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Hello to everyone who came to visit me. I don’t know about you, but for me there is nothing more terrible than choosing a man’s gift. And if it’s also an elite gift to a man – I completely panic.

Therefore, today I want to share with you my found treasures and thoughts on this topic.

To begin with, for me “elite” means not just expensive. It should be special, stand out from the rest and emphasize the status.

Such gifts are better, of course, to give to the representatives of the stronger sex, who are over 30. Someone who has already achieved success and understands the value of things.

Birthday gift

Birthday is a special day for which you should prepare in advance.

Depending on who is being congratulated for you and what date he is celebrating, I have picked up a dozen interesting ideas for you.


TOP 10 elite gifts

  1. Expensive elite alcohol in souvenir packaging. And even if the birthday boy does not drink alcohol, he will always be pleased to get a bottle of expensive whiskey or rum to treat friends on occasion. You can give an author’s personalized bottle of expensive cognac, which will decorate any bar.
  2. Weapons. A sword, machete, crossbow or bow. All men are “warriors” by nature, so they have a special weakness for such VIP gifts.Sword
  3. Fishing rod, spinning. Such a gift, of course, will suit an avid fisherman.
  4. A set of tools. If a guy with “golden hands”, then he will certainly appreciate your gift.
  5. Cashmere scarf or sweater. And although men, unlike women, do not really want to get clothes as a gift, but a scarf and a sweater are an exception. It will be very cozy to wrap up in such a gift on a chilly November evening.
  6. Kebab set. If the birthday boy is a fan of going out on a picnic and treating friends to a barbecue of his own cooking, such a gift will not only be a pleasant, but also a useful thing in the house.
  7. Sports club subscription. How often do we hear from our guys that they wouldn’t mind pumping up their muscles, but there’s no time all the time? It’s time to stimulate the sports lifestyle of your chosen one in such an unobtrusive way. You can accompany a gift with a sports uniform, a bag, new sneakers. Then he will have no arguments why it is worth postponing going to the gym “until next Monday.”
  8. Clock. This is always a win-win, especially in the world of business people. Sporty, high-tech or elegant – you can choose.Watch in hand
  9. A car or helicopter on radio control. Yes, yes, I did not make the wrong category. Now there is such a selection of fashionable sets of radio-controlled toys, which adult men will play with great pleasure. After all, they are, in fact, always boys at heart!
  10. Purse. An excellent democratic option that can emphasize the elegance and status of the chosen one.

If you do not plan to buy an expensive gift, but want to pay attention – limit yourself to a set of elite tea, a box of chocolates or a simple high-quality souvenir.

A worthy gift will be Dan Waldschmidt’s book “BE the best version of yourself.” Such a book will make a successful, confident man look at his success from an interesting side, and it will give inspiration to a person who has lost confidence in his abilities.


Take note of my ideas, and don’t panic like I do when going to a holiday)))

Subscribe to the news, tell your friends about my blog! This will inspire me to new searches and solutions for creating a holiday for all of us! For now :)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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