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Good afternoon, readers, viewers and everyone-everyone who bothers to linger on the pages of my blog. Life itself suggests plots for posts. Here it was necessary to choose a gift for a child for a 7-year-old girl.

Let’s talk about what to give the young miss, so that she remembers the moment for a long time and, at least a little, is interested and happy with the gift. Well, I’ll tell you a couple of real stories I know about the successful selection and presentation of gifts.

But that’s not what I wanted…

Parents, remember that you are giving a gift to a little man who, at the age of 7, is already very much a person, and not an object of dressing-feeding-growing. And do not rush to be indignant at such a statement.

It is a common practice to present items of clothing and household items of strategic importance as gifts (a desk, a chair, etc.). If a girl appreciates such a gift, then not immediately. And not even next year. Most likely, he will not express any complaints, but he will not be able to hide his disappointment either.

I do not dispute that there are fashionista girls who are happy with a new thing under any pretext. The younger daughter of a friend before a walk herself picks up an outfit from an abundance of things and sometimes triples total fitting. Color, style, accessories – I am amazed at her sense of taste. The child is 5 years old. The grandmother-seamstress regularly supplies her with new clothes.

In general, the message is: parents, take into account the interests of the child. Moreover, close communication with the child provides every chance to find out what the girl wants.

Like Masha

Even with such advantages, parents should be, if not Sherlock Holmes, then at least just distinguish between the motives of the child: where are her own real desires, and where is the desire to keep up with her friends. Children are smart and perceive logical arguments.

We chose a hat for autumn with Marinochka (then she was 6 years old). She “stuck” at one of the counters, looks into mine with huge gray eyes and accompanies her gaze to the red beret. Well, not her thing.


I remember that I’ve seen this somewhere before… Her playmate Masha has. So I ask: “How is Masha?” Confused. I immediately ask: “How will you be distinguished?” The gears rustled in her head, and we went on. I chose. Its. Then even high school girls at school paid attention to her – she looked chic and stylish.

Children know what they want, but the age of admission to school has a difficult period of adaptation to new social relationships.

Fashion trends

Girls’ wardrobe is a complex and extensive topic. But then it’s not about her, but about craze-epidemics. Last year, beads in all its manifestations were at the peak of popularity: baubles, key chains, beaded embroidery and complex volumetric products. Sets of beads and even pamphlets with schemes of weaving beads were an actual gift. Sensational and Furby is an interactive electronic toy.

This year, in the spring, the school community was covered with a wave of Rainbow Loom – colorful rubber rings, from which craftsmen weave bracelets, hair bands and the like.


An example of weaving a bracelet from elastic bands:

Such hobbies are just an element of socialization: a topic for communication and exchange of experience. And besides, it’s a good opportunity to make a wonderful gift.

In order for such a birthday gift to be remembered by a girl, and not erased from memory with a receding wave of passion, there should be a lot of different colors and a lot of rings themselves in the set that you give. Really a lot. You can come up with an original packaging. For example, pour them all into a rather large plastic bucket with a lid.

Another fashionable toy, heavily advertised on the web – fluffy Baila. It arouses genuine interest in children. There is a secret in it – the plastic toy makes agile movements thanks to a rope attached to the belt of the “magician”.


Practice, statistics and common sense all say that girls-first graders love to tinker with needlework, and then brag about the result.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ready-made sets for creativity in stores now: felt patterns with punched holes for stitching (I saw a ready-made and very stylish pumpkin-pot in the kitchen of a friend), sets for making plaster magnets, piggy banks, figurines, sets for interesting experiments, embroidery, decoration, etc.

I also know from life that some girls prefer to be given gifts that are more typical of a boy: constructors, prefabricated models, replica models of cars and special equipment, as well as sets for sawing with a jigsaw. Burning out and in the same spirit.


The child is often important not the gift itself, but attention. My little friend still remembers how Dad gave her a gift. He cut a large circle out of bright yellow cardboard. I drew a face on it with a felt-tip pen. It turned out to be a funny smiley face. When the girl fell asleep, he put a stool by the bed, a gift set on the stool –a hospital in a briefcase – and covered the gift with a smiley face.

The little girl is falling down – a smile-face is in front of her eyes. Behind the smiley face is exactly what she wanted. The holiday was a success from the first minutes.

That’s how a little imagination and a minimum of effort provide a storm of positive emotions. Come up with your own scenario, how a banal presentation can be turned into a small performance.

In any case, when making a gift to a seven-year-old girl, be prepared that even the delight with screeching and hugging kisses does not last forever, and the thing may end up in a distant dusty corner. This does not mean that the gift is not appreciated, no. It’s just that he has already fulfilled his mission, creating an atmosphere of celebration and attention for the child.

But here you can read about what to give to a 7-year-old boy.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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