A gift to a girl for 1000 rubles: how to keep up?

Gifts for all occasions

Hello, readers and readers of all stripes and of any wealth. Sooner or later, a situation arises when it is necessary to pick up a gift for a girl for 1000 rubles (or less).

It can be an encouraging gift from each of the 30 governesses serving your villa, a gift to a friend or girlfriend in the sense of a guy (Rockefeller, too, probably once lived only on pocket money). The circumstances are different, the essence is the same: a worthy sign of attention with a strictly designated budget.

Benefits of civilization

Folk craftsmen and mass industry produce a lot of things and little things that are comfortable, practical, and stylish, cute, but completely optional and you can easily live without them.

The best gift for 1000 rubles is somewhere among the items that it would be interesting to own, but you can’t buy yourself because of sober rationalism.

Transience of trends

The same applies to a number of trends. A wave of presidential worship swept the masses like an unexpected tsunami.

And I want to support and it seems a little crazy to spend on a T-shirt with a beaten photo of Putin. That’s exactly why a gift in the form of a trendy T–shirt is the optimal solution that fully fits into the budget indicated above.

Putin T-shirt

Well, a small tail sticks out of the budget framework and you will have to pay for the shipment, but it’s not so important. And the range of plots with the face of the president of all Russia is quite extensive and you can choose from something ironic to admirably patriotic. Here it is necessary to focus on the ideological attitudes of the girl.

The best seasoning is humor

If you are going to give something to a girl, then you have a relationship with her close enough that you know her level of susceptibility to jokes. The present will be admirably received if practicality in it is successfully combined with humor and funny frivolity.

For example, who would refuse a cozy cape with a hood stylized as a cute little animal or a cartoon character?

I would be insanely glad to have a cape in the form of a Stitch – a famous animated alien with the code “experiment 626”, which was created by the “evil” genius Jamba Jukiba… Erudition, just erudition, nothing like that.

By the way, because of this “nothing like that” and I’m probably ashamed to buy one myself and I’ll wait until someone thinks to give it to me.


Let’s summarize the recipe for a good gift for an honest thousand rubles: practical, optional in everyday life, with a bit of humor or supporting the mainstream.

By the way, a cat (though not everyone) fits perfectly into the price category of 1000 rubles. After all, even if you give a mongrel Murzik, which you got for free, it would be nice to attach a tray, a small supply of feed and a feeder to it.

And finally catch a funny vidyakha, with a singing cat :)

You can send an article via social media as a lifeline or a subtle hint. I try to post such cheat sheets regularly. So don’t get lost and subscribe to blog updates. In the meantime, see you later.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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