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Greetings to everyone on my blog! I really like to make gifts, just like that, for no reason. Today I would like to share with you ideas of what to give for the last call! Children especially love different surprises and presents, so if you have children, nephews, godchildren, etc. – welcome for a portion of interesting ideas!

Well, who said that gifts should be given exclusively for birthday and New Year? Why not invent holidays for yourself, interesting reasons to please your family and friends? After all, this makes us all a little kinder, and our life is more colorful and more fun.

Gifts for the end of the 9th grade

It seems to me that the magnitude and significance of the gift depends largely on whether the school time ends for the child at this stage, or he goes to the 10th grade.

If after graduating from grade 9, a child goes to study at a specialized college, college or technical school, then this is a great reason to congratulate him on graduation, to celebrate his success. Do not skimp on kind words and praise.

To a teenager at this age it is so necessary to feel your support, attention, approval of their actions. He should see that you are proud of him and then the desire to study well in him will only increase.


And it doesn’t matter what the budget of the gift is. The main thing here is that you attached importance to this event and decided to encourage the graduate.

Farewell to the 11th grade

How many memories we have with this period) At the same time, both joyfully and anxiously.

How much importance a graduate attaches to the event of parting with school. Of course! It’s not just childhood that ends. It was all so familiar and understandable. Go to school every year, do homework, grow and develop together with your peers.

Now everything will be different. You will have to choose a profession, prepare for admission to a higher educational institution, perhaps go to work right away.


Parents and adult relatives of the child simply need to provide psychological support to the teenager during this period and the best option would be an interesting useful gift.

TOP ideas:

  1. Laptop or tablet. If you have not yet bought your child this necessary equipment for work and study, now is the time.
  2. Smartphone. A great modern gift for a modern graduate.
  3. 3G modem. This gift is rather even for parents. Now the child will not get away that he could not get on Skype because of the Internet outage in the hostel.
  4. A camera or video camera.
  5. Clock. A classic, not at all old-fashioned keepsake. And although young people are wearing watches less and less now, but they are turning more into a fashion accessory. So when choosing such a gift, focus not only on your own taste, but on your child’s style. Business classic with a thin strap, heavy brutal with a metal strap or sports. Think about the engraving in advance, so the gift will be even more significant and memorable.
  6. A ticket. A great gift option and a trip with the whole family on a well-deserved vacation. Of course, when choosing a country, it is better to be guided by the desire of the graduate.
  7. Tickets to the concert of your favorite band.
  8. A bag or briefcase. For eleventh graders, such an accessory will be very useful in a new adult life.
  9. Sports backpack.
  10. Certificate for driving courses.

School photo

What can I give to the boys graduates?

  1. Mobile phone.
  2. A mug with an individual print, name, photo.
  3. Album for school photos.
  4. T-shirt with the image of your favorite band.
  5. Movie tickets.
  6. Fashionable sneakers or a tracksuit.
  7. Football or basketball.
  8. Bicycle.
  9. Skateboard.
  10. Purse.
  11. Toilet water.

What can I give to graduate girls?

  1. Fashionable clothes. Teenagers really like to dress fashionably, because this is one of the opportunities to stand out among the general mass. Therefore, if you do not spoil your child much by buying fashionable new clothes, then at the end of school you can please the deserving student.
  2. Certificate to a beauty salon. Pamper your daughter with a beautiful picture from adult life. She will be very pleased.
  3. Book. This option, of course, is suitable for book lovers. Otherwise, the student may even be offended.
  4. Symbolic keychain for keys.
  5. A set for needlework. Many girls at this age are fond of embroidery, sewing dolls, decoupage, beading.
  6. Wallet.
  7. Cosmetics.
  8. Perfume.

kodi bag with fur

You can not buy a material thing, especially if you often pamper your child with such surprises. Give an emotional gift. The impression that will remain of him is incomparable with anything:

  • Master class (cooking courses)
  • Bungee jump
  • Playing paintball with friends
  • Certificate for massage
  • Ticket to the Boy Scout summer camp


How to make a beautiful gift


Children love different riddles and puzzles. Arrange a real quest around the apartment.

Work hard in advance and come up with questions, you can from the school curriculum to check the student. Write questions on pieces of paper and hide them in the most unexpected places.

Answering one, the graduate will move on to the next stage of the search. Encourage each found note with an attached sweet. So it will be doubly more fun to search, and the latest hint should point to the main gift.


Stock up on bright balloons and inflate at night while your child is sleeping. Just imagine his surprised joyful face when he wakes up and sees 20-30 inflated bright balloons. It is not necessary to inflate them with gel. It turns out very nicely if you attach the balls with tape to the ceiling.


Bake a cake in advance, decorate it thematically. You can create a cake in the form of a globe, a computer or a book. Especially such a surprise will be appreciated if you do not have a special love for baking. But for a beloved child, after all, you can try))

Cake for a graduate

How to mark the last call

Gifts have been bought – it remains a small matter. Celebrate properly!

After all, you will agree that it is wrong to just give a gift to a child in the morning and run away to work. Even if your working time does not allow you to take a day off on this memorable day to celebrate with the whole family – postpone the holiday to the next weekend. You can have a party after work.

Go with the whole family to a picnic. Children love active games and outdoor food. Therefore, stock up on a delicious snack for a picnic: pizza, canapes, burgers, sandwiches, fruits, sweets, drinks and think over interesting games.

Evening at the bowling alley. You can team up with friends-classmates, their parents and arrange real sports competitions.

Going to the cinema. If you rarely go out together, this day is the best way to spend it with the whole family. Choose a fun positive movie.

In the evening, you can launch a glowing flashlight into the sky together. This will be a very beautiful, symbolic finishing touch of the graduation day.

I hope that my advice and ideas will be useful to you and you will definitely bring them to life. Thank you for reading my blog and special thanks for sharing with your friends ;) Don’t forget to comment and subscribe) See you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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