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Hello, dear readers of my blog! Not so long ago I told you about what gifts you should choose on cast iron, and today I will tell you what to give children for a wooden wedding.

It’s very easy to get confused in all this variety of weddings, names of materials and accompanying traditions, but don’t worry!

I will help you deal with such a tricky topic and, believe me, after reading this article, choosing a gift will not be such a difficult task for you. :) So, let’s start from the beginning.

Why is the wedding called wooden?

This is a reasonable question, and let me answer it. A wooden wedding is the fifth anniversary of the couple’s family life.

This is the first wedding in the name of which solid material is used.

The couple’s family life itself resembles a tree. First, a small and fragile sprout appeared, which needs care and care. Over time, it begins to germinate, takes root, blooms with the first flowers and leaves.

The growth of the tree continues, the trunk strengthens, more and more new branches appear. And in the fifth year, it is already quite a strong and beautiful tree that has not broken or rotted after all the years passed.


The married couple’s family life for the fifth year itself resembles a well-groomed and smoothly polished tree. There are practically no roughnesses, knots and cracks. However, in order for the tree to be so pleasant, it took a lot of effort. Five years later, the tree is already bearing its first fruits, and by this time it would be time for the husband and wife to have children.

Therefore, in the event that a married couple has not yet done this, then it’s time to hurry up :)

What gifts are given for a wooden wedding?

For a wooden wedding, they choose mainly gifts made of wood, which is quite logical. Wooden gifts carry positive energy, it is a wonderful and noble material that can faithfully serve spouses for many years.

Since the couple is still young enough, it is worth considering giving them board games made of wood. For example, give them an artfully decorated domino. Even if the husband and wife will not spend the evening playing, it will be a wonderful and original addition to the interior of their home.


You can also give them a wooden puzzle in which the ball rolls through a confusing maze, thereby hinting that the husband and wife must be able to find a way out of any difficult situation together. Well, don’t forget about the beautiful wooden chess or checkers.

Take advantage of the opportunity to choose a great gift for the kitchen. Give a wooden tray or holder.

Or choose a stylish sushi machine, which by the way will be a very modern and apt gift. Especially for lovers of Asian exotics ;)

The perfect solution would be to give a couple furniture. Choose a beautiful wicker chair, a bookshelf or a small locker for things.

You can also give a large number of small items to create an interior. For example, wooden masks, wood-carved figures, caskets and chests.

Panda suspension

For a man, you can choose a wooden pipe for smoking tobacco, a wooden cigarette case, a drawer for storing documents or personal belongings. For the daughter, you can present an original decoration that will be made of natural wood. Meanwhile, a man can be presented with some kind of decorative handmade wooden souvenir.

You can also make a rather original gift, and present a beautiful plant to the family. Such a present is very practical and original, you will agree, few people give potted flowers for their wedding anniversary. And if you, for example, choose an elegant bonsai, then it will be a very good gift.

Think about this option to give a guitar. It is made of wood, and in any case it will be a very pleasant and interesting addition for a family evening or a rest after work.

You can also approach from the other side, and give the children a birdhouse made of wood or a hamster house. This will be both a gift for the animal itself, and a hint that it’s time for the family to have its own home, if it hasn’t done so yet.

You can also always give wooden dishes, or beautifully made frames for family photos. Remember that the gift should be appropriate, and the tree should be of high quality and soundly processed.

Photo frame made of wood

I think you have understood the course of my imagination, and you will be able to figure out for yourself which gift you can choose. In any case, remember that there is nothing worse than a gift given out of pure politeness, try to evoke only positive emotions in the spouses :)

Traditions accompanying a wooden wedding

As a rule, for the fifth wedding, the husband is obliged to independently make some kind of thing from wood, which he will solemnly present to his wife as a sign of his serious attitude to family life. The wife, as a rule, weaves a wreath from wooden twigs and throws it into the pond so that the water impregnates the tree with strength and freshness.

It is impossible not to mention the most important tradition. Advise the spouses to find a place and plant a new tree together, and let them choose the breed themselves.

This tradition is very ancient, and, as practice shows, it really strengthens family life, at least by the fact that it is quite difficult to forget about such an event, and such warm moments, as a rule, help to avoid quarrels.

And you will also help this city in which you live, if you decide to plant a seedling near your home :)

It is also worth thinking carefully about where exactly to celebrate a wooden wedding. Obviously, the best option would be to go to nature, closer to harmony and directly to the trees.


A holiday in the fresh air will fill the couple’s family life with positive energy, strengthen it and will not allow it to rot from the inside or break down under the winds of life’s troubles in the future.

And you can not follow the traditions, and organize for your children an exciting joint trip somewhere to an exotic country, or at least to the near abroad. Try to make sure that the hotel where the couple will stay is in nature, thereby you will still pay tribute to the old traditions and please the husband and wife with charming views and atmosphere.

By the way, recently the tradition has become more and more widespread, in which children prefer to spend the anniversary day together directly, and arrange fun only the next day.

In any case, if the spouses have made such a decision, do not be offended, because in any case they know better how to hold this celebration. After all, this is their first serious anniversary, and perhaps they have something to talk about in private.

Thus, the choice of gifts for a wooden wedding is unlimited, and the ways to hold a celebration are diverse and fun. Therefore, approach the choice of a gift wisely and remember that no one knows their children better than their parents.

Therefore, try to feel as subtly as possible what the spouses really need now, and make sure that the present turns out to be the best and most appropriate for you!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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