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Hello dear readers! I am glad to share with you my new article, which is devoted to such an interesting topic as choosing a gift for the boss.

You probably have no doubt that bosses are also people, and therefore they, like all of us, also like to receive gifts. But it should be remembered that a gift to a man’s boss should be special, because it can’t be simple.

It is important to make the right choice and present your present with all the rules of etiquette. According to business etiquette, the present for the boss must be collective . Therefore, together with all your colleagues at work, you will have to think carefully about what the boss likes and what can really please and surprise him.

Each boss has a certain power over his team and has not a little wealth, so it is unlikely to get off with a trinket here.

Although it is also unlikely to keep up with his requests, and it will be expensive.

It is more important that the gift from the team is not expensive, but useful and pleasant, so that it can please a person and touch some special spiritual strings.

Gift box

If the boss does not hide his hobbies, then everything is easier here, you just need to choose a gift in accordance with these hobbies. For example, if he likes diving, then you can give him a beautiful diver figure that he could put on his desktop.

Traditional ideas

There are so-called traditional gift ideas for the boss from the team. They usually do not differ in originality, but in principle they can be suitable if there is already little time left before the significant date and there is no time to think especially.


The most famous gift for a boss is a set of pens. This is a useful thing, because your manager will definitely need it to fill out some documents. There should be these pens from a well-known company, and if they are expensive, then you can do with one, but arrange it with a beautiful case.

Another traditional surprise can be called a paper book .

I would recommend paying attention to a great book that I read myself and which just amazed me: “Be the best version of yourself. How ordinary people become outstanding.”

I think your boss will definitely like it. Why? It is written by a man who almost took his own life, that is, faced with real life problems, who has endured tremendous experience in managing many large businesses. This is not a pink “pussy-pussy” from people who have not seen anything worse than being late for work.

And finally, I can also recommend you a purse, which is also necessary for any manager. But the purse should be stylish, with a unique design and preferably made of genuine leather. That’s really a solid and patriotic gift :)


Presents to the boss for different holidays

The team should correlate each of its gifts for the head with a solemn event. So, for example, on a Birthday, you can give a male chef something more personal, related to his hobbies.

But for the New Year or on February 23, you can safely give more general gifts that will be useful for work, i.e. in professional activity.

If your manager has an anniversary planned, then for 50 years, 60 years, it is smartest to give a memorable thing, for example, a bottle of expensive alcohol . As an anniversary present, many works of art are chosen, for example paintings.


Well, if you make a gift with your own hands , then this is generally one of the best ideas!

You should remember that the choice of a surprise for your immediate boss should be taken seriously, because your career growth and success at work may depend on the correctness of the choice.

But the present, of course, should not look too sycophantic, because not all managers like it.

Here it is necessary to proceed from the character of a person and his communication with colleagues. After all, a manager may have a different management style. If this style is strict and the boss does not communicate much with his subordinates on personal topics, then in this case he should be given a strict, even business thing.

Well, if the boss is the soul of the company and gets along well with everyone, then you can give him something original, even funny.

Surprises with jokes are also suitable for bosses, but only if the boss likes to joke and does it often. Then he will definitely appreciate the funny surprise and laugh at it together with the whole team.

What should not be handed to the boss

Now we’re going to talk about what not to hand over to your boss.

Well, first of all, it’s a clock. After all, it is believed that giving such a thing is a bad omen. But if the boss is not superstitious, then the watch will suit him perfectly. It is not yet reasonable to present pets, which he may not need and may be allergic to.


To any present that you have chosen and bought, you should attach bouquet of flowers. And it will also be great if you also prepare a collective greeting , which will be able to please and even touch the male leader.

That’s all, we need to say goodbye to you.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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