Is it worth giving something to my husband at the birth of my son?

Gifts for all occasions

Greetings to all the regulars of my blog and new guests who have come! Today I have prepared an unusual topic for you, what to give your husband for the birth of a son. I’m just in anticipation of what a storm of emotions and indignation I caused many of my readers)

Now arguments from the series will fly at me: “And the son, what is not a gift anymore?” or something like: “He himself should give me a gift for all my torment and patience.”

Yes, yes, of course. All right. No one belittles the importance of a woman in carrying a baby, and even more so in childbirth. No one bothers us and hint to him that it would be nice to prepare for a significant day)))

But you must agree, I really want your husband to have the warmest memories of this important event!

This is such a gift-recognition for the fact that he has been protecting you for all these 9 months, endured whims, jumped up at night and rushed across the city for a portion of fresh strawberries.

Well, what’s there to deceive, it’s not just a gift. This is also a kind of advance payment for all those nights that he will have to bravely carry out duty at the baby’s cradle.

Creative gift ideas for a young dad

I offer some funny and mischievous gifts that will cheer you both up and make you exhale a little from the responsibility that falls on your shoulders immediately after the birth of a child.

  1. Medal for nine months of bravery.
  2. A bottle of elite cognac with an engraving of his son’s birthday. You can write something in the spirit of “Open for the 18th anniversary”.
  3. A certificate with a cheerful inscription “the right to skip 10 night shifts”, where he will be able to cross out dates. Believe me, very soon the husband will hurry to use his gift =))
  4. T-shirt with a bright print in the style of “The best dad!”
  5. A photo frame in the form of a family tree, where he will be able to post photos of his heirs.Photo Frame "Hearts"
  6. A car or a radio-controlled helicopter with a hint that there are now two children in the family.
  7. A sapling of a tree with a sign “You are on the right track!”. Well, you understand the topic: build a house, plant a tree, give birth to a son.

You can give something that he has long dreamed of, but postponed. Give him a certificate that allows him to make a parachute jump, a ticket to an aero club, where he can make a hang glider flight. A man will be delighted with such an adrenaline rush!

Giving a gift with benefit

You can combine pleasant with useful, giving you something that will be useful to you as a young family after the birth of an heir.

  1. Camera. One of the most necessary items (after diapers, of course) that you will need literally from the first minutes of the baby’s birth. A good quality camera will allow you to save every moment of a new interesting life.
  2. A video camera. Agree that the camera will not convey the whole atmosphere of the baby’s development, his babble, the first sounds, laughter when bathing and timid first steps. Therefore, if you have been thinking about buying a camera for a long time, now is the most reason to buy this functional and necessary thing.
  3. Baby monitor (or baby monitor). Frees hands, improves vision and sharpens hearing. Here is such a modern help for young parents.
  4. Weapons. Especially such a gift will be interesting to collectors. It can be a crossbow, a sword, a gun. You can also make an engraving, which will be a wonderful reminder of this significant day.
  5. Home consumer electronics (TV, laptop, coffee machine, home acoustics)
  6. Clock. Choose depending on the style and preferences of the man. A very symbolic gift, on which you can make an inscription in the style of “Now a happy life begins” or “To a young father from a son”.
  7. Electronic photo frame.
  8. Simulator with a hint that Dad is now always in shape.

We choose by hobbies

The husband-tourist will need a backpack, a new tent, a sleeping bag, a set for a hike.

The husband, a bike biker, will certainly be delighted with the new bike. Only here you need to be careful with the choice of a gift. It is better to seek help from specialists or biker friends, otherwise you can give a completely different model that he dreamed of.

An electronics lover will love a gift in the form of a new smartphone or tablet.

Adventurers will appreciate a gift in the form of a tourist trip along the rivers, a buggy ride, a paintball game that will help emotionally relieve tension and distract from new worries.

Fishing in the clouds

An avid fisherman will be happy to get a new set of fishing rods, spinning rods or, if the budget allows, an inflatable boat.

The cook will need a modern barbecue set, which will allow you to create picnic goodies and delight all relatives.

Motorists will appreciate a new set of winter or summer tires, car tuning.

An athlete’s husband can be given a new sports uniform, sneakers, a backpack, an annual subscription to a fitness club.

If a man is distinguished by skill and, as they say, was born with golden hands, give a set of tools. Choose a quality tool from a proven company.

A new guitar and synthesizer will be a memorable gift for the musician.

We do it with our own hands…

Of course, any gift and even your most daring idea can be limited to a narrow budget. This is especially true in the position when you are waiting for a baby.

A woman can no longer dispose of money so freely. But you can always come up with an interesting and unusual option with a minimum budget. The main thing is from the heart. That’s where the hands come to our aid)

So, we create and make a gift with our own hands.

Prepare a festive grocery basket “For the birth of your son.” While you are in the hospital, your bachelor husband will be very grateful to you for such a delicious gift.

You can make a photo album with your own hands, which together you will now fill with new wonderful photos.

Multicolored pasta

Give romantic dinner. Yes, no matter how strange this phrase may sound, but men during this period are very confused and also slightly emotionally unstable. Of course! Their life is being turned upside down and in the coming years he will have to give up his rightful first place to a new little fidget.

Therefore, try to support your husband during this period. Ask a friend or grandmothers to sit with the baby for 2-3 hours, and arrange a romantic dinner for two. After all, this is another opportunity to confess your love, express your gratitude and say the main words. Believe me, a man after such a gesture will carry out night watches and change diapers with double diligence.

It remains to make a nice design

Considering that the reason for the gift is not quite usual with us, it is necessary to approach the design with a soul and imagination. Agree, it will not be interesting to just hand your husband a package with a gift. Therefore, arrange a small performance and definitely a speech.

You can arrange a romantic evening, light candles and present a present. Or, on the contrary, turn the search for a gift into a fun quest with guessing the location of the treasure.

Arrange with the grandmothers to leave the baby for an extra hour and go on a picnic, weather permitting. Do not forget about his feelings, pay attention and then happiness and harmony will settle in your family forever.

I hope I was able to help you choose an interesting gift that will certainly cheer you up and make your husband think once again how lucky he is with you!

Subscribe to the blog, share your options, and I ran to prepare another batch of interesting ideas for you.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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