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Good day to all my readers. Today I would like to share with you my ideas on how to give a ring to a girl in an original way ;)

This article, first of all, will be useful to the male part of my audience. Take your ideas, tips and surprise your loved ones.

It seems to me that there is no more touching, tender and desirable gift for the weaker sex than such a sign of attention from your beloved man.

Many guys, naively believing that by buying a ring, they have already fulfilled their duty, simply hand it to their chosen one in a box in the expectation that she will immediately clap her hands with delight and throw herself on her neck.

And when the desired scenario does not happen, men are genuinely surprised: “Well, what else does she need?”.


But there was not enough imagination and imagination to surprise her, forcing her to remember this gift for many years, carrying warm memories in her heart.

Of course, the choice of the scenario depends on the semantic load of the ring. If this is a marriage proposal, you need to prepare seriously, think over the moment and the situation.

Order dinner at a good restaurant and ask the waiter to hide the decoration in the dessert. Believe me, the chosen one will appreciate such an original presentation of the dish and suggestions.

You can surprise a friend by taking her by surprise. Place the ring in the “Kinder Surprise” egg and casually offer a treat. It will certainly be a surprise for the girl.

Get ready and take a photo at the moment when she will open a plastic box, expecting to surprise a standard toy there. Such a photo will amuse you both for many years.

Not an engagement ring can be put in an envelope, writing warm words, and dropped into the mailbox. Call and tell her to check her email.

If you are going to hint at romantic feelings to your beloved with a gift, then you can present a delicate ring with a heart-shaped stone. An iridescent sapphire is crowned with an ornament studded with small iridescent stones.

Ring with heart

Getting ready for the birthday

On her birthday, a girl is waiting for something special from you.

Pick up an original piece of jewelry for her and put it in a rosebud. This option looks very gentle and is suitable for romantic natures.
You can manage to open a box of chocolates and hide a gift there. But it will need to be done very skillfully so that the packaging does not spoil the surprise in advance.

Add a bouquet of beautiful roses to a sweet gift and a birthday girl who does not expect “nothing special” will be delighted to open a sweet gift.

A very nice gift will be a massive ring with Teddy bear. This ring is suitable for a young girl who follows fashion and prefers to be the center of attention.

You can come to the birthday girl with a bouquet of balloons, in each of which there will be wishes, compliments, and in one special one – a beautifully packaged ring. Just make sure that the ball “with a twist” was opened the very last.

Giving a ring for the New Year

The gift option for this magical holiday can be played in a Christmas theme:

  1. Put the ring in a Christmas toy and hang it on the Christmas tree
  2. Make a New Year’s composition of fir branches, cones and tie a ring as a decoration.
  3. Tie the decoration to the paw of a teddy bear dressed in a winter sweater. It will look very cute and the girl will certainly appreciate your taste and imagination
  4. You can pack a small box with a ring in 5-7 boxes. A kind of boxed matryoshka doll. Unpacking them one by one, the girl will kindle her curiosity, anticipating the gift. This option is more suitable for girls with a sense of humor and it is advisable to present it if you stay to celebrate at home.

Will extravagant girls like it? for example, a massive ring with an iridescent topaz in a silver frame. Bright, original and fashionable, it will definitely be appreciated by your girlfriend.

I sincerely believe that you have learned useful tips and interesting ideas that will encourage you to romantic deeds!

Offer your interesting ideas on how to surprise girls, share your impressions in social networks. and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so as not to miss another gift idea ;)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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