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Greetings to all the regulars of my “gift” blog! Today I would like to talk about what a romantic gift for a girl should be.

In my opinion, choosing a gift for a beautiful representative, in order to charm her by hinting about her feelings, is quite difficult. It is easy to offend with a gift, not to please, to annoy, putting a difficult situation.

I don’t take the option now when you have a strong and long-term relationship with a girl. Everything is clear there, you can even ask about desires.

But if you are just starting to meet or are counting on the attention of a girl, then you need to approach the choice of such a gift very responsibly and carefully.

serdce s sovami

What to give for February 14th?

Let’s imagine a situation that you have won the girl’s favor, and she agreed to a date. On Valentine’s Day, you want to surprise her by presenting a romantic present.

I do not advise giving:

  • Cheap souvenirs
  • Gels, shampoos, deodorants
  • Jokes

Many men, of course, do not “bother”, limiting themselves to the standard “gentleman’s set”: a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, a plush toy. Yes, it’s all nice, but it’s trite to the point of being boring. You don’t want to cause a strained smile as a sign of gratitude, do you?

We pursue a different goal: to charm, surprise, conquer!

Creating a gift with our own hands

Believe me, no girl can resist a gift made by a young man with his own hands especially for her. There is a sense of care, attention, individual approach.

What could it be?

Depends, of course, not only on the flight of your imagination, but also on the “skill”. If you are fond of wood carving, make a comb for hair, a jewelry box, a stand for jewelry, a coffee tray. It can be decorative decorations for the house, toys. Take a photo of her and frame her beautifully in your own creation.


Or maybe you are one of those craftsmen who masterfully owns the “cross” technique? Whatever you do, do it with your soul.

A teenage girl will definitely appreciate the idea of an emotional surprise: going to a concert, an exciting excursion, a dolphinarium, etc.

A romantic dinner would be a great idea, but here you should be careful that this sign is not perceived as “luring to your house.”

Be sure to take care of a competent presentation. Here, give free rein to your imagination, your feelings and, perhaps, good humor. Even an inexpensive souvenir can be presented in a very original way, hiding a special romantic meaning.

Going to a Birthday Party

A birthday gift to a girl implies a slightly larger budget than just paying attention on the first date.

In addition to a luxurious bouquet, the girl will be pleased to receive:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Fashion gadget
  3. Bottle of your favorite perfume
  4. Wallet
  5. Expensive cashmere scarf or silk stole

If the degree of intimacy allows you to ask the future birthday girl about her desires, it is better to probe the ground in advance. Even if she is modest, answering that she doesn’t really want anything, don’t believe a single word!

Bag with a bird

Deep down, she hopes that you will guess for yourself that she has long dreamed of a cute fashionable handbag or the latest iPhone model.

Gift for March 8th

This day is especially feminine, so the best solution would be:

  • Perfume
  • Jewelry
  • Decorative candles
  • Good cosmetics
  • Watches

The choice of jewelry should also be approached carefully. If the budget does not allow, it is better not to give jewelry (only if the girl is not a fan of the hippie style).

An elegant heart-shaped pendant will be a great idea for a romantic gift. Any girl, regardless of age and status, will be pleased to accept such a sign of attention.


New Year Gift Ideas

The New Year, of course, brings its mood to the gift. We are all waiting for a miracle on this magical holiday, so you will have to try to surprise your chosen one.

  • A warm blanket with a Christmas theme
  • A set of expensive Christmas toys
  • Cute Christmas cups with deer and elves

In addition to all of the above, the collection original gifts for a girl, which are suitable for any occasion ;)

If my ideas came in handy, and you managed to charm your chosen one, be sure to let me know in your comments.

Share your impressions with your friends, tell them about your ideas, and don’t forget to subscribe so as not to miss another delicious portion of fresh ideas!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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