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Good day to everyone who follows my blog with interest. I continue to delight you with another selection of interesting ideas, and this time we will talk about creative gifts for a girl’s birthday.

What is the difference between such gifts from everyone else, say for the New Year, on February 14 or the anniversary of a romantic relationship? The fact that girls treat their name days with special attention, expecting to receive an interesting desired present.

And if on March 8 or another holiday, you can limit yourself to a bouquet of flowers with a teddy bear, then on a birthday such a gift is unlikely to be appreciated. Teddy box

Before you start looking for a gift, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is the birthday girl’s hobby?
  • Which gifts do she like best? Emotional or necessary in everyday life?
  • How does she feel about “surprises”?


Such girls pay a lot of attention to their appearance, and therefore they are especially happy with gifts from the world of fashion and beauty:

  • Perfumery
  • Decorative or care cosmetics
  • Handbag
  • Accessories (belts, scarves, gloves)
  • Fashion wallet
  • Costume jewelry

No fashionista can resist the latest fashion trend – stylish watches. An elegant strap decorated with a variety of accessories will delight her and demonstrate your attitude.


If a woman is fond of “nest building” and enjoys spending time in the kitchen, wonderful gifts will be:

  • New model of household assistants (microwave oven, toaster, mixer, slow cooker)
  • Expensive beautiful edition of the recipe book
  • Handmade tablecloth
  • Beautiful service
  • Set of towels
  • Fondue set

The idea of an emotional present will be a gift of a master class of culinary courses, sewing dolls or creating decoupage souvenirs.


Sports lovers

Now the fashionable lifestyle is gaining popularity more than ever. Instragram is full of slender girls, advertising promotes a sporty lifestyle. Therefore, if your girlfriend belongs to this category, there are a lot of interesting gifts to please her:

  • Fashionable sports bag
  • A set of cosmetics for the fitness room
  • Sneakers
  • Sports watch with heart rate monitor and pedometer
  • Sports uniform
  • Simulator
  • Fitball, hoop, meetball, etc.

The ideal option is headphones that will allow her to listen to her favorite music tracks during her morning jog.

And if the birthday girl has long dreamed of joining the world of sports, but still does not dare, push her with your gift. A subscription to a good sports club, gym or swimming pool is a wonderful gift that will be both useful and long-lasting.

Techno lovers

Such girls will be delighted with any interesting gadgets. Not only the purchase budget is important here, but also the “versatility” of the device:

  • Smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Mouse
  • Radio keyboard
  • External hard drive
  • Memory card
  • Smart watch

Auto ice

If a girl pays a lot of attention to her car, she will be pleased to receive a gift for her:

  • GPS navigator
  • Car radio
  • Modern car tuning
  • A set of cosmetics for the car
  • Stylish USB


Extreme lover

If your girlfriend is in constant search of adrenaline and is delighted with bright emotions – surprise her with an extreme gift.

  • Parachute jump. This gift – she certainly won’t forget!
  • Jump from the bridge.
  • Quad bike ride.

Romantic nature

It is not so easy to surprise such a category of girls. Here, buying an ordinary ring or earrings can not do. The present should be warm, cute and carry a semantic load.

  1. Flying on balloons – will make a girl admire your originality and imagination.
  2. Photo shoot – give it as a certificate. The girl will choose the time and place herself. Such a gift will bring a lot of positive emotions and will forever leave a memory on photographs.
  3. A trip to the dolphinarium. For an additional fee, you can buy the opportunity to swim with dolphins.
  4. Serenade under the window. This ageless plot from “Beauty”, remember? When Richard Gere went up to the balcony with a bouquet of roses. And let him not sing, but you can afford to surprise your chosen one. Although, if you are not sure of your vocal abilities, perhaps it’s better to just limit yourself to a bouquet of roses)))
  5. The ticket. If the budget allows, this is one of the most memorable and bright gifts. A weekend in Paris, a week in sultry Spain or a tour of Europe, what girl can resist such a giver?


The girl who “has everything!”

I put such birthday girls in a separate category. After all, it is often true, going to a girl’s birthday, you realize that nothing special will surprise her. She can afford to buy whatever she wants.

What should I do in this case?

Well, if the budget allows, the right step is to buy jewelry. This is always a win-win option that will make your girlfriend happy.

You can also present something more original, but less expensive:

  • Ticket to the concert of your favorite band.
  • Fireworks. This option will be interesting if you have pre-ordered a festive dinner in a restaurant. One sight, as they say, you will not be full!
  • Pet. Such a gift, of course, should be given carefully. Since she definitely won’t be thrilled with a four-legged friend if she suffers from allergies to dog hair.
  • A surprise gift. Make an original video where all your friends, acquaintances and relatives congratulate the birthday girl on her birthday.
  • Of course, you need to prepare in advance in order to have time not only to shoot the material, but also to mount it in a professional studio, unless, of course, you are a god of editing)))

We create with our own hands

If you prefer to individualize your surprise, which would speak eloquently about your feelings and warm relationships, a gift with your own hands will be most welcome.

Of course, this is for an amateur. Not every representative of the fair sex will be able to appreciate your efforts and efforts.

  • A declaration of love in verse
  • Cake. A sweet surprise made with her own hands will make her heart melt.
  • Named chocolate
  • Scented candles
  • Soap
  • Wooden box
  • Wooden comb
  • Portrait

The main thing is not the present, but … the design

No matter how good the gift is, do not be lazy to think over its design. Often, even the most beautiful and expensive thing handed in an ordinary package loses its appeal. Therefore, pay due attention to the beautiful and unusual packaging.

And tell me about how it went, did the ideas from this article help?

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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