A gift for a girl on March 8 – what is better?

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Hello, dear reader. Today I will touch on such an important topic as a gift for a girl on a holiday for all women. Therefore, the conversation will go with the guys: I will share with them my, hopefully, useful tips ;)

Often men simply do not know what gift a girl should make on March 8 so that she sincerely is happy.

Not every one of you knows your soulmate well, even if you have lived together for a long time. And the present should still be useful and most importantly necessary! Even it is not so easy for a sister to choose a present, what to say about her beloved.

And each of you wants to please your girlfriend and make her such an amazing gift on March 8, which will be fantastic, unusual, but at the same time pleasant.


But the pursuit of originality does not always lead to good results, remember this.

Below I will give useful tips that, I hope, will help you make your beloved a surprise that will be remembered for a long time.

How to choose a gift?

Now I will try to give all men the most correct advice about what to give to their ladies on this day. It is better to choose a surprise in advance.

The fact is that the closer the holiday is, the more expensive the prices in stores, especially for flowers.

Well, it’s definitely not worth going for a bouquet in advance, but you can choose a cute surprise :)


Know that the lady expects from you not only some kind of present, but also manifestations of feelings. For many, the emotional aspect is much more important than the gift itself, so you can, for example, arrange a romantic evening or a joint hike… behind the fur coat :)

Here are some general principles for choosing colors:

  1. For your beloved, you must prepare flowers , even if there is some other main gift. Any lady, regardless of age and social status, simply loves flowers, because this is the highest sign of attention.
  2. The bouquet can be different. If you and the girl have just started dating, then white flowers, such as roses, will do. And when your relationship lasts longer and there are a lot of emotions in them, then you can choose red roses as a symbol of violent passion and strong feelings.
  3. And as for the number of colors, everything is individual here. Some girl will be able to impress with a small but unusual flower arrangement, and someone will not have enough of a large bouquet. There simply is not and cannot be one universal recipe.

Earrings "Roses"

I would advise you to look at such things as stud earrings, because they will definitely appeal to every girl. Especially when there are a lot of these earrings ;)

It is important to remember that the holiday should start pleasantly, for example, with morning coffee in bed (or maybe orange juice?) for your soulmate. This will immediately set a positive mood for the whole day and create a pleasant atmosphere that will be remembered ;)

Add as many elements of romance and love to the gift as possible, because the female sex loves it oh so much ;)

For example, you can hide jewelry in a bouquet of flowers. This is guaranteed to cause a bright storm of emotions in your lady, which is exactly what is required!

Original ideas

So we talked about simple things that will please a woman for sure. But now it’s time to discuss original ideas!

You need to think about how and, most importantly, how to surprise your companion.


I can offer you the following. Find something that is problematic to find in the spring. For example, large strawberries or maybe even… watermelon (I can’t imagine where you can find it in the spring, but you will definitely surprise your soulmate if you overcome this quest :))

Ladies are very fond of beautiful words and confessions, and especially when they come from the heart! Therefore, prepare yourself, come up with a greeting in verse, or in prose.

But so that it is catchy, romantic and expresses all your feelings. Such a confession should be written on a beautiful large postcard, so that later, after many years, you can read it together and remember the happy moments of life together.


Another interesting idea is to buy such an original pendant with a cool design and hide it in a plush toy :)

And someone will be pleased with a gift certificate for shopping in a store or for visiting a SPA salon.

In no case do not give

Now let’s talk about those things that a girl will not be able to please and bring her positive emotions.

Do not look for things that will remind your chosen one of her household duties. After all, everyday life, as you know, ruins romance and family happiness in general.

Therefore, on a holiday it is better not to remember about it and refuse such presents as pots, pans, sets of plates, kitchen appliances, sets of knives, etc. It is clear that all of the above can be useful for the home, but it is not suitable for a women’s holiday.


Remember that for your significant other, it is you who are the most important and main gift :) Therefore, on this day, try to look simply stunning. Go to the barber shop, put on ironed clean clothes and do not be lazy to use toilet water.

It is not necessary to walk with three-day stubble, but it is better to shave clean. The lady will be pleased if you are well-groomed and beautiful. After all, if you go to a corporate party the day before and on a holiday you will walk with a crumpled face and smell from you…

In general, such a view can spoil a woman’s whole mood and then it is unlikely to be cool to celebrate. Therefore, keep yourself in good shape, try to look as good as ever!


I hope that this article will be able to really help you to woo your beloved and please her with a good present on a festive day.

But every girl is unusual in her own way. Listen to your intuition, and also be attentive to the lady. Then you will understand exactly what she wants, and you will be able to make her the best gift on the eighth of March, which will be remembered forever.

At this point, I have to finish my article, because it’s time to say goodbye)

P.S. Do not forget to subscribe to all my updates, and be sure to share this article with your friends on social networks, because it may be useful to someone else. See you soon and all the best!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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