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Greetings to all readers of this article. Who among us has not faced a painful choice of a gift for a girl? There are countless reasons for gifts. After all, you need to pick up something for the new year, for a birthday, for a first date, on February 14… In addition, ladies love gifts and just like that.

We all understand perfectly well that a gift has a completely different meaning for a woman than for a man, so you need to approach the choice of a present with an extreme degree of responsibility. And what if the relationship is in the very initial stage of development?

A small gift to a girl can help move the relationship to a new level.

And if you choose it incorrectly? In this case, the man has to feel like a sapper, because they, as you know, also make mistakes only once… Therefore, be vigilant! You should not run around the shops in a panic on the last day, so that you can buy the first thing that comes along in a hurry.

No, sappers don’t act like that, you can’t cut red wiring! Your plan must be clear and thought out, otherwise nothing good will come of it and the necessary gift will not work.

Of course, there is no perfect gift. Few people can say with certainty what a woman wants. There is a win–win option – flowers and sweets, but how boring and banal it is…

Useful advice: it is worth remembering that all ladies, without exception, are emotional and romantic creatures.

Starting from this, you need to choose a gift. In this article, we will tell you about some great gift ideas.


A gift should always be accompanied by words. How to congratulate your soulmate correctly? In fact, there is nothing complicated here. Everyone knows that the female sex loves ears. Therefore, any solemn speech should be bright and beautiful, so that the lady remembers it for a long time and is happy to share her happiness with her friends.

schastlivaya devushka

Of course, words should amuse the girl’s self-esteem. But half of the success depends not on the words themselves, but on the situation. I’ll tell you in confidence that girls are crazy about being praised in front of others. Therefore, a speech in a public place or in a large company will be a wonderful unexpected greeting.

What not to give

Do not give something that will be too predictable.

Of course, if you know that your chosen one has been dreaming of, say, a new phone for a long time, then this gift is terribly pleasant for her. But in this case, be sure to supplement it with some nice bonus.

The right gift is certainly good, but you should not give her household items, such as a vacuum cleaner or irons, it may seem to her that you want to make a housekeeper out of her. Comic gifts are not the best option, only if they are not given as an addition and are really appropriate.

How to choose the right one?

Finally, we moved on to the main topic of our article. In this section I will give you specific recommendations for choosing a little thing of your favorite.

When choosing, you need to first of all focus on the girl’s passion, her age and the upcoming holiday.

Banal things are not always bad, but it is better to present them as something individual, for example, you can buy an unusual mug on which, after pouring the liquid, a love inscription or a T–shirt with a romantic print appears. Before buying a gift, think about her reaction. If you are sure that your present will cause a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes, then feel free to buy!

Cup with heart

Handing over correctly

Any present must be beautifully decorated. Small souvenirs can be tied to helium balloons, girls adore them. If the gift is large, it is better to present it as a surprise, for example, to sneak it into her room.

Always try to bring some kind of romantic gesture and intrigue as a gift.

Passing a gift from hand to hand is too banal an idea, it’s better to make a small show out of it. For example, you can hide a gift somewhere and draw a treasure map with your own hands, according to which the girl will be able to find a gift herself with the help of various hints.


If during the reading of the article you have not yet had your own ideas, I give you a few of my own.

1. Shard of a star

Oh, how romantic that sounds. If you want your soulmate to remember your present for a long time, give her a piece of a real meteorite. Such things can now be easily found on the Internet.

Such a gift can be presented both in its original form and processed. For example, you can polish it and even engrave a small inscription on it. You can make a real piece of jewelry out of it, or even two pairs. One is for her, and the other is for you. It’s like you are two fragments of a distant planet. Girls love this.

2. A piece of yourself

If you don’t see your beloved as often as you would like, then give her a piece of yourself. A gift with your photo, such as a pillow with your image, can help in this. Now you will be next to your beloved every night, in case there is no possibility to be together all the time.

3. Beauty gift

Any girl cares about her appearance. And modern procedures are very expensive. Believe me, she will be very pleased if you present her, for example, a certificate for a service in a beauty salon.

The certificate can be presented in advance before the holiday, then she will be able to prepare for it in advance and will feel the most beautiful on it.

Or here’s another good idea – 20 pairs of beautiful earrings for every day.

Owl earrings

4. Pet

What else do girls like? Of course, fluffy pets! Girls are crazy about kittens, hamsters and dogs. Of course, such a cute gift is not suitable for everyone. Before buying, find out if she has, for example, allergies and whether she can cope with caring for an animal. In general, such a gift will require some preparation.

Girls love to take care of our smaller brothers, so if there is no way to give a real animal, give her a tamagotchi to start with.

5. A book about needlework or a teddy bear

Such a gift as a small teddy bear will please absolutely any girl.

It’s strange, but a fact – plush toys have some kind of magical effect on girls. And what if you make it yourself? (Kidding) Although why not.

In fact, many girls like to sew (including bears), so they will be insanely happy to get something that will keep them in their favorite craft. For example, a book on sewing bears. It may not tell the guys anything, but the needlewoman will definitely appreciate it :)

I have this book, I can say that it is simply magnificent both from the point of view of presenting the material and from the point of view of design.

In general, a good present is a sign that a person was thought of. And if you give a gift just like that, it will become even more pleasant.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If yes, then subscribe to updates and share on your social networks! See you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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