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I usually give advice on original gift ideas, decoration and ways to congratulate loved ones. Today, I will touch on a very unusual topic for my blog, than to make a girl laugh.

So this article will be especially relevant and interesting for a male audience. Read, memorize, teach and train on girls. Well, especially talented and diligent will definitely be lucky.

If the way to a man’s heart often lies through “delicious food”, then to a woman’s, it is much longer, more complicated and thorny. And in order to shorten this long, sometimes unpredictable process of conquest, the best way is to make a smile.

I would rephrase the phrase “Well, friendship begins with a smile” to “Relationships begin with a smile.”

Secrets of starting dating or jokes aside!

In general, to start any dating and the right building of relationships, men should learn at least 2 things:

  • Say compliments
  • Make your beloved laugh

It is not necessary to mix these concepts, since a compliment with humor, especially inappropriate, can have quite the opposite effect. Therefore, we separate these two actions. What can you do about it, girls really love with their ears, no matter how banal and prosaic it may sound)


In general, it is difficult to teach how to “make people laugh”, no matter who: a loved one, friends, a child. Humor is so subtle and individual that I tend to think of an innate gift. You can’t buy it, but you can learn how to master several unbroken techniques that always work well.

A great option when an invisible connection is established between a guy and his companion in the form of flirting, which is perfectly ignited by good humor. Jokes that are understandable only to both are used.

If you feel that you belong to that rare kind of guys who don’t know how to joke at all, then it’s better not to spoil the picture. Girls are very sensitive to falsehood and will quickly suspect that you are just trying to put on someone else’s mask. In this case, it is better not to try to pretend to be a resident of the Comedy Club, but simply admit that you are serious, because you do not want to joke.

By the way, this tactic can also work very well.

For example, I am familiar with such ridiculous situations when a guy has read more than one book with funny jokes and came on a date, trying to arrange an informal Stand Up show. As a result, both are uncomfortable, ridiculous, and there is one thought in my head, how to end this date as soon as possible.


How to make a girl laugh? Simple Life Tips

  1. Always focus on the girl. Each person is individual and the joke that one will laugh at, the other will seem vulgar and boring.
  2. Consider her social circle, upbringing, age.
  3. The smarter, more educated a girl is, the harder it is to make her laugh. And this is not because the knowledge gained kills the sense of humor. On the contrary, it becomes thinner and more refined. So, if you are aiming at such a young lady, try to match her in humor.
  4. Act on the situation, focus on the situation and how the girl reacts to your jokes.
  5. Great attention is paid to the voice, the vivacity of the conversation, naturalness.

How not to joke?

  1. Distinguish a clear line of what exactly the girl is laughing at: at you or at your jokes. The process is the same – the result is completely different.
  2. Don’t be fooled by the provocation. Topics that girls joke about among themselves are taboo for you. These include jokes about weight, age, appearance, breast size! Do not ask the question “Why?”, do not seek justice. You just can’t and that’s it!
  3. Good self–critical jokes are good in moderation, otherwise the girl may get used to the fact that your hands are “from one place”, you are not tall, you do not shine with intelligence, and the stomach is a strategic reserve. The girl with you will be funny, but that’s all. Don’t wait for further developments.
  4. Avoid sarcasm and poisonous jokes. Ladies do not like it very much, as it rather speaks of your bad character and it is unlikely that the interlocutor will have a great desire to build a relationship with you.
  5. There is no need to pour out hackneyed prepared cliches and memorize dozens of jokes. This quickly tires and causes irritation.
  6. Don’t laugh at professions, don’t use racial and gender jokes. This kind of humor can only work if you know the girl well and are well versed in her taste.
  7. God forbid jokes about mother-in-law and relatives!


Joking in correspondence

If the joke didn’t work and the girl tensed up (and even worse offended) – it’s okay. Be able to apologize quickly and correctly and soon the moment will be forgotten. A bad result is also a result. Now you already know the limits of the permissibility of humor, and which line should not be crossed.

Personally, I think it’s much more difficult to make a girl laugh by SMS than in real life.

Firstly, you really don’t know in what mood she will read it, and secondly, the same text can be read and interpreted in different ways.

Here, in a personal conversation, the trick works well when you look into the eyes of a girl for a long time and slowly start smiling. It is rare that a girl will not succumb to your charm and will not respond with a mutual smile.


It’s a little easier to make you laugh on the phone, because you help yourself with intonation, you feel the interlocutor and you can always get out if the joke didn’t go through.

Social networks unite

Well, and if you’ve tried everything, and humor still doesn’t work – maybe you need to change the girl? That was definitely a joke :)

No, just don’t get hung up on humor and try to go completely from the other side, talk about abstract topics, maybe even about something very serious. Perhaps this is exactly what this girl needs.

A separate topic is to make a girl laugh through the Vkontakte social network. We immediately agree – we forget all the hackneyed jokes and jokes worn out by the same VK.

Some good examples:

1. We pretend to be “modest”. It works especially well if in a team or company where you are well known, you have a strong reputation as a womanizer and womanizer. So deliberate shyness will really look funny and make the girl smile.

2. The same situation, but exactly the opposite. For example, if she knows you as a modest guy, you can “fuck” a little over your brutal, riotous life. But the main thing, of course, is not to overdo it here, so as not to look pathetic.

3. Tell us the most serious case of your life, but in a cheerful language. A girl who is not deprived of a sense of humor will definitely appreciate such self-irony.


4. Send a funny picture or message.

5. Ambiguous flirting is a great reason to get acquainted:

We find a funny funny photo with a girl. Well, for example: a girl steals fruit in the garden, she is washed away by waves, she falls from a boat, a monkey grabs her by the hair – the more fun, the better.

Then mark the object of your seduction in this photo and wait. As soon as the girl sees that she was marked in the photo and she follows the link to see, she will definitely get a positive charge, bright emotions and appreciate the joke.

In humor by correspondence, you have the opportunity to use those tools that are not always at hand in real life.

I hope that my article today was not only useful, but also amused you. I really look forward to not just comments from you, but life examples ;)

Share your secrets, how you get to know the fair sex and how you make them smile. And also, don’t be greedy – share the link with a friend, maybe he will learn something useful from the article!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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