Original gifts for girls: ideas for all holidays

Gifts for all occasions

Hi! We continue regular meetings, the purpose of which is to increase the gift–giving culture of the general population.

An important component of the gift–giving ritual is the non-triviality of the present itself. Therefore, today we will discuss how and where to look for original gifts for girls. Such that they are both necessary-useful, and at the same time unexpected, interesting.

I’m starting to think about gifts with my own hands, this is an option for those who can create something unique, and not just repeat a copy replicated on the web using patterns and master classes.

For example, a stylish pendant made of leather or carefully crafted wood, a metal pendant – that sort of thing. Or something deeply personal, referring to shared memories.


In most cases, you can rely on the variety provided by the mass of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

By the way, practice shows that a wider range of goods is available on the Internet than in the nearest souvenir shop or on the market. You just need to order in advance so that the purchase is delivered on time or a little earlier.

Originality is off the scale

Here are three killer original gifts for you to warm up for any occasion:

  1. Shoe organizer. Give the girl order and comfort in the house! (The perfect advertising slogan came out))
  2. Gift set for home SPA. Can you imagine how happy the person being congratulated will be when she sees such a gift? By myself, I can say that a home beauty salon is no worse than a real one.
  3. Desktop call. A seemingly useless thing. But you can also give it some symbolism. For example, “Call me and I’ll be right there.” Romance…


We go to the birthday party with a beautiful box in which…

A girl’s birthday is a serious reason to make a serious gift. One that you can’t just give away.

The question is not even about the cost and affordable budget. For example, the girl is an avid music lover and the music in the room sounds constantly. Out of the blue you won’t tell her: “Here, I bought you headphones – use them.”

So she can be offended-she can sulk: it turns out, as if a hint that her hobby, to put it mildly, hinders others a little and an attempt on freedom of expression has been made.

Beats headphones

But if you present headphones as a birthday gift to your beloved, and even a model with a good sound and special wires that will not get confused in the chaos of a handbag, then you can safely count on favor.

You can accompany the presentation with a text saying that from now on music will always be with her in joy and sorrow… And further along the text of the oath)))

Give amulets and useful things for the New Year

On New Year’s Eve, a girl can put a charm toy under the Christmas tree, depending on which patron according to the Chinese horoscope is in the coming year. This animal can be supplemented with a basic gift that has practical value.

If a friend is photogenic, she has a phone or tablet with a good built-in camera, then a set of lenses that significantly expand the artistic possibilities of shooting will be an appropriate gift.


The included wide–angle lens is very useful – so that more than one face can fit into the selfie frame.

You can think about a selfie bar as a gift, but this is provided that the beloved belongs to lovers of tours to places of military glory. In the sense of being photographed against the background of attractions.

On March 8, it is impossible to appear before her clear eyes without a gift

At the same time, a bouquet of flowers is a mandatory attribute, and a gift can also be symbolic. Both in terms of price and meaning.

buket ot muzhchiny

An intangible gift that emphasizes femininity will do: a certificate for cosmetics, a professional photo shoot, a recording session in the studio (if he can and loves to sing), a visit to the spa or a romantic dinner in the end.

Although, romance can be saved for Valentine’s Day…

On Valentine’s Day we talk about love

Actions should talk about feelings, gifts and spoken words. An eloquent symbol of love is a heart. This is the shape given to valentines.

You need to choose among the items that clearly indicate a very definite attitude towards the recipient of the present. Yes, there are more hearts, cupid angels and other hints of tender care and even passion.


Don’t spoil your beloved, but don’t be stingy – be natural. Here is a parting word at the end of today’s post.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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