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Good day! The topic of today’s article “what to give a friend for the birth of a child” was not chosen by chance. Let’s just say I was collecting information for myself. I selected it very carefully, reviewed a lot of interesting ideas, overheard on forums, came up with my own and decided to share it with you.

The fact is that my friend is waiting right now baby, and I really want to surprise her. If you are as concerned about this issue as I am, then I am pleased to invite you to read this article.

I like the tradition in the West, which we can often see in American films. It is customary to organize a Baby party there on the occasion of the birth of a baby.

This is done 2-3 months before the birth, when the expectant mother still feels great and can have fun with her friends from the bottom of her heart, considering the gifts that they will give her.

Is that what I’m getting at? And why not use this idea? Take the organization of such a party on yourself. Of course, it would be even better to surprise a friend at all. To do this, you can organize a party on your territory.

Baby's legs

Arrange in advance with the other participants about the food, entertainment and format of the event. Lure an unsuspecting girlfriend to your home under some pretext and at the most unexpected moment shout the traditional “Surprise!”.

Well, about, shout – it’s me, of course, overreacted. You know, the situation does not allow you to worry the future mom, so do it beautifully, cheerfully and not excitingly. I think the holiday itself will be the best gift for a friend. And if you also warn everyone about the obligation to give at least a small themed souvenir, she will be delighted.

What can I give for a party?

Diaper cake. Yes, of course, it breaks all records for genius, but at the same time it is the most sought-after and necessary gift within 5 minutes after the birth of the baby. No need to give a banal pack of diapers. Show your imagination. Here is a small master class on how to masterfully pack diapers into something similar to a cake.

Here’s a cake for the boy:

And a castle for the girl:

The second most popular is baby clothes. But there is never a lot of it, so any mother will be happy with such a gift. Choose not for 0-3 months, but a little older. Because at first it is very difficult to guess with the size of the baby. Now a lot of beautiful christening kits, tracksuits, little men are being sold.

Baby monitor. This gift will be appreciated by young parents immediately after returning home from the hospital. It will be even better to present a video nanny who will become a faithful companion and assistant to mom for a year or two.

Children’s mobile to bed. A functional and necessary thing from the first days of the baby’s life. The baby easily falls asleep to the measured rotation of toys and calm melodic music. When he gets older, the mobile can be used as a night light.

Stand-swaddler. A convenient modern thing for those who do not want to buy bulky dressers. The stand is placed on the sofa, table, bedside table. Special bumpers will protect and prevent the baby from rolling down, and it will be easy and convenient for mom to perform the necessary hygiene procedures.

Children’s educational mat. It will come in handy in a couple of months after birth. Crumbs have fun lying on it, looking at funny toys. Thanks to the different texture of individual elements, fine motor skills of the hands develop and the baby learns to know the world.

Mobile with owls

Waiting for a boy

Photo album “Baby’s first year”. A memorable gift is a diary that will help mom not to miss important events in the development of crumbs in the first 12 months. Starting from the maternity hospital itself, entering the data and the metric of the baby, the mother will fill the pages day after day with interesting and touching notes, paste wonderful photos. This is an invaluable memory that will last a lifetime.

The book “The first year of the baby”. No matter how much the expectant mother has been preparing for all 9 months and no matter how much she has absorbed knowledge, immediately after the maternity hospital she will get lost and a handbook of tips and recommendations from leading pediatricians and obstetricians will be useful to her.

Baby bathing kit. You can compose it yourself. Put there a towel, grass for soothing baths “Sereda”, “Chamomile”, “Hop”.

Set of children’s cosmetics: foam for bathing, bath milk, oil, cream, powder. Tie it with a beautiful blue ribbon.

Baby bathing kit

The wheelchair.

Height meter. It is attached to the wall and every 10 cm is replenished with a new photo of the baby.

There will be a girl!

You know how much I love emotional gifts-impressions. If your budget is very limited, this does not mean that you need to limit your imagination. You can come up with a very sincere gift at a very modest cost.

A jar of vitamins “Antinervishkami”. How do we do it? We take an empty jar, it is advisable to choose a beautiful one. We fill it with all kinds of small candies. Lollipops, marmalades, montpassiers and toffees are used. We paste the inscription “Eat one at a time with an attack of acute nervous insufficiency.” Such a gift will amuse you both.

A great gift idea, especially if the appearance of the baby is expected closer to winter, will be super light modern sleds .

Sledge Christie

They have all the advantages that winter children’s transport can have. They are easy to roll in the snow, they are easy to operate and absolutely safe. Due to special small wheels, the sled is convenient to move on a surface with a small amount of snow, which is especially important in urban conditions.

The designers have thought through everything to the smallest detail and even provided a set with stylish mittens for mom. They are suitable for babies from birth to 3 years old. A stylish Scandinavian coloring with a fringe will tell all the surrounding mothers about your impeccable taste ;)

A very useful and necessary gift for the expectant mother, especially if she is waiting for her first child, will be an e-book assistant.

It contains information for all occasions: the course of pregnancy, name options for the child, what to do in case of illness of the child, etc. Yes, of course, there is a lot of information on the Internet. But the book was written by professional obstetricians, medical professionals and psychologists, so there is no doubt about the reliability of the information.

Pony with a children's book

The price of such a gift is small, but there will be a lot of benefits from it. To present such a gift beautifully, it is enough just to record it on a disc and stylishly arrange it. Now there are many studios that are engaged in printing on discs. Order a photo of a friend, if you have one waiting for the baby. Such a gift will definitely appeal to her)

Certificate from the children’s store. Well, you can’t give money in an envelope. Therefore, if you want the size of the clothes to fit exactly and are afraid to give a third similar toy, adopt this idea.

For mom’s soul

If you want to please your friend and give not a child’s gift, but a personal one, for her, I have picked up some interesting ideas.

Decoration. Of course, it all depends on the budget. You can limit yourself to a not very expensive silver jewelry with some memorable cute engraving.

Certificate to a beauty salon. Mom will be very pleased to receive a certificate for postpartum recovery in the salon for the child’s birthday. You can pay for massage sessions, cosmetologist, hairdresser. After giving birth, a woman will want to put herself in order and such a present will be very useful.

I sincerely believe that my work was not in vain and my advice will definitely be useful to you. Use them with pleasure, and even better, share them with friends on social networks!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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