Surprises with taste for a guy on February 23

February 23

Hello, my dear readers! I am glad to welcome you again on the pages of my super-ideinous blog))) Today I will tell you what to give the guy on February 23. I am sure you will have no questions on this topic by the end of the article)

I think it’s no secret that guys love gifts no less than their second halves. But rarely will any of them admit this to you :)

And on Defender of the Fatherland Day, it is quite possible to pamper a loved one.

What to do if there is no money?

I decided to start with this exciting point, because there is not always the necessary amount by the right time. Rather the opposite XD

Let me first tell you how I used to fit into a small amount (I think 100-200 rubles can be found for the holiday).

As well as many readers (and maybe readers? Oh, the times))) there was a situation of almost complete lack of money. That’s what I gave my boyfriend when this happened:

  1. A heart with cats, which I made myself + a romantic postcard:Kittens in love
  2. A boot with sweets (it was, however, a New Year’s gift)
  3. Gloves. Believe me, these can be found for a very small amount)
  4. Cake made of cakes. Mom helped a lot with him))
  5. Headphones. They were sold with the image of the bio Hazard sign (such as biohazard), Danilo liked them very much.

As you can see, through one idea, they are connected with making something with their own hands. And believe me, it’s not as difficult as it seems))

We create a miracle with our own hands

Before I start throwing you options for surprises to my young man, I want to insert such a backstory like an epigraph.

I remember once walking down the street with my husband, who was just starting to take care of me at that time. And I had with me a bag with my favorite band Cinema Bizarre at that time.

And somehow the conversation started around this particular bag. And he found out that I made it. You have no idea. how much surprise and admiration it caused him!

Girls, a present with your own hands is just an upgrade of relationships, taking them to a new level!

Especially if you spend a little more than half an hour thinking through the design and idea. Guys really appreciate this, believe me) Especially in our age, when not every girl does needlework.

I decided not to insert long master classes here. To impress your young man, these vidyashki will undoubtedly help you:

Well, I think you got the gist)

Ideas not related to financial situation

We talked about lack of money, but let’s switch to gifts that require large material costs.

I was thinking here at my leisure and thought that such original gifts would definitely appeal to the darling. Some things, as they say, have been tested on themselves :)

  1. Umbrella. Perhaps some of you will say that this is not an unusual gift at all. But you ask on the sly, does your boyfriend have this thing? In my case, it turned out that is not! But this is such a manifestation of care :)
  2. Augmented reality glasses. An interesting little thing and a very extraordinary present.
  3. Stylish men’s bracelet. Jewelry is given to men very rarely, so feel free to present a bracelet or a pendant.

Men's bracelet

I would also pay attention to intangible gifts, for example, a joint walk on segways (you can rent them) or a joint photo shoot in special booths for photographing.

This brings us to the end. And remember: give not a gift, but your warmth and tenderness. Then an ordinary keychain will become something magical and incredible. See you soon!

P.S. If you have found something interesting for yourself in this article, then like, repost using the buttons below and share your impressions ;)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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