How to give a gift to a girl is unusual

Gifts for all occasions

Hello. Guys, let’s get closer – we’ll talk. Girls? The way and on they pretend that they are not interested, vigorously but absent-mindedly working with nail files.

That’s all they ask: what to give? Who should I give it to? Why give? And at least one of them bothered to ask: how to give a gift to a girl so that she would dreamily put her eyes to the sky for another week after?

Really, really. A friend of one in a fit of frankness showed her diary. And in it … naturally herbarium. Just flowers: here is a narcissist, after a few dated pages – a dried petunia flower, then a slightly crushed peony bud, on another – yellow rosehip stamens were imprinted – like a rose, but more modest.


There is also an exotic there – a beautifully preserved deep purple decorative violet. Etc., etc. Each instance has a history. What’s it? Signs of attention from an incorrigible romantic. Keep it in mind – even a mere trinket can become a personal treasure if presented beautifully.

Three success factors:

  • the right moment;
  • a good mood;
  • absolute openness and confidence.

Have you noticed? Not a word about the gift – it’s all a psychoanalytic abstraction) And what did you want?

Birthday – a kilogram of mood

I am giving you a secret gift-giving strategy codenamed “Cascade”.

As usually handed gift? Dzyyyn – “Happiness-health-milyon – this is for you! Where’s my piece of cake?”. That’s it. Even the delight of a brand new iPhone is shattered by fragments from such a “presentation”.

Now to the point. Here is the same apple phone: at least there is a headset included. It’s better to look for a case for him right away. We beat the device itself, without packaging. Well, something like: “Oh, who’s calling? Wow, whose iPhone is it? Hello? Shall I tell Katya? For good? Ok. Hold you. Forever.”This is the first outbreak.

A little later, if possible, we indulge in a dictaphone in a new phone and record our congratulations. Turn on playback and immediately after the start – turn it off.

Circling the other guests with a suspiciously narrowed gaze, we give out: “Only you should hear this!” We remove the hidden headset, plug it in, plug its ears and turn it on again. Bam! Flash of emotion number two. Of course, you can do this on the street.

yabloko s naush

And there is still a case waiting for the moment. Well, come on, think about how to add it to make a third flash. Is the idea clear? If the gift is a single object, then come up with an addition to it. At least three steps.

The maximum, by the way, too.

Snow is not given for the new year…

Uninhibited and impulsive people do not hide their desires. If your chosen one matches the description, then most likely you were notified in advance that they crave as a gift.

Having handed it over, you can count on the mark “well done, coped”. There is favor in the eyes, but hardly delight and surprise.

Is surprise impossible? Not at all. Expand the gift, design it in an original way. For example, I wanted a box. You are welcome. But fill it with different types of nuts. Or complete a gift to your girlfriend with star earrings made of silver. Success is guaranteed. Original and romantic.

Valentine on February 14th. That’s it?

Valentine’s Day is a legal reason to declare your feelings. About their boundlessness and immeasurability. Valentines? Necessarily. In unlimited quantities. At least every hour or quarter of an hour. Only this is not enough. As a background and recognition of a holiday and a relationship – yes. But it’s more serious, isn’t it?

So the gift should be more serious. Jewelry? Earrings? And why not? For example, stylish and unusual pearl beads are quite suitable. And to heighten the effect, send a parcel from another city. You can also anonymously. Valentine’s day.

misse en dior

How to make a surprise just like that?

Take it and do it.

A generally recognized and socially approved reason is not needed for a gift.

A change in the weather is enough. Here’s the thing for autumn: the sky is increasingly gray, by the evening it becomes chilly. You won’t put on a fur coat yet, but you already want to wrap up. Walking with him on his arm – escorts – you try to at least warm his cheek on his shoulder.

He’s like, “Stop,” he turns you around by the shoulders, you cover your eyes, you’re getting ready to feel the sweetness… and for some reason he reached into his bosom. He takes out an openwork shawl scarf and wraps your neck. Surprise, delight, tenderness. AAAAAAH!!! In fact – elementary care, in fact – the most powerful endorphin and aphrodisium.

Multicolored scarf

So guys, it’s not for nothing that they say that life consists of small things. That’s what make them unforgettable.

I hope you’ve learned something useful. Yes – share with others through social networks. No means it’s not time yet. Maybe your topic has not been disclosed yet.

I will try – just follow the posts through a subscription to blog updates. In the meantime, see you on the pages and between the lines.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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