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Hello readers, observers and loyal friends. We continue to talk about gifts for the kids. Children, especially at primary school age, do not walk one by one, but flutter around the yard in flocks, like sparrows. And just as noisy. Therefore , on the agenda is a gift for a 7 – year – old boy .

The Japanese have a belief that the memory of birds is measured in steps: after taking three steps, he completely forgets everything.What should I give to such a chick so that, after moving away from you for 3 steps, he does not forget about the gift? How to choose a gift that will attract his attention for longer than 5 minutes?

Given that first-graders go through an interesting stage when communication skills in a group are formed, adaptation to school order and formation of personal preferences, a gift can be directed to one of these aspects. They are like strings on which you can play a cheerful holiday melody.

You, me and all friends: birthday gifts

The main note is the opportunity to share joy with friends. Therefore, the best gifts are those that give you the opportunity to play yourself, and two or three, and the whole yard. A classic example of such a gift is a good football made of leather.

So you will connect the boy to the yard community: he will be listed in secret lists as the owner of an awesome ball, and this is listed among the boys.


Get ready for the fact that such a ball is not the cheapest gift, and it will not be treated mercilessly. Do not try to forbid taking him outside or reprimanding him for scratches.

All possible constructors fall into the same category:

  • themed lego sets;
  • constructors from which it is possible to assemble a moving toy (electric motor included);
  • electronic constructors that introduce current electrical circuits and devices.

The kids can spend hours tinkering with the designer, creating intricate products from different parts and competing in ingenuity.

Designers have a certain versatility due to the fact that they can simultaneously cover another aspect – the emerging interests of the child.

Preferences and hobbies: even just like that, even for the New Year

The Internet, the powerful film industry and the virtual openness of borders contribute to the lightning-fast and widespread spread of fashion for heroes and characters. As a rule, these are cartoon characters or computer games. Although the line between these genres is thin and every day it gets blurrier.


Someone is doused by this fashion and retreats, and someone makes a fan. Ninja turtles, Spiderman, Bakugan, Transformers with their Autobots and Decepticons, Ben Ten, Baymax, and the like.

An unassuming gift with the logo of a favorite hero causes delight, and the toy attributes of a favorite hero cause a wave of sincere gratitude, respect and almost deification.

Of course, in a year or two or three he will be confused by such a hobby, and a little later – cause a smile. But that’s later. And now please the boy.


There are heroes who strive to imitate, and there are just funny characters. Their fate is not so dramatic – they are not subsequently disowned. Take, for example, the clumsy direct and inventive [urlspan]minions [/urlspan] from the cartoon “Despicable Me”.

When it comes to a gift to a boy, for some reason a gift from an adult made with his own hands does not seem to be a very good choice.

The exception is cases when the donor is a master of his craft, or the thing very accurately guesses the interests of the child.

For example, a homemade slingshot made by an authoritative adult fully claims to be a cult object… In general, a nice box that can and should be give a girl, you can’t get off here. Men’s practicality is already affecting.


School is a model of society

By the way, this is the reason why boys perceive gifts for school.

It’s summer now and parents are gathering their children for the school year in full swing – another opportunity to make a good, memorable gift. A durable, stylized pencil case, a satchel with images of heroes, writing materials and the like. All children are looking forward to joining the school.

Well, almost everything. Most of them, anyway.

Gifts that will help you get used to the classroom and attract the attention of other children are also appropriate. It’s as if a fluffy Baila was invented specifically for this: clever tricks should be rehearsed in advance, but even the fact that a boy has it can increase his status in the eyes of classmates.

The best gifts are those that will help you make friends and have fun together.

Fluffy Bayla

You can argue further, but perhaps that’s enough. Come again)

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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