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Good afternoon, my dear friends! Today I decided to replenish my blog piggy bank with another series of fresh ideas, what gift to surprise a girl with.

We constantly have to look for ideas of interesting and necessary gifts for a sister, a friend, a colleague, a neighbor, an old acquaintance, and sometimes it seems that everything has been presented thousands of times, nothing new can be invented and nothing will surprise a girl who has everything.

But I assure you that this is the biggest misconception that you could only visit)))

For example, I have a million ideas on how to create a festive mood and cause a smile, delight, words of gratitude from the fair sex.

Take it into service, wind it on the mustache, memorize it by the tooth. In general, get comfortable and find for yourself everything that will help create a holiday.

March 8 is a special holiday

And it is special because all girls, women and grandmothers are in anticipation of flowers, spring, compliments and beauty on this day.

So do not disappoint them and give them:

  1. Perfume. It’s not easy to guess, so approach this case responsibly. Sniff the entire collection, identifying the owner’s favorite notes. Although, you can please your friend with just a fresh fashionable novelty of spring.
  2. Cosmetics. Carefully select by skin type, age group, and purpose.Kosmetika
  3. Bed linen. A set of luxurious bed linen, it seems to me, will not leave anyone indifferent, and if it still has a spring theme, such a gift will be appreciated by the girl, regardless of her status and age.
  4. Umbrella. Spring rains are ahead, which means that you can please your friend with a bright unusual umbrella that will cheer her up on a cloudy, dank day.
  5. Bag. That’s really what never happens a lot. Well, I don’t understand the expression: “She already has a bag!”. Are you serious?
  6. Clock. Now fashion designers have breathed new life into the watch, turning a necessary and functional item into a fashionable stylish accessory.
  7. Costume jewelry. Well, this is, of course, only if the girl wears jewelry, since it will be very embarrassing to present a set of earrings to a girl who is used exclusively to gold with precious stones.
  8. Accessories. Scarves, scarves, belts, gloves.
  9. Certificate. This is in the event that you have not thought of what to give at all. Well, not to give money? The certificate is such a modern lifesaver. In a beauty salon, in the department of perfumes, cosmetics, underwear, electronics. So you seem to have thought out what she should spend the money she was given, and it seems that you gave her the freedom of choice. A great option!
  10. Jewelry. For extravagant girls who prefer to be the center of attention, you will like a gift in the form of an original ring with a large iridescent sapphire. Made of high-quality 925 sterling silver with a semi-precious stone, the ring will emphasize the style and personality of the owner. And about how to give a ring – read here.

Sincere birthday gifts

For a birthday, of course, you will not be limited to an ordinary souvenir. Therefore, we approach this matter more thoroughly.

  1. Electronic gadgets. It seems to me that it is easy to surprise and please any girl with a new model of smartphone, tablet, smart watch, e-book.
  2. Camera. A great memorable gift. Especially if she is fond of photography.
  3. A set for creativity. Now there is a very large selection of opportunities to find a hobby to your liking: decoupage, textile dolls, beading… If a girl has been thinking about trying her hand at a new business for a long time, give her this opportunity. I personally would not refuse this)))
  4. Jewelry. It is difficult to give advice in this matter. Here, of course, everything depends solely on your budget, moderation and taste.

In a separate category I would include beauty gadgets.

Now the beauty industry pleases its fans with new novelties that help to take care of themselves. A lot of helpers come to our aid, bringing beauty: hair dryer, flat irons, depilators, curling irons, SPA baths, etc.


Perfect curls will give the girl a modern device that will help her create her perfect image. If your friend is a fan of fashion, bright images and beauty, she will appreciate this novelty))

Delicious “with your own hands”

A great addition to even the most expensive gift will be:

  • Creative cake with congratulations
  • A bouquet of balloons with compliments and wishes to the birthday girl
  • Postcard with your own hands
  • Photo collage of funny pictures

And in this video you will see how to make a box, a notebook and an aroma lamp – very accessible:

Gifts for the New Year – we warm them with our own hands in winter

  1. Pillow. Well, no girl can resist a warm pillow with a cute deer. You can make it out of anything: an old sweater, a scarf, a terry towel.
  2. Knitted leggings or socks, gloves. Somehow we really like to climb in winter in such knitted warm socks on the sofa, armed with a remote control from the TV and a cup of fragrant tea.
  3. Gingerbread house. I don’t know how about “eat”, but to get such a nice gift, well, it’s very nice. Put gingerbread men in it, and you will get a real winter fairy tale.
  4. Hat and scarf. Choose a very soft yarn and, of course, decorate with images of deer, snowflakes, dwarfs. It’s so warm to wrap up in such a scarf up to the nose and go to the skating rink with friends.
  5. Tangerine jam. You can cook fragrant tangerine or orange jam, beautifully decorating it in a jar tied with vanilla and cinnamon sticks. A very fragrant and sincere gift. Add a bag of nuts and candied fruits to the present and you will get a real Christmas set.
  6. Clothes for a cup . If you are a “knitting needle master”, then it will not be difficult for you to make a warm sweater for your girlfriend’s favorite cup. It’s very nice and funny to drink tea from such a milakhi.
  7. Christmas toy. Christmas decorations, wooden houses for dwarfs, Christmas compositions made of spruce, the main thing here is more brilliance and imagination.
  8. Christmas candles. Homemade candles that will exude the smell of cinnamon, cloves and citrus will become an indispensable attribute of the New Year holidays, filling the house with a wonderful fabulous aroma.

Warm gloves


I just love different surprise gifts. Just like that! For no reason!

Well, does it really always need only some special occasion to express your attitude to a girl, thank a friend, surprise your sister or just cheer up your beloved work colleague? No need to wait for calendar holidays. Take it and surprise right now.

  1. “Vitamin bomb”! In fact, this is a positive bomb that will “explode” as soon as you hand it over, catching the girl with a charge of fun and a great mood. Put colorful candies, marmalades, and nuts in a beautiful glass jar. Write “Vitamins of happiness” on it, and the owner of such a sweet surprise will smile every time, starting her hand for another vitamin.
  2. Funny photo collage. Everyone has photos that you can’t look at without laughing. Down with photoshopped photos with fake emotions.
  3. Movie ticket. Have you been to the cinema for a long time? Choose a funny cartoon and recover to be charged with a great mood.

Well, that’s it) I think there was a suitable idea for you, wasn’t it ;)

Subscribe to the blog, share your comments, impressions and let’s create interesting ideas of useful gifts together!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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