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Recently I was invited to an unusual children’s party. The parents decided to celebrate the baby’s first tooth! And although, I admit, I was surprised by the occasion of the party, but it was very nice that parents approach their role so responsibly, trying to make their child’s every day special.

That’s just a serious question in front of me – what do they give a child for the first tooth? Still, you must agree that this is not a standard holiday.

When I turned to my relatives for advice, I realized that I would not wait for ideas other than a spoon from them (although on baptism this option is far from the worst). I don’t know why, but this idea broke all records “for originality”)))

But it is better to leave such gifts as silver spoons, earrings to godparents, but on the rights of friends, classmates or relatives, you can come up with something more functional.

Therefore, having shown all my creativity, imagination and flavored it with a good portion of humor, I decided to make an interesting selection of ideas for you.

What they give a child for the first tooth – 10 interesting ideas

The baby’s first tooth usually appears at 6-9 months, which means that we choose a gift, respectively, for this age.

1. Toys

What can interest a toddler during this period? Any rustling-ringing objects:

  • Mobile phones on the bed
  • Rustling books
  • Educational mats

2. Teether for teeth

No matter how happy the parents are from this joyful event, but the toddler is certainly not laughing. This is a difficult and very painful period for a child, which a cooling teether will help to cope with.

I hope it will not be superfluous to mention that it is necessary to buy such “gadgets” exclusively in specialized children’s stores or pharmacies.


3. Clothing

And although many parents prefer to choose their own clothes for their baby, but they are growing so fast that a stylish pair of pajamas, sliders or a tracksuit will never be superfluous. Buy clothes with a margin, at least 2-3 months in advance.

4. Books

Of course, the child will not appreciate this gift, but parents will need them very soon. Choose bright, colorful, with designer elements. When the kid is introduced to the world of fairy tales, it will be interesting for him to hold such a book in his hands.

You can also choose a book for parents. Care, education, conflict resolution with children, etc.

Mom and dad, who celebrate the “first tooth” of the baby, will certainly enjoy reading such literature.

5. Night light in the children’s room

By the time of the appearance of 1 tooth, many parents decide to “tear” the baby away from themselves, shifting it to sleep in their room.

To make him feel comfortable and not afraid, give him an amazing children’s night light projector. Mesmerized by watching the light game on the ceiling, the baby will fall asleep faster, and mom will be comfortable going into the room at night, checking if everything is in order.


6. Baby high chair

If young parents have not yet managed to get the necessary kitchen appliance, you can present a fashionable high chair. Manufacturers offer a variety of design solutions for function, color scheme, style.

Choose based on the square meters of the apartment. For example, for a small kitchen, the ideal solution would be a booster chair, which is attached with strong straps to an adult stool.

7. Playpen

A wonderful gift that will be appreciated by parents who have already, for sure, managed to feel the curiosity and restlessness of their child.

8. Car seat

This is an expensive, but necessary gift for a family that often travels or just goes to the grandparents for the weekend. You can cooperate with friends or relatives and present such an irreplaceable thing for the safety of a fidget.

9. Children’s pool

If the holiday falls in the summer and the family lives in their own house, the children’s inflatable pool will undoubtedly cheer up the crumbs, and sunbathing and water treatments will strengthen health.

10. Nobody canceled the envelope!

Of course, with money))) And although this is not an original idea, but if you are afraid to “miss” with a gift, and the relationship does not allow you to ask about preferences, it is better to give money with which parents will definitely buy the necessary thing for the baby.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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