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Hello, dear friends! I decided today to discuss with you such a topic as a gift for a man. But I would like to talk not about banal things, but about… gift certificates!

Now there are many shops of different directions, but how to choose from them the thing that your life partner would like?

Sometimes it can be difficult to do this, because even after living with your young man for a long time, it is certainly difficult to find out what he is really interested in. Therefore, it is much easier to give a gift certificate and then the guy will have the opportunity to purchase what he really wants.

But the question arises: what kind of certificate should I give to a man, because there are a great many of them now? I would recommend a gift certificate to the hardware store, but there are other, no less interesting, ideas that we will discuss now.

Some interesting ideas

I can share interesting ideas with you ;)

1. The classic option will be a card to a perfume store. The guy will be able to choose the toilet water that he will like and it will be a great surprise for him.

But this option is suitable only for those who often use perfumes and understand it well. If your boyfriend does not understand anything about this, then it would be more correct for you to buy him the perfume that you choose.

2. For business representatives of the stronger sex, an excellent gift will be a card for a store where ties, suits and shirts are sold. There a man will be able to pick up such clothes that will emphasize his social position and style.

3. If your favorite sports person or he wants to lose weight, but does not find the time for it, then a good gift for him can be a certificate for visiting a fitness club or gym.

4. For cultured and well-read men, there can hardly be anything better than a gift card for an online bookstore.

Book for man

A person who is fond of reading books will be able to choose the one a book that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, but which I just couldn’t get my hands on.

5. And if you are a romantic girl and love to surprise your soulmate, then a check for a romantic dinner can be a good idea. Dinner should be in a cozy restaurant and definitely for two. Such a date will be remembered for a long time and will become a pleasant memory.

Unusual and memorable ideas

For men of extraordinary and extreme, a gift card for a certain amount of rubles should also be appropriate;) I will offer several options here, and you can choose any of them.

Certificate to man

1. The option is… certificate for a party with bikers! (But this is only if the guy loves motorcycles and looks at the bikers passing by you with admiration and envy).

2. And for extremals, an unsurpassed gift will be a certificate for skydiving or skiing.

3. Also, some will not refuse to go karting, shoot real firearms, or play paintball. Everything is individual here.


4. Well, if your betrothed is fond of various technical things, then give him a card for setting up equipment (just make sure that he uses the products of the company providing the tuning service).

But whatever I offer you, of course, the choice is yours. The most important thing is to understand how your young man likes to relax and, starting from this, choose a present for him.

Remember that if you can’t decide on a gift, then you shouldn’t give money, because it’s vulgar and even ugly (in any case, without proper packaging).

And it would be wiser to present some kind of gift certificate, which will not be banal and gray. Your significant other will appreciate this present, because it guarantees freedom of choice, which is so popular with all representatives of the stronger sex;)


That’s all for today, I need to say goodbye to you. But new articles on the most interesting topics are waiting for you ahead, so we’ll see you again together!

And if this article is useful and interesting for you, then share it with your buddies and friends on all social networks. And don’t forget to subscribe to blog updates. For now and see you soon :)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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