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Hello, visitors of my blog! You know, there are a huge number of prejudices in the world, and sometimes we may encounter them even where we did not expect to see them at all. Recently I was asked such an unusual question – is it possible to give a man socks?

I must admit, at first I was a little taken aback, because the question really seems very unusual :) But then I decided to deal with the topic, and this is what I learned as a result.

Where do such prejudices take their roots?

In fact, there really is such a tradition that giving socks to a man is considered a bad omen. And not only to her husband, but even to her son or brother.

According to superstitions, after a wife gives her husband socks, he can go to another woman in them and destroy his family. If a mother gives socks to her son, then this is also considered a bad omen, because as a result, he can return to live with her again, forgetting about independent and adult life.

Socks are considered to be some kind of magnet that takes men away, knocks them off the right course and breaks them against rocks as a result :)

Many people claim that after they gave their husband socks, he really left the family. But for some reason they do not take into account the fact that even before the gift itself, they had constant conflict, misunderstanding, personal problems, disrespect for each other in their family. It is always easy to blame your own shortcomings and mistakes on some superstitions, thereby justifying yourself in the eyes of others.

Hamster in sock

There are other traditions in our camp. For centuries, faithful wives have sent warm socks to their husbands who were in hard labor, in camps, under the tsar, the Soviet Union – Decembrists, prisoners of conscience, political prisoners – in order to somehow help their loved ones. Mothers have always knitted them for their even adult children to protect them from diseases and cold.

If you are husband and wife, then you are family people, and there is nothing wrong with taking care of your man.

Therefore, the prejudices that giving such a thing is a bad omen should remain only prejudices and nothing more. We do not live in a time in which people are still afraid of thunder and lightning, rain and fire, and we should understand perfectly well that no matter how wise our ancestors were, even they could be wrong.

How to choose socks for my husband?

In order to correctly choose such a piece of clothing for your man, you need to take into account several factors. Firstly, it is obvious that your miracle most likely does not think about how to choose the right color, structure, composition and appearance of the sock, so you will have to do it for him :)

Let’s start with the color.

  1. The color should match what the man is wearing. If he is dressed in a strict suit, then the color must necessarily be dark, and if possible, socks should not peek out from under trousers or trousers.
  2. White should be selected for sports shoes, white sneakers or shoes.
  3. Never let your man put on socks and sandals or flip-flops, it looks terribly ridiculous and disgusting!
  4. Colored ones should be used wisely, and if your man chose multicolored ones on his own, then most likely he understands what he wants to do, and he will not need your advice.


As for the length, there are two options.

    If a man is wearing jeans, trousers or trousers, then there is nothing more unpleasant than socks of insufficient length. The fabric should completely cover the skin of the leg from prying eyes, so make sure that the length of your husband’s socks does not make him blush under other people’s eyes.
  1. The second option is very short socks that are worn under shorts or breeches. As in the case of trousers, when socks are not long enough, and then the wrong length will be very inappropriate. If his legs are open, but his socks are pulled up to his knees, then he will look like a scout or a German schoolboy, and it is unlikely that you will be pleased to walk next to such a boy on the street :)

Now as for the composition. In general, men’s socks are mainly made of three materials. It’s either cotton, wool, or silk.

The best ones are those in which the husband’s leg will be comfortable and good, made of the finest wool, or of one hundred percent cotton. Silk suits look good with suits made of light and airy fabric. Cotton is perfect for any style of clothing, and wool can be both thin – summer and thick, for cold winter.

All women know perfectly well that every man has a problem with which they have been struggling for centuries. This is a constant shortage of socks.

Therefore, if you want to make your man really nice, then give him a special set of socks, which can include up to 15 pairs. It will be a very practical and good gift, because after opening such a suitcase, a man will say that this will be enough for him for a month. And with proper care and for a year :)


If your husband is a man with with a sense of humor, then pick up some funny original socks for him (I saw recently imitating sneakers, so funny)) that will cause a smile like you, and he himself.

Oh, yes, you can make socks yourself. For example, from an old sweater:

And in no case do not listen to grandmothers who will tell you that giving such a piece of clothing is a bad omen, and that after that your man will definitely leave the family. A man can leave his family if he is not loved, not fed, not taken care of. And if he is well-fed, satisfied, and his wife also gave him a pair of warm socks, then he will be the happiest in the world, and will not think of going anywhere :)

I hope my article helped you to dispel all your doubts and made it clear that it is better not to trust prejudices! If the sock theme is unbearable for you, then choose from other very interesting gifts.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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