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Greetings, my friends! In this article, I want to share with you what I saw, overheard and invented on the topic “what can a girl do with her own hands”.

The attitude to gifts with their own hands, of course, is different for everyone. Someone considers it a waste of time, not understanding such man-made pleasures (although how can I)). Others, on the contrary, believe that only a gift created with their own hands with an embedded piece of soul becomes really expensive and warm.

Personally, I really like creative needlework people. For me, a person’s desire to make a gift with his own hands always arouses respect. Skill often does not play a decisive role, but the attitude that a person gives along with his creation is very even)

3 simple birthday gifts with your own hands

It’s easy to go to the store to buy a surprise, but there are situations in life when a homemade gift is the only right decision.

And it is not the lack of money that is the main stimulant (although very often this is what makes young people turn on their mighty creativity and imagination)) It happens that a girl already has everything, but she wants to surprise. That’s why I’ve picked up some interesting ideas for you.

Gift #1 or I would call it “Two in one”

We give a bouquet of sweets or toys. A great option for a multi-pack of Flowers + sweets. To do this, you just need to stock up on sweets (lollipops, chocolates) or toys, wrapping corrugated paper, PVA glue, scissors.

Gift No.2. Making a lamp.

I was simply struck by the simplicity and creativity of the idea of creating a futuristic lamp from old unnecessary magazines.

All that is necessary to implement such a practical idea is a large bundle of unnecessary magazines, PVA glue, a brush, a light bulb with a base (you need to create a blank) and, of course, a large reserve of patience. Yes, it will take some tinkering, but the result is worth it!

Gift No. 3. Beautiful wooden candlestick.

You don’t need to be a professional carpenter to make such a beautiful composition in the style of shabby chic. All you need is to go to the park in search of suitable thick twigs, a saw, small candles and glue.

You can tie such a composition together with a thick tourniquet. It will look very cozy and warm))


Creating romance on February 14

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to create romance with your own hands. Your girlfriend will especially celebrate handmade on this day, because girls expect cute romance on February 14 ;)

Gift No. 1. Paper heart from declarations of love and compliments on the wall.

With such a wonderful present, you can congratulate a girl in the morning. Making a gift is very simple. From colored bright red paper, you cut out small squares and write warm words on them, and then assemble a structure from all this, attaching it to the wall (you can also use ordinary stickers).

Heart of stickers

An excellent option would be to attach such a heart to a mirror. Can you imagine your girlfriend’s surprise when she wakes up in the morning and goes to wash her face?

Gift No.2. We inflate red balloons with gel, and we tie declarations of love to the tails.

Well, this greeting looks very nice and bright for memory)

Gift No. 3. Cup with recognition.

Special markers for cups are being sold now. Even if your friend has more than a dozen of these tableware items, this one will definitely become the most beloved, because it is personal, from the heart.

Gift No. 4. Flowers in ice.

A very atmospheric symbolic souvenir that will decorate a romantic dinner.

Place the flower or individual buds in a plastic long glass filled with water. Put it in the freezer for a few hours. When the composition freezes completely, we carefully remove it from the glass and put it on a stand on the table.


Just imagine: a starched tablecloth, candles, a slowly melting ice composition – romance!

Winter motifs or gifts for the New Year

There are really so many opportunities to make presents with your own hands for the New Year that it’s even difficult to decide on a rating by choosing the best ideas for you)

It can be:

  • a sweater knitted with your own hands
  • christmas toys
  • candlesticks
  • gingerbread house
  • prepare sweets
  • tangerine jam

Idea #1. A very nice warm gift to your friend will be like this papier-mache house

Idea #2. We make with our own hands photo frames , which we attach to a large panel, we give to our beloved with the wish to fill all the empty places with the most beautiful, bright and emotional photos.

Idea #3. You can make a beautiful candle holder with a candle. All you need for this is cinnamon sticks, a candle, a flagellum of hemp rope and a piece of ribbon.


In fact, there are a lot of ideas for homemade crafts, the main thing is to do it from the heart and then your beloved will always be under a pleasant impression) And, perhaps, your creative abilities will help with the organization holiday for cute ;)

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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