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Hello, followers of the cult of worthy gifts! I immediately share an amazing observation: they are everywhere! At work, in the subway, in the entrances and just on the street. There are a lot of them. Even in your own cozy nest, you can sometimes find such a person. What am I talking about? About men! There are those who want to take and give something.

At least for the fact that he knows how to tie a tie himself. There are cases when there is nothing special, but it is necessary – the position obliges. Or there is a desire and a reason to give, and what is not clear.

Today we will discuss what kind of cool gift a man can be presented and where to actually take it. Gift. Not a man.


In a year there are at least three excellent reasons to please a person close to you:

  • Birthday;
  • New Year;
  • February 23.

Once I already mentioned that the choice of a gift is determined by the closeness of the relationship, the capabilities of the giver and the preferences of the recipient. Perhaps I will also add a sense of humor: by appealing to him, you can cheer up everyone around the hero of the occasion for a long time and, of course, himself.

Just don’t aim for a new beer mug with a stupid inscription. It’s a bit vulgar.

A birthday present – is it a joke?

You can try to subtly play on dissonance: give a toy to a big uncle. A baby rattle is not worth it – most likely he will turn pale at the same time, he may even lose consciousness. Then you will have to come to your senses and explain for a long time that this is just a joke, and not a hint at the circumstances.

It’s better to do something like that than you can seriously play, pretending that you’re fooling around.

A radio–controlled toy is a good option. The helicopter does not lose its relevance, but gradually the trend slides into the abyss of banality. It is better to consider the option of an all-terrain vehicle or a boat with remote control. This even pulls to the level of elite gift, about which I wrote quite recently.


A toy railway is a gift for an active man of 60 years or so, when a tendency to contemplation begins to manifest itself more and more.

There is one win-win present that invariably undermines the equanimity of the male population aged 20 to 50 years with a mixture of nostalgia, action and ingenious simplicity (from the point of view of modern advances in computer technology software).

Ta-dam!!! Meet the eight–bit Dendy game console!

Yes, the one with the yellow cartridge and two joysticks that needs to be connected to the TV.

I understand that it is difficult for the younger generation to imagine the romance of such antiques. To help at least a little delve into this magic, I will say that the iconic Minecraft game borrowed the 8-bit graphics design style characteristic of the ancient console.

By the way, there is a whole direction of eight-bit sound in music. Rare devices are still available for sale. It can no longer be found in the “Children’s World”, but it can be purchased via the Internet.

For the new year, we fulfill wishes

Although not necessarily. The New Year’s holiday sets the tone for the whole subsequent year. In what shade it will be painted determines the nature of the gift. Whether it’s caring, support or just indulging in whims depends on your choice.

New Year

Instead of a momentary delight, it is better to aim for a time-consuming effect, pick up something optional, but very convenient in everyday life and daily activities. Even a convenient organizer or case can be a more effective means of capturing and holding a foothold in a man’s heart than a phone of the latest model.

Keep in mind that an unreasonably expensive gift can drive a vulnerable male psyche into a maze of complexes and twilight states. Here is a successful accessory to an existing smartphone – the very thing.

For example, a set of universal lenses that expand the capabilities of the built-in camera of a phone or tablet. The kit includes a clip clip and 3 lenses for various purposes:

  • wide-angle, for group shots;
  • “fisheye”, which covers a viewing angle of 180 degrees;
  • for macro photography, which allows you to make even photo labels with small print or barely noticeable cracks on machine parts with high definition.

Headphones or compact speakers with autonomous power supply will suit the music lover. There is a category of lunatics who will like a wireless keyboard for a smartphone.

A classic example of caring embodied in a New Year’s gift is a scarf or warm gloves tied with your own hands. If you know how to knit big things, then you can swing at a sweater and a hat. I met funny samples on the web, such as a hat with a knitted “beard” that covers part of the face from the cold.


If someone thinks that a homemade gift is a budget option, then I can say that he himself has not tried to do anything like that. New yarn for knitting is not the cheapest consumable.

And to redo an old thing for a gift is… vintage and a rarity. But additional materials will still be needed: paint, varnish, glue, decorative finishing and some elements.

On February 23, we will equip the defender

I recently said that Women’s Day requires that the gift emphasize femininity. Adjusted for gender, the same can be said about the publicly recognized Men’s Day, which is celebrated on February 23 under the brand Defender’s Day. Yes, with the help of a present, we remind the recipient that he is a man. Well, in terms of brutal and all that.

The easiest way to achieve the effect is with the help of objects of a near-tourist theme: lanterns, hiking kits and sets, stylized flasks. A decorative, but no less practical compass with a built-in sundial will complement the interior and backpack of an avid traveler.


Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to embed a Garmin-type GPS navigator into it as well… I’ll count it as a separate idea.

In general, the idea opened up a whole direction for finding a gift: combined appliances are fresh and practical. For example, a powerful LED flashlight, with a built-in clock and alarm clock.

Having set a goal, you may well discover such a model. It has not just a clock with an alarm clock, but also a calendar, a thermometer, and an original limbo switch that adjusts the clock to the local time of the 18 largest cities in the world in the blink of an eye.

Let him try to be late later, referring to the difference in time zones …))

On the same site I saw an axe with a knife built into the handle, but this is somehow too much … Again, it can be misinterpreted.

This is how an excursion into the world of gifts for men turned out today. Now you have a plan of action in case you need to pick up a non-trivial gift for a deserving male representative.

I consider the topic to be disclosed, the post is worthy of attention and dissemination through social networks. Like-minded people and sympathizers can subscribe to blog updates. See you!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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