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I am always glad to welcome you to the blog pages. Take the empty seats and let’s start the lecture. Oh, why is it so formal? And, this is probably because of a solid topic: today we will talk about what a diary should be for a girl, what they generally are and how to present it so that the gift becomes a memorable event.

Which one?

The idea of giving a girl a weekly is very sensible. And on third anniversary too. Especially if it is reliably known that the girl is taking the first steps into the business world. The lioness, who has long settled into the business environment, most likely already has such a thing… But the blank sheets in her organizer run out faster.

Fur diary

I will be happy to break the stereotype: the weekly is needed not only for strict business ladies. Even for a woman whose main activity is concentrated in the house, a powerful organizer will not hurt. Those who run the household themselves, whether they run a cozy apartment or a luxurious country cottage, understand what I mean.

Here is an interesting recipe to write down, there is a number of the water supplier for the cooler, so as not to forget, here is a list of purchases for Sunday to make. And how does keeping records of “consumables” help: cereals, oils, seasonings, vegetables, and so on up to household chemicals and paper handkerchiefs.

Tender age is not without its difficulties. And sometimes it happens that the pink notebook turns out to be the only one who can be trusted with experiences and plans.

Or here the conqueror of spaces is going on another journey. What should I provide her with, so that she keeps new impressions and does not forget about you, the good ones? Yes, a stylish, handmade diary with a couple of romantic notes neatly scattered across the pages will be very in the subject.If she does not know how to keep a diary, let her just write in it what she has seen, where she has been.

der egedn

A book with empty sheets

Let’s see what they are – weekly. And let’s start with the appearance. The word itself evokes a thick notebook with a hard cover in an elegant but strict leather binding before the inner eye. This is a classic business option.

The binding can also be made of natural softly tanned leather. The level of solidity of the diary with a leather cover is off the scale. In fact, such a thing is no longer just a practical organizer or glider, turning into a status accessory. If you are going to make such a gift, think about whether it will be appropriate in the “arsenal” of a beautiful businesswoman or it is better to choose something … no, not “simpler” – more original, brighter, airy.

The cover does not have to be covered with leatherette. Interesting opportunities are provided by finishing with fabric: stylish “coarse” burlap, linen unbleached linen, blue denim classics, velvet and any other.

There are diaries with a cover made of slotted… wooden plates!

Smoothly polished surfaces are sometimes varnished. But the charm of natural wood is something! The slotted elements are folded into an ornament. An image or a photograph can look out of a through window in such a binding.

cvetnoy gurnal

Even an ordinary laminated cardboard cover comes to life thanks to the application of images and funny, motivating, memorable and advertising, in the end, inscriptions. Of course, with humor on the cover of the diary, you need to be careful: suddenly he will not appreciate or will appreciate somehow in his own way, in a feminine way… Therefore, scrapbooking is a win–win option: original “newspaper” inserts, silhouettes, images of household items, delicate ornaments.

Fantasy is limited only by a sense of style and composition. Although, there are probably fans of insane dissonances and outright psychedelics…

Loops, pockets and frills

Whatever the cover turns out to be, convenience and practicality are expected from the diary. In any case, it is important to me that it is convenient to use it. Sometimes the last drop in the cup of patience becomes unknown where the pen rolled at the most inappropriate moment. So that it is always at hand in many diaries, a pistol loop is provided, into which the handle is tightly inserted.

A useful addition to the design of the cover, or rather the flyleaf, is a pocket with a flap. Business cards, references, notes on scraps of paper and “tongues” with phone numbers torn from ads will not fall out of it. What is not a place for a secret stash?

hameleon egednevnik

Now about the frills. All kinds of decorative elements are used in the decoration of the diary: inserts made of metal, horn plates, noble plastic, precious wood. A practical and stylish addition to the cover is metal corners that will not let the corners of the cover get frayed and lose shape. For decoration, the technique of pressing on leather or leatherette is also used. Frills and lace braid in the decoration, too, no one forbade.

The internal block of the diary usually consists of 150-200 sheets of paper suitable for keeping records with all existing types of writing materials.

You can write at least with a goose quill. It should work out well. For the convenience of writing, the pages are lined and often they are already dated.

Although there are undated diaries. When choosing a gift, pay attention to this moment. For example, there is no point in dating if the diary is likely to be used as a repository of culinary recipes.

siniy egedn

For decorative purposes, unobtrusive images or ornaments can be applied on the pages of the indoor unit. Often such illustrations carry a thematic load, determining for whom, in fact, this diary is intended: for a girl in love or a woman expecting a child.

The color of the pages is not necessarily white. An interesting effect is created by pages filled with a cream, bluish or greenish background.

One day I caught sight of a notebook with a cover trimmed with coconut fiber and a small carved insert – relief elephants depicted on a bone plate… For myself, I call this style “safari”. I dare to assume that such a diary can be found with a certain amount of perseverance. Or do it with your own hands.

A homemade diary is a topic for a separate, detailed conversation. I will only say that no branded item can compare with such a gift in terms of the effect on the recipient.

Recipe for romance – a pinch of individuality

In any gift can bring individuality. If you read the lecture carefully, you probably noticed the “three notes for Cinderella” method.

Its essence is to put several notes with wishes or romantic nonsense on different pages in the diary.
You can also attach or paste a small bouquet of dried flowers. This technique will require preparation: flowers are not dried in one day.


Do you want outbursts of feelings when the relationship seems to have moved into a calm phase? I warn you, the method requires a strain of mental activity. Let’s call it “365 reasons”. Task: come up with 365 reasons why you love her or 365 reasons why she is the most beautiful, why she and only she need you.

Write these reasons in the margins of the diary. You can reduce the number by half and enter it on one of the pages of the spread. You seal it as if you didn’t open it. Give it away. Waiting. Good luck.

Actually, today’s lecture has come to an end. I will be glad to see you again and share my thoughts and ideas with you. See you!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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