What to give a teenager on February 23? Super ideas

February 23

Hello to everyone who gathered at this hour on the blog nyaskory.ru ! I am with you again, Nastya Skoreeva, and today you will learn what to give a teenager on February 23 to surprise and not disappoint him.

Of course, it all depends on how old the teenager is. After all, adolescence lasts from about 11 to 19 years. And obviously the model of the car is more suitable for a guy 11 years old than a 19-year-old friend :) In any case, it is unlikely.

I have two younger brothers myself, so I imagine what it’s like to choose a present for them in practice.

Yes, the article was published not at all at the time of preparation for the men’s holiday, but who knows when you will see it?)

General tips

For any age, there are several simple tips for choosing a gift. After all, a good attitude is important at any age :)

Tip #1 Always be interested in what a teenager breathes

How much does it help me that I sometimes ask my brothers furtively: “Oh, are you playing with a new toy? How does she look to you?” And so on, until I find out if he liked her, if the characters are cute, etc.

angry birds

Thus, I often manage to figure out what is better to give for a particular holiday. For example, on New Year’s Eve she gave the youngest a set of stationery with Angry Birds.

Tip #2 Consider the age of the boy

And maybe not even a boy anymore. I mentioned this at the beginning of the article.

Tip #3 Take your time when choosing a gift

Several times it happened that I bought gifts a lot in advance (for example, a bunch at the beginning of the year at once, so as not to suffer with the choice later).

As a result, it turned out that as the date approached, I discovered that I could buy a better present (cheaper, more interesting). That is, the gift must be bought in advance, that’s for sure, but not six months in advance :_D

11-12 years old

At this age, boys are still chasing the ball in the yard with might and main and are interested in various inventions and experiments.

At the same time, 11 years is the peak of emotional instability, the child simply needs support from adults, although he outwardly moves away from them.

In general, you need to give something that would help the boy overcome this difficult period without consequences or just please him, make him wonder, smile.

Flash drive grenade

For example:

  1. A wireless mouse for a computer in the form of a typewriter.
  2. The game “Tic-Tac-toe”. A classic game in a wooden case. That’s really what it will be interesting to play at recess.
  3. Flash drive “Grenade”. How can it be without this on Defender of the Fatherland Day?)

If the gift is given from the class, at school, then you can choose, for example, a good, high-quality kaleidoscope.

13-14 years old

At the age of 13, a guy’s self-esteem can suffer a lot, it often doesn’t go well at school either.

Support him by giving him, say, a cheat sheet watch. Maybe he won’t use them, but it will show your concern for him, that even the most serious problems can be shared with you.

In addition, it is not just a cheat sheet, but also a player, a watch and much more.
Clock cheat sheet

And it will also be great if you present him with something original – a thermocup or a camouflage baseball cap. The same ideas will come in handy in celebrating the last of the call.

15-19 years old

At this age, some teenagers separate from their families and begin to live separately (not at 15, of course, but at 18-19 – quite) And parents are already more often leaving them alone on the farm.

Help your son (or maybe just a friend?) to lead your life – give, say, a few funny clothes hangers or a cartridge pen – and the theme is observed, and it will come in handy on the farm.

Handle chuck

And what to do with your own hands?

And a cool video on real men’s soap will help you with this) Just great tips! Especially for those who are not very friendly with needlework.

Well, have you already prepared a gift for your defender? I hope so)

The article is coming to an end, we will say goodbye to you. I was glad to see you :) Tell us what you liked, voice your options. See you soon!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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