How to apologize beautifully to a girl via SMS and in person

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Hello… Come in-come in… I don’t even know how to start… Maybe with a wise half-smile to ask: “What, again?” Or from the threshold to pounce with an eye to guilt: “Yes, as much as possible!? Is it really so hard not to make stupid mistakes that hurt a girl more than daggers?”

But you can’t turn back what you’ve done anyway, but you can steer a relationship out of a steep peak. At least to try. Therefore, today’s lecture is about how to apologize beautifully to a girl.

My blog is about gifts, so the proposed methods of repentance involve ritual sacrifices … um … gifts)) But it’s still worth thinking about the speech.

The word is not a sparrow…

… and a high-precision missile of strategic importance. Therefore, before pressing the start button, you need to carefully weigh the reasons, circumstances and possible consequences.


Going to the girl with a petition, clearly imagine what exactly your fault is. Apologize only for her. Otherwise, you will inadvertently give a dozen more reasons to be offended or even resign. Include sincerity, confidence and restraint.

A real, heartfelt “forgive me” can do much more than lengthy excuses and providing material evidence of innocence.

God forbid you try to transfer the blame for the current situation to the girl. Even theoretically, even if there is some truth in it. Couldn’t resist? You may not get a gift – then you will present it to another girl. That’s how important a well-chosen apology in words is. The present serves only to consolidate success and defuse the situation.

Methods of reliable grounding of interpersonal stresses

When the task is to return the favor of the girl, the gift must have special characteristics, be distinguished by originality.

No matter how much I think about it, two properties come to mind:

  • A shade of infantile frivolity;
  • Hyperextravagance.

An example of justified foolishness of a gift can be a candy dispenser box, as shown in the photo. Rare individuals deny themselves the pleasure of eating sweets. And in stressful situations, sweets are especially appropriate.


On the other hand, the format of a piece issue will not allow you to abuse excess glucose. The funny gadget is available in several colors, so you can please the passion with a shade))

You can and should also fill it with your favorite candies: almonds in yogurt, chocolate balls, jelly toffees or other suitable sweets.

Stretching out her hand for another portion of sweet joy, she will remember not the offense, but the moment of signing a peace agreement between the parties to the conflict. I would definitely forgive if it was presented appropriately ;)

Cute candy

Of course, this option has a certain versatility, but every girl is unique.

Perhaps in your case it would be more correct to think about extravagance, addressed to girlish joys and dreams.

How is it sung in the song: “Girls’ best friends are diamonds”? There’s something in it. Precious stones are already too much. But the semi-precious ones are worth looking at.


Such a gift requires caution and some preparation. First, when buying, you will need to specify the size of the ring. An error with the size in the current position will mean the failure of the entire mission called “I’m sorry, I won’t do this anymore.”

Secondly, you need to present it so that the girl does not feel that she is being bought for glass beads. If she has such a thought, write “it’s gone.” Therefore, the optimal presentation algorithm looks like this:

  • peace talks;
  • sincere apologies;
  • when the situation has stabilized – give.

The art of conciseness in SMS

Mobile operators provide an excellent opportunity to initiate the process of peaceful settlement by the type of “cute swearing”. There is a short message service for this.

You can Google and find a whole mountain of rhyming petitions for forgiveness.

But templates are templates, and even careful processing with a file will not make them more sincere.

By tradition, I reveal little secrets: if a girl is really your girlfriend, then she knows perfectly well what you are capable of. She will be pleased with the text of the message copied from the Internet, but not as much as from the words you personally suffered.

Girl and sms

I would like to emphasize once again that a text message is only the beginning of reconciliation, the first step in a minefield. So that it does not become the last, the message should be short, succinct and unambiguous. The general message should be something like this: “I’m sorry. Sorry. Let’s meet and talk.”

Don’t expect to solve the problem for… how much does it cost to send an SMS message at your tariff? But as an additional tool, it is very much worth using it.

Apologies at a distance: circumstances or just weak?

I do not condemn and do not try to shame. I’m just reasoning and deducing a formula for getting out of a difficult life situation.

I admit, it happens that kilometers, strict watch rules or harsh relatives protecting their child from the adversities of the big world become an obstacle. In such cases, courier services come to the rescue, as well as the great and mighty Internet.

For example, almost the entire younger generation is covered by social networks and you can virtually talk in VK or odnoklassniki.

No one canceled the good old mail with its envelopes and postmen. Actually a paper letter is even romantic, which significantly increases the likelihood of a quick exhaustion of resentment and conflict. If the message is composed in verse, this is another plus to the power of influence on both a young maiden and a mature lady ;)


And as for courier services, they provide not only the delivery service of a message and a present, but also offer a verified assortment of gifts that are presented in the catalog. To use the delivery services, we do the following:

  • go to the website of a suitable delivery operator;
  • choose a gift, compose a message;
  • place an order by filling in the necessary fields (address, recipient’s details, time of delivery, etc.);
  • pay;
  • waiting for a reaction.

A remotely sent offering may well be one of the components of a more detailed and sophisticated plan to obtain amnesty in the eyes of the girl. Romance and love emanate from the surprises left where the girl is and addressed to her.

Girl with a star

Well, let the fresh bouquet go to the trash in a big way – it doesn’t matter, I noticed after all. And this is a plus. In particularly difficult cases, such a long-range approach is simply necessary.

No, I’m not talking about the situation when she is a candidate for the master of sports in martial arts – on the contrary, there you need to enter into contact combat)) I’m talking about the circumstances of deep resentment.

By the way, here’s another way, although it requires significant investments. In the video, the guy congratulates the girl on her birthday, while apologizing – very effectively:

What I thought about it – I said that I did not say – I considered it superfluous.

Comments are for discussion and admiration, a repost on social networks is for fans, a subscription to blog updates is for loyal followers. Goodbye.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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