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Greetings to all of you, dear visitors of my page! I want to ask how you are doing? In any of the options, I believe that everything is fine. Let’s talk about a rather specific topic, specifically about what to give your husband’s brother for his birthday.

Agree, the question seems to be extremely simple, but when you start to think deeper. then you begin to see a large number of pitfalls.

You should understand that your partner’s family member is one of the closest people. They grew up together, lived a huge part of their lives together, and there is a deep connection and respect for each other between them.

And it will be a very big mistake to give your spouse’s brother some bad thing, thereby substituting the husband himself.

Now you already understand that choosing a gift is actually not as simple as it seemed before. But it’s okay, there are still a few rules and win-win solutions, following which you will definitely make the right choice and please your brother. So let’s get started.


Where to start choosing a gift?

You know, the most correct and really wise step is to honestly and openly talk about this with your husband himself.

No one knows the birthday boy more and better than his own brother. Talk to your partner about what kind of person the birthday boy grew up to be, what hobbies he had as a child.

Perhaps he did a lot of music or sports as a teenager, dreamed of becoming a professional in his field, but something did not work out. Nevertheless, the interest has not disappeared, and if you, for example, pick up something that will echo his childhood dreams and hopes – for example, a punching bag, a musical instrument, a set for playing darts or poker – then such a move will awaken nostalgic feelings in his soul.

Also, ask your husband about what the birthday boy has been doing lately, find out as much as possible about his environment, field of activity and even marital status.

A lot also depends on such a move, because if the hero of the occasion is still a bachelor, then it is unlikely that he will need any goods that will be useful in family life.

And if his brother occupies a solid position in society, is engaged in a serious business, then it will be very inappropriate to give him something funny and sloppy. Therefore, evaluate the situation as much as possible before going to the store, and then proceed to the next step.

Which gifts are sure to please?

This section will be useful for those who, even after all the conversation with their husband, could not decide on a choice.

Do not worry, because there is still a list of things that will not cause hostility or rejection anyway. Let’s reason together. You can always make a present that will relate to the so-called standard men’s set.

Steampunk Flask

It can be a good book, a gift mauser in a case, a cold weapon that can be hung on the wall, a set of elite alcohol, a flask or a knife for hunting and fishing, a beautiful and stylishly designed map of the world that can be hung on the wall, much, much more.

You yourself understand that such gifts in any case will appeal to a real man, but the situation may be such that you certainly want to surprise your spouse’s brother, make him a very original and individual gift. Then you need to go back to the previous point.

Take into account individual character traits

After talking with your spouse, in any case, you will learn at least something about the inner world of his brother. New knowledge will guide you through the maze of choosing the right thing for your birthday, and try to apply them as correctly as possible.

Let’s say a man can be quite creative and thoughtful nature. Then give an armillary sphere, which will be a real friend to him for many evenings. Such spheres are infinitely interesting to look at, study, they store a lot of secrets and food for thought, and if a man is inclined to immerse himself in his thoughts, then such congratulations will arouse real interest.

If your spouse’s relative is a cheerful, practical person, is still single and likes to throw parties, then why not give him a sushi machine? He will be able to use it in practice, especially since such a thing will come in handy in five or ten years, and sooner or later the future wife of a man will thank you for it :)

Sushi rolls

If he is going through difficult times right now and he really needs financial support, then discuss with your spouse how to give him money.

The simplest and seemingly uninteresting moment, but perhaps in this situation it will really help to improve his life. I am sure that your spouse himself would be happy to help the guy financially, but as a rule men are proud enough to accept such handouts. And as a birthday present, financial assistance will not be something humiliating and offensive.


It may also turn out that a man loves to travel very much. And believe me, if you can arrange a new trip for him, not necessarily even to another country, he will treat such a chance with great enthusiasm.

If he has health problems that your spouse is very worried about, but the guy himself does not attach much importance, then you can give him a subscription to a course of procedures that can overcome them, for example, massage, swimming pool or gym. It will not look like a hint if you present the gift correctly, and at the same time it will help the person to reconsider his life.

As you can see, despite all the difficulties, it is quite realistic to decide on a gift, so do not be afraid of your thoughts and doubts.

I am sure that you will be able to choose the best of the options, and do not lose face in front of your spouse and birthday boy! See you soon, subscribe!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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