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Good afternoon, my readers and blog regulars. Today I would like to share with you my thoughts, ideas, tips for gifts at work.

I admit, this is not an easy topic for me personally: gift ideas for a man’s manager. There are so many nuances here: age, social status, the relationship between a subordinate and a supervisor… But this topic, I am sure, is very relevant for many of us.

In general, a gift to a manager is a whole story. It can generally be attributed to etiquette issues. In order to choose and present such a gift correctly, it is necessary to show tact, ingenuity. How to make it so that you emphasize your special attitude to the leader, but at the same time do not break the chain of command?

Well, my blog is still not about psychology and etiquette, so I just tried to pick up the most interesting ideas for you to congratulate the boss, and then you yourself somehow)

I have already shared with you my ideas about an elite gift for a man. Therefore, some ideas can be gleaned from there ;)

10 best birthday gift ideas for the boss

Here, of course, a big role is played – whether you give it for another birthday or anniversary. As a rule, the team plans congratulations on the anniversary by joint efforts, which greatly facilitates the financial side of the issue.

No.1. Expensive elite alcohol.

This is probably the most win-win universal gift. Always expensive, relevant. But such a gift is better, of course, to give personally from yourself, and not from the team.

No. 2. A USB flash drive or memory card. This is especially true if you work in the IT field.

No. 3. A chef who smokes can be presented with a personalized lighter with an original engraving.

№4. An expensive stationery set with a commemorative inscription. Let there be few people who use a fountain pen now, but it is presentable to sign with a personalized stylish pen.


№5. An expensive business card holder. In the world of business people with a huge number of acquaintances and partners, such a thing will be indispensable in everyday life.

№6. Tie + cufflinks. If the boss prefers a business style, and wears a jacket not only for a New Year’s corporate party, he will certainly appreciate a fashionable stylish gift.

№7. A subscription to a sports club. Of course, such gifts can be presented only if you and the boss are in a free friendly business relationship. Otherwise, the subscription may be regarded as an unpleasant hint of poor physical fitness.

№8. Watch. Always a great option, especially in the world of business people.

No. 9. Book. But here, of course, it is necessary to know the preferences of the birthday boy. Agree, it would be inappropriate to give a Stephen King novelty to a lover of classical Russian prose.

№10. A picture or a photo in a baguette.

A great gift idea, I think, will be a stylish purse with the wishes of attracting money. Made of high-quality artificial leather, it will emphasize the chef’s status and demonstrate your impeccable taste ;)

Happy New Year to the chef!

Often, congratulations on the New Year of the head are made collectively and most often at a corporate party. Therefore, the budget of such a gift is increased.

You can think of a thematic surprise that we associate with winter holidays:

  • Stylish spruce composition
  • Christmas tree in a tub decorated with toys
  • Scarf
  • Thermos with a set of elite tea
  • Soothing pendulum
  • Chess set
  • Board game
  • Mug
  • Decanter with glasses
  • Weather station

Old clock

The situation is more complicated with the congratulations of a man who has everything: emotional gifts work well here, or as I call them gifts-impressions:

  • Skydiving
  • Kayaking on the river
  • Cinema or theater tickets
  • Master class

What to give to the manager on February 23

This holiday belongs to the category that is not always sure whether to congratulate and in what format. If the leader is from “former colonels”, then you can’t do without congratulations on Defender’s Day. With other layouts, you can always just congratulate on men’s day and give a small souvenir:

  • Elite tea or coffee
  • Stationery set
  • Keychain
  • Housekeeper

I hope I saved many of you with my ideas and now you will easily find the right good gift for the boss)

And even more, I hope that your gift will be appreciated.

Subscribe to my blog, comment and see you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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