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Good afternoon, my dear readers! The graduation of the elementary school of the children of my good friends spurred my imagination and imagination on the topic of what to give a child for graduation at school.

Yes, perhaps many parents believe that it is not worth spoiling the child by giving him surprises and gifts for the end first grade or kindergarten.

Parents in this matter are always divided into two camps. Some are firmly convinced that celebrating the end of each class, quarter will only spoil the children. Others, on the contrary, want to praise their child in this way, perhaps spurring them to new successes.

Prom and llama

Here I personally belong to the second camp and am absolutely convinced that a holiday, good emotions not only do not corrupt a child, but, on the contrary, develop his imagination, teach that there is always a reward for good work and success. A kind of causal relationship that we teach children from childhood.

It seems to me that this is an extra reason to create a holiday in the house and enjoy the passed stage together)

Bright gifts in elementary school

At the end of elementary school, you can give funny children’s gifts:

  • Constructor
  • The doll
  • Radio-controlled car
  • Funny backpack
  • Umbrella
  • Children’s bed linen

Children love surprises and riddles! Therefore, it would be an interesting idea to give some souvenir wrapped in paper with a riddle. These may be funny puzzle questions, or they may be interesting questions from the school curriculum. A fun test, having passed it perfectly, the child can unwrap his bag. The contents of the package can be very different:

  • Sweets
  • Bright stationery
  • Fascinating book
  • Creative kit
  • Toy
  • Children’s cosmetics
  • Ball

What to give at the end of the 9th grade?

For many, the end of the 9th grade is only a transition period to the 10th grade, but many graduates choose to enter a technical school, college. In this case, a more adult and responsible life is already beginning for them, sometimes associated with moving to another city.

Mark the successes of your child, and make a kind of parting gift.

Of course, not everyone can afford expensive graduation gifts. But this is not a reason to get upset and grieve. You can come up with an original symbolic gift that will please both of you. After all, children always understand the financial picture of the family and do not expect you to buy a car.

  • USB drive
  • Memory card
  • Photo album
  • A beautiful passport cover
  • Sweet bouquet of sweets
  • Certificate to a beauty salon
  • Certificate for mountaineering and diving courses.

Flash drive

A serious reason is the end of the 11th grade

Graduation is a very important period in the life of any family, which both parents and children are equally worried about.

For 11 years, there was a clear established way of life in the house. Summer was replaced by school time, the child grew up quarter by quarter, and now we have to make serious decisions about the future, admission to the Institute, etc.

Yes, and passing exams makes everyone really worried… Therefore, the child certainly deserved a gift for the end of the 11th grade)

What to come up with interesting things to please and benefit? It seems to me that it is necessary not just to present a present, but to symbolically give importance to the fact that one period ends and a new one begins, even more interesting, but responsible.

15 best gift ideas for your child

Watch. This is a very memorable gift, especially if they are beautifully engraved with the phrase in the style: “Liberum arbitrium – Freedom of choice”, “Per aspera ad astra – Through thorns to the stars!”

Electronic gadgets. A good laptop, tablet, fashionable smartphone. At this age, children are passionate about such things and will certainly appreciate the value and significance of a gift. Especially such a gift is relevant before entering the university. This way you can always talk to your daughter or son via Skype, see his dorm room and check whether the child has returned home.

Jewelry. It can be gold earrings, a necklace, a bracelet. Such a valuable thing will remind your child of a memorable date for many years.

And for guys, there is also a very large selection of stylish jewelry that they can wear in everyday life. Fashionable and functional [urlspan]looks like this [/urlspan] original bracelet that will give a young man self-confidence. Yes, and it makes an impression on girls)

Silver bracelet

Certificate for training at a driving school. Perhaps, by age, not everyone will be able to use the certificate immediately, but literally within a year and a half, the child will be able to enroll in school, complete training and get the coveted rights. It will remain a small matter – to buy a car.

Although it is possible to present such a certificate with a different meaning: “We are giving you training, and thanks to your future successes, you will soon be able to drive your own car.”

Subscription to the fitness room. Now young people are starting to pay more and more attention to their appearance and such a ticket to sports life will appeal to young guys and girls.

The ticket. A great option to relax with the whole family after all the ordeal of final exams, because an equally important and difficult academic year is ahead. And who knows, maybe you will no longer be able to go to the resort like this with the whole family. Institute life, practice, friends will begin…

The graduate girl will like the beauty gadget. It can be a powerful hair dryer, straightening irons, a depilator or a modern device for creating glamorous curls.

Camera. New life, new friends, new pictures.

Backpack. A very convenient and practical gift that young people will appreciate. I myself have practically given up handbags in favor of this most convenient accessory.

Certificate for the master class. Choose any: culinary, creativity with your hands, sports. Let the child have bright emotions from the gift.

Paintball game. If funds allow, you can give a ticket to several friends so that graduates can have a lot of fun on the sports field, letting off steam and emotions.

Bag. Bright, fashionable and stylish. Girls will appreciate such an interesting gift.

Leather bag

Sneakers. Good ones are oh so expensive. Therefore, a very worthy present.

A purse or a fashionable wallet. Put the money in there. The child is gradually entering adulthood, in which he will have to learn to manage his own finances. Such a symbolic gift will help him to take the first steps correctly.

Bank account. Like the last point, this is a serious gift that will help the child grow up properly, managing his money. Only it is necessary to immediately set a withdrawal limit so that there is no trouble.

We create a gift ourselves!

You can generally go the other way and make not a material, but an emotional memorable gift. Especially this option will be great for a child, which has everything.

  1. Bake a bright unusual cake. Even if you have never done it, it will be all the more fun surprise for the whole family.
  2. Edit your own family movie by putting together the entire home video archive from the first to the eleventh grade.
  3. Make a photo collage of the most fun photos of a grown-up graduate.

Which gift to give – expensive and meaningful or symbolic and modest, you choose. The main thing is to demonstrate to your grown-up child how proud you are of his successes and how happy you are on this day.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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