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Hello to all my subscribers and new guests! I have already said once that the most difficult thing for me is to come up with a male version of a gift.

I gave you advice on what to give to your husband or boyfriend, but, as it turned out in practice, the most difficult thing is to figure out what to give to your husband’s father. Here you need to take into account age, hobbies, and status. How to please and please the father-in-law? We’ll talk about this in today’s article.

Father-in-law’s Birthday Gift Ideas

Preparing for a birthday celebration, especially for the anniversary of the father-in-law, it is necessary to carefully consider the gift and the format of congratulations.

Even if the husband’s dad claims that he does not need anything, he is very attentive to such gestures from daughters-in-law.

It’s not just a gift. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your attitude, to show gratitude.

  1. Weapons. I am not talking now about real weapons, which require a permit. Give a crossbow, an air rifle, a sword or a solid dagger – no man can resist such a gift. If you do not know what to give for 50 years, such a memorable gift will be an ideal option. Expensive and status.
  2. Purse. Classics of the genre. You will never lose and it will always come in handy.
  3. Electronic gadget. Even if your husband’s father is with the equipment on “you” – this is not a reason to protect him from modern devices. An e–book, an MP3 player, a smartphone, a laptop – a few lessons and the father-in-law will be on a par with his grandchildren to cut into “tanchiki”.mp3-player
  4. Sweater. We are betting on quality. Cashmere, natural wool.
  5. Bag. It can be a sports bag, for training or for traveling.
  6. Picnic furniture. A folding set of a table, chairs, which is quickly packed into a suitcase and easily transported.
  7. Gloves. It is necessary, of course, to carefully select the size.
  8. Elite alcohol. Even if the father-in-law does not drink alcohol, any man is pleased to replenish his bar with fine whiskey, rum or expensive cognac.
  9. Simulator. A great reason to start running in the morning. Let him stay at home. Let it be under the morning TV news. Emphasis on the word “run”)
  10. [urlspan]Stylish flask[/urlspan]. It can be given as an addition to alcohol. With such a gift, you can also show off in a circle of friends and take it with you on trips.

Getting ready to celebrate the New Year

Another interesting idea, in my opinion, is an emotional gift-an impression. It is especially good if a person has everything. The house is full, the equipment is packed, the car is solid… What to give in such cases?

Happy New Year

  • Certificate to the fitness club. Of course, only if a man supports a sporty lifestyle, but still does not reach the gym. A gift in this case will be a pleasant incentive.
  • A master class for cooking lessons (many men at this age have a weakness for good cuisine and are trying to master its basics).
  • Massage course in the salon.
  • Sport fishing master class
  • Paintball game
  • City tour
  • Theater tickets. Of course, this option is suitable for lovers of Melpomene. Otherwise, it may cause confusion.

Congratulations on February 23

Another date in the year that takes all women by surprise. As soon as we managed to exhale after the New Year’s turmoil, we again have to rack our brains, dry our brains and find no other gifts except deodorants, razors and socks.

And no matter how many men joke about us about these annual gentlemen’s sets, we are incorrigible.


But in fact, if you fantasize, there are a couple more interesting ideas ;)

Putting aside gender principles, let’s answer ourselves the main question – who is a man? Meat-eater, warrior, hunter. So, we choose gifts to match.

  1. Barbecue set. And why not? A modern barbecue set.
  2. New spinning. It’s like a handbag for us. Tenth, but it’s still nice)
  3. Photo collage. Funny extraordinary photos to collect and put in a beautiful baguette that will adequately decorate the wall in the living room or office.
  4. Sports equipment. Dumbbells, expander. Anything that will push a man to remember about his muscles.

I hope my selection of presents will inspire you and at least a little ease our difficult female share in the search for the perfect male gift :)

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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