about what to give dad for February 23. I especially advise reading to those who are in a difficult financial condition.

Oh, this winter with the beginning of spring) Continuous holidays, and, therefore, spending. Think for yourself: first the New Year, then February 14 (although not everyone celebrates it), February 23, March 8… And some also have birthdays for this period.

In general, almost every week you have to congratulate someone, which significantly affects the budget. No, don’t think about it, I really like to give gifts, choose them, pack them beautifully (I think you too, otherwise we wouldn’t have met on this blog)) But such an abundance of holidays sometimes leads to a complete depletion of monetary resources, and often before the end of the holidays.

But we will not lose face, even if the last hundred remained in our pocket! And we’ll congratulate Dad, and we’ll congratulate him coolly ;)

Dad and daughter

Well, let’s start with those who belong to the above category.

10 ideas for an inexpensive gift

I offer you this list of not the most trivial things:

  1. Keychain… to order. I would also take magnets and calendars here. These are made in many souvenir departments. Once I gave my dad a big magnet with the logo of my favorite band. The effect I was quite satisfied with :)
  2. Sky lantern. It’s more of an emotional gift than a material one. You can accompany it with sincere good wishes.
  3. Lamp. Now there are so many of them that it will not be difficult to choose something unusual.
  4. Teapot. Now there are a huge number of very different types. Here you can meet swans, and little men, and a bathyscaphe.
  5. A flashlight for reading books. Just an indispensable thing for book lovers.
  6. Orthopedic insoles. Again, I gave it to my dad once. In our shoes, which are not always comfortable, there is a real salvation for the feet.
  7. Wire holders. Recently I saw these in the form of fish and men.Fish for wires
  8. Screen protector. Here, however, you will need to know what kind of electronic gadget your dad has. We have such films cost a lot, but on Aliexpress they can be found within 100p.
  9. Belt. Of course, you won’t find a very solid one for a small amount, but a more subtle, elegant one is very even.
  10. Eyeglass cleaner. This is something like a pair of forceps with microfiber sponges at the ends. Suitable, of course, only for those who wear glasses.

Also, do not forget to periodically rob the stores of the fix price chain. There are a lot of husks there, but there are also things that are much more expensive in ordinary stores, and the quality is the same, if not worse.

More expensive presents

I found several suitable options. They are not worth fabulous profits, but still they will have to pay a more substantial sum for them.

  1. Branded T-shirt. You can choose one with your favorite movie character, or just with some hyped label.
  2. Knife in the belt. A very symbolic gift, when I saw it, I thought that it was the best thing to give on February 23))
  3. Copperpencil sharpener. That’s really something hardly anyone gave to dad, I really advise :) A very unusual interpretation of the classic stationery.Sharpener submarine
  4. Candles with multicolored flames. This is rather an addition to the main gift, but I guarantee you the effect of surprise :)
  5. A notebook with a lamp. Everything would be fine, but this lamp changes its lighting when turning pages! I would be blown away by such a gift)) Emphasize the creative nature of the pope.

That’s all for now. Give Dad only the coolest things, because soon after the men’s holiday comes March 8 ;) See you soon!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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