How to pack a gift in 5 minutes in paper and not only?

Gift wrapping

Friends, hello everyone! Today I will write about how to pack a gift easily and why you should not always take a solid box for registration.

Gift ideas are, of course, wonderful, but after all, a present must be presented correctly, beautifully, elegantly. Well, and other adjectives. And it is difficult to do this without a beautiful package.

Therefore, today I will show you some original packaging methods that will not take much time.

How to pack a gift in gift paper: step-by-step instructions

It is not difficult to make packaging with your own hands, even without a box, which has already become a traditional symbol of almost any holiday.

There are several options here:

1 Just wrap the gift with wrapping paper . The master class below describes this process in sufficient detail. I often use it myself, it turns out great)

For this method, you will need to cut out a piece of paper that is wide and high enough to wrap a gift. Usually it is enough to multiply the width and height of the surprise by 2, add the side parts if the present is not flat and leave a small margin for bending. Then you need to wrap the gift according to the instructions below.

It is best for you to pack in this way:

  • a book,
  • a neatly folded T-shirt,
  • a towel,
  • a painting,
  • a phone.

Due to the fact that you set the shape yourself with the help of wrapping paper, even a soft rag surprise can be decorated in this way.

Upakovka v bumagu

2 Origami. It turns out very original and at the same time you can even do without a box. All you need is a piece of wrapper and a little patience (well, a ruler with scissors will also come in handy).

It is good to make such a light paper box from the so-called kraft paper, which has an interesting property of giving any creation something stylish. Try to apply it and you. You can’t put a big gift in such a box, but a small souvenir will look very cool here.


3 There is also an object that is not easy to approach – a round or oval shape. In fact, everything is easy to do here yourself – take the square of the wrapper, put the box in the center and… collect the excess in a bundle.

We use corrugated paper

What is the advantage of corrugated paper? It is in its corrugation. Such a wrapper can be expanded where necessary, and given the right shape. And for some of the methods described above, this paper is also quite suitable.

It would be ideal to wrap it in:

  • bottle,
  • watch,
  • plate,
  • pen,
  • a mug.

Thanks to the structure of the paper, it will be quite easy to wrap the bottle. You will need an upper and lower piece, which you need to wrap first the top of the bottle, and then the bottom. To make it all look harmonious, tie a thin ribbon around the bottle and mask the joint with decorative ornaments.

For round gifts, everything is quite simple – you just need to cut off a piece of paper covering the side of the surprise around the perimeter. The lower and upper parts will need to be assembled and decorated at the junction.

Another simple method that is suitable for almost any small or medium gift is wrapping on the principle of a candy wrapper. You can really cope with such a task yourself in a few minutes.

We present a present in a box

Boxes come in different shapes. Rectangular, oval, triangular – this is just the tip of the packaging iceberg, the variety of shapes is much greater.

Let’s start with the traditional form, which is not difficult to create from thick cardboard.

If you are preparing for an important holiday, then a gift box it’s worth decorating. You can do this, for example, as described below. A great way to congratulate a man by wrapping, say, a shirt in such a box.


To make your gift memorable for a long time, I suggest using the previously mentioned discs. But this time you will need not a wrapper from them, but they themselves. Circle the disk as shown in the photo, then cut and fold the edges.

For a bigger box, you can use plates, pots and much more.

And here is some other boxes, each of which you can use for a unique design of your surprise.

You need to cut the boxes according to a template (suitable for strong paper). I have prepared a couple more schemes especially for you (the quality of the pictures leaves much to be desired, but even if you increase it a lot, it is tolerable as a template).

Korobka paket 1

Korobka 2

Packaging is simple and beautiful: the fastest ways

In my opinion. the easiest and most convenient way to pack a gift is organza and bags made of it. I do not resort to it only when there is no bag of the right size.

By the way, I recently bought such a package of different sizes. To say that they help out is to say nothing! I think in the future I will take even more large packages, otherwise I have them of different sizes and a lot of small ones. With them, a surprise can really be arranged in a minute, not that in 5.

Organza bags

Oh, yes, I completely forgot: bags are also very affordable.

Not like expensive boxes, which also should not be sent by mail (only if in Russia or in super-duper protection). And then a couple of times the boxes came in a very deplorable condition…

By the way, from organza (if you buy it in stores), you can make cute flowers-packages:

Prostaya upakovka

This option is quite suitable for small gifts, such as a ring or a candy.

Or you can just pack ordinary boxes in organza and tie them with a ribbon – it will also turn out great. And really fast! It turns out a designer wrapper with your own hands in 3 minutes.

Podarochniye korobki

Using film

Very often this method is forgotten and completely in vain. You can wrap almost any gift in a film – the main thing is that a roll of the desired width and length is at hand.

These two ideas are suitable for those who want to make their gift without paper (or almost without it).

In the first case, a transparent film and a cardboard frame are combined (which can be neglected). The surprise itself is wrapped in a film, and a cardboard layer is placed on top of it.

In the second variant, only the film is used. You can use both bags (they are very cheap, sold in stationery stores and shops with creative goods) and small pieces of material on the same principle as when working with organza.

Original and creative: photos of the most unusual packaging options

The most creative and unusual ideas and materials sometimes lie on the surface, one has only to look at the surrounding world.

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