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Hello, guests of my blog, how are you doing? I am sure that everything is fine with you :) This article is mostly written for the stronger sex, but any girl will emphasize a lot of useful things in it.

I am sure that everyone has ever had such a situation: a beloved or familiar girl has a holiday on the nose, and ideas about there is absolutely no gift. I don’t want to give something banal and uninteresting, but fresh thoughts don’t come into my head.

In no case do not worry, I can help you and advise cool gifts for a girl that will definitely cause a smile on her face :)

What should a girl choose for her birthday?

Birthday is the most solemn holiday, and the present for it should be appropriate. Of course, the best gift is attention, but your congratulations should still be diluted with something tangible.


Moving away from platitudes, a good present will be a lens with a set of lenses that is compatible with almost any phone or camera. Even if a girl is not professionally engaged in photography, she will definitely be pleased, because the frames taken through such a lens look stylish and unusual.

Also, if you like to spend evenings with her in parks or in nature, then choose her a plaid with sleeves in which she can comfortably wrap herself up without restricting her movements. Such plaids look fashionable and original, and I am sure that your lady will be glad of such a gift)

Do not forget that a birthday happens only once a year, and it should be unforgettable. Arrange a little miracle for your lady.

How do you like the idea of ordering a joint balloon flight over your hometown? Or set a route to your favorite places and take a tour of them on a double bike. Or do an absolutely romantic act – write her a poem, a song, draw her portrait (you can order it in special studios).

Portrait of a girl

Even if you think that it turned out to be awkward and ridiculous – know that nothing that is being done will be funny for a girl if it is for her sake ;)

Choosing a gift for the New Year

New Year is a special holiday, and New Year’s Eve is always celebrated with something unusual and fabulous. Here are some gifts that will help a girl believe in a fairy tale:

  • big plush toy
  • starry sky projector
  • big puzzles that you would then put together
  • fortune cookies
  • led lamps
  • portrait of a girl commissioned from the artist


A gift for a teenage girl

Teenagers are obsessed with social life, and will be glad of any gift that will help her somehow stand out from the crowd. Think about giving her:

  • phone case with her name
  • ticket to the concert of your favorite band
  • certificate for the purchase of clothing or accessories in your favorite store
  • longboard or cruise ship
  • stylish sketchbook or moleskin

What can a girl do with her own hands?

As already mentioned, the best present will be the one that you made with your own hands.

To what I have already told you above, you can add completely original things that are suitable for celebrating February 14.

  1. Make a house for her pet.
  2. Discard all prejudices and.. tie her a warm scarf.
  3. Assemble a huge collage of her or your joint photos on the floor of the wall.
  4. If she lives in her house, decorate her yard or garden with magic lanterns, arrange beautiful figures and create an atmosphere of fairy tales and comfort.

Remember also that a gift for any holiday should still correspond to the age of the girl. If at the age of 18 a girl will squeak with joy if you give her a puppy, then at the age of 30 with such a gift she may doubt your adequacy :)

Red roses

When a girl turns 25, she already turns into a woman who knows what she wants and where she aspires. And your gifts should correspond to her aspirations and life priorities.

Always listen to your heart and do not forget that what distinguishes a real man is how much he is able to understand a woman’s heart.

What does every girl want to get on March 8th?

The answer is obvious. Every lady wants to feel the most special and beautiful, and what could be better than to give her a luxurious bouquet of flowers for this holiday?

Flower producers have long caught the trend towards an increase in demand for bouquets by March 8, and they make absolutely incredible compositions, when looking at which even a man takes his breath away (for example, a bouquet of 101 red roses is an amazing present).

Complement the bouquet with sweets, sincere, warm words – and your lady will be the happiest. Moreover, this method is universal both for an impressionable teenage girl and for a sufficiently adult woman, because inside we are the same at any age :)

I hope that my advice helped you decide on the choice of a gift, or at least pushed you on the right path! See you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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