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Greetings to all who have already missed my articles! I am glad that the blog’s audience is growing, which means that I am not in vain here creating for you, looking for interesting useful gift ideas))

So today I tried to prepare for you fresh topical tips on what to give to children for a calico wedding.

Let’s first figure out what a calico wedding is.

It just so happened in Russia – to call each anniversary by its own name, giving it a special meaning. And, for a reason, all these names. They clearly convey the nature of the relationship between the spouses, the degree of their intimacy

Thin as calico…

Yes, it is this fabric that is popularly considered the simplest and most fragile. Therefore, a one-year marriage is still difficult to test for strength.

Presenting calico things to the young, the guests seem to be trying to hint that it is worth taking care of relationships, marriage. After all, it is so easy to damage still fragile, unsettled relationships with the wrong word, sharp action and deed.

By the way, there used to be such an interesting rite. Young people gave each other cotton shawls, tying knots on them as a sign of a promise to carry love through the years until the end of life. Such a peculiar oath after a year of family life. Touching, isn’t it?


But we have a joyful occasion! The children have lived happily married for one year, and I so want to congratulate them on their first family date, giving them pleasant presents.

5 cotton gift ideas

Tablecloth. One of the most practical and necessary things in household use.

Usually, on their first anniversary, many spouses invite guests, at least the closest and friends who were at the wedding. A large table is laid, toasts are made, funny wedding curiosities are remembered. Children will be very pleased to cover the table with a beautiful new tablecloth.

Clothing. You can give your wife a stylish cotton sundress (by the way, this is on trend), and your husband a summer light shirt. The young will appreciate both the hint and your delicate taste.

Bed linen. Now there is such a variety of beautiful bed linen on the market that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Try to match the color scheme of the bedrooms of the young.

If you want to give a more expensive set of satin, silk, jacquard – just beat the gift with wishes to “strengthen” the relationship. Attach a cute cotton handkerchief to the gift. An original high-quality set of bed linen will warm the young in winter and delight with bright juicy tones in summer.

Rose and rings

A large box of chocolates. Tie the box in a large, beautiful calico handkerchief – and the original gift is ready. Inexpensive, tasteful and very symbolic!

Household appliances. If you want to help young people in the arrangement of everyday life and are aimed at more impressive presents than tablecloths and towels, choose the necessary gadget, tie with a calico ribbon, and such a gift will amaze everyone with its originality and practicality.

Money. No matter how banal it may sound, but it looks decent in this case. Moreover, the young still need so much in the house, that sometimes a given amount of money is the best gift from parents.

But so that the monetary contribution to the family budget does not get lost against the background of other gifts, make a textile bag, a kind of pouch. It will look very cute and creative.

For example, I gave it to my dad (though not for money):


Such a gift can always be accompanied by an interesting instructive toast and good wishes.

We make it ourselves

You can dream up a little, investing a piece of your soul, patience and skill as a gift. I’m talking about a gift with my own hands.

  • Bakery products. Bake a pie and put it on a cotton towel. This gift format will pleasantly surprise young people and leave the most positive emotions.
  • Napkins. You can sew or embroider beautiful napkins for tea, coffee, on a coffee table.
  • Pillows. Cute stylish pillows in the living room or bedroom will become a bright decorative decoration in the house of the young.
  • Apron. An indispensable and practical thing in the kitchen.
  • Photo collage. Make an interesting selection of wedding photos that will be viewed with interest not only by the newlyweds, but also by guests.

And then you will need ideas for a gift to young people on paper, two-year wedding. So don’t neglect)) About five-year-old generally silent.

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Your thoughts, wishes and kind words fill this blog with life, and me (and you) with a great mood))

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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