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I welcome all the guests of my blog! Every time I try to cook for you something new and extraordinary from the world of gifts. But, unfortunately, there is a place for weekdays, which also need to be able to fill with good emotions, so that each new day is different from the previous one.

Of course, this is the whole art of not dissolving into dullness, everyday life and being able to extract something useful and unusual from every day.

In today’s article, I would like to touch on such a thrilling topic as how to write a beautiful letter to a girl.

Recently I witnessed a young man trying to apologize to a girl on the phone, trying to compose a touching SMS, but in vain.

What can I do about it… The modern world brings into our lives not only convenient technologies and electronic gadgets. He irrevocably erases the art of the epistolary genre. Of course, it’s much easier to write a couple of lines in viber, send a text message or just call with a banal “sorry”.

I admit, I am a little sad that the younger generation cannot express their feelings on paper.

I will not give an example of Pushkin or Blok now. But let’s try to figure out, is it so difficult to compose a beautiful message to a girl that will make her worry, feel desired and keep it in her memory forever?

Little tricks of beautiful writing

Never hesitate to express your feelings to a girl you like.

No normal girl who is really worthy of your attention will laugh at this.

On the contrary, it will be an important revelation for her, which she will gratefully accept.

I remember how on one of the last March 8, my husband gave me, among other presents, a postcard with poems of his own composition. How touching it was! I’m still rereading them, even though it’s been more than 2 years.

Here are tips for aspiring romantics:

  1. Don’t use formulaic epithets and compliments.
  2. Don’t write 10-page texts. Better less, but better.
  3. Try to find something special, peculiar only to your chosen one.
  4. It is not necessary to download poems of dubious quality from the Internet and rewrite them.
  5. If it is poetry, then it is real, or of your own composition. But here the moment is subtle, try to objectively assess your powers of “verse-making” so as not to look really funny.
  6. We act according to the principle: “Let your inept than beautiful, but someone else’s.” The girl will very quickly suspect falsehood and plagiarism.
  7. Spelling is our everything! Check the text seven times for errors, and only then send it. Fortunately, there are many modern electronic spell-checking services now.
  8. Write by hand, give up the electronic version. This way the message will look more sincere.

If you plan to write a series of letters, like A.S. Pushkin to his fiancee N. Goncharova, come up with your own brand distinctive sign. A signature, a phrase, a word that will symbolize your sincere feelings from letter to letter. It will be especially interesting and touching if you write from the army.

Catching letters

Tune in to the lyrical mood

Agree that it is difficult to write a beautiful tender letter after watching the next issue of the comedy club. The style will be appropriate)) Therefore, in such a delicate matter, it is necessary to have a special attitude.

Put on a sad musical composition, watch a kind sentimental movie or your best photos.

Then the letter will be sincere and from the heart.

Touching letter of apology

An example of a letter that will help to touch a girl and forgive your mistake:

“Hello, my dear beloved K.

I know that I have caused you indelible pain. But I have already been punished for it by your silence and indifference.

If you can forgive me in your heart, I promise that I will do everything to make you the center of happiness and never make you shed tears again.”


How to write a heartfelt letter after a breakup

A letter after a breakup and “before” is probably the most difficult topic. How to write what you feel, but at the same time mitigate the pain of another person?

If you did not find the strength to say about the breakup in person, and preferred to write about it in a letter, then think carefully about each phrase. Specify the reason for the separation, so that there are no omissions. There is no need to make an intrigue out of this, so that the poor girl then spent her whole life trying to solve the mystery.

Example of a letter asking to give a second chance:

“My dear N. I can’t put into words how painful, empty and lonely I am right now.

I just realized how important our relationship is to me, how important you are to me.The feeling of emptiness in which I am now does not give me the strength to breathe. I’m constantly thinking about us, about you.

If we have even a small chance to be together again, please let me make us happy.

Always your F.”

Love letter

Example of a farewell letter of thanks for a beautiful relationship:

“My dear N. I decided to write you a letter not because it’s time for me to put an end to our wonderful relationship. We can’t be together anymore, and everyone is already aware of this deep down. It’s time to let each other go and move on.

I want you to know. I will always keep in my memory all the best things that we experienced together. All those touching moments that made us happy.

I know that each of us will find our happiness.

And even if we are not together now, you will always remain in my memory the warmest, sincere little man.”

I sincerely believe that with my advice and small examples of letters I could help you tell your loved ones about the most important things.

Subscribe to my blog, share your tips, ideas))) See you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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