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Hello to you, Romeo lovers, philandering temptresses and romantic dreamers. Today’s post will be if not useful to you, then at least interesting. After all, we will talk about what kind of surprise to make a beloved girl.

For guys, this is a practical guide, and for girls’ hearts – another reason to dream.

Drowning in tender feelings, however, one should not lose common sense. He tells us that a surprise is a pleasant surprise. Not profitable, practical or expensive, but pleasant, touching the delicate strings of feelings. Therefore, any a gift is simply bound to impress in at least three parameters:

  • thoughtfulness of content;
  • originality of packaging;
  • non-triviality of delivery.

We are going to nature for our birthday

No, we are not talking about a grandiose event a la “kebabs”, but rather about a guerrilla sortie. The main gift is a picnic set. For example, like this.

Come up with a plausible legend, something like: “Hello, there were… um… some difficulties with the delivery of your gift. I need to go pick it up. Your personal presence will be required.”

By the way, we need the help of friends and that’s why… We organize everything so that the picnic set is already “charged”: dessert or salads, champagne in a bottle or hot mulled wine filled in advance in a thermos (depends on the preferences of the lady of the heart).

We leave it in the park or any picturesque lawn under the supervision of one of our friends, who has to leave the stage at hour X. We bring the birthday girl. And together with her, we “discover” a surprise: a set completely ready for a ritual picnic. A funny idea is a rough sign on a piece of plywood: “* Name*, take it – it’s yours!” and an arrow on the case.

Japanese picnic

We enjoy the effect. And a picnic.

On March 8, femininity should triumph… and intrigue

The idea of a gift for Women’s Day is stylish jewelry.

In the current season, the original earrings-beads from Dior are popular. The method of presentation is to create, with a few strokes, an entourage of her favorite genre of films.

Gangster romance? Fine. We hire a few friends as “bouncers” and appoint a “don”… although perhaps leave this role to yourself. Invite her to a cafe. Go there together, make an order. Then, under a plausible pretext, leave.

That’s where the fun begins: you change into a gansta outfit with a hat and a cane or something similar. The gift is in the case.


A little behind – two members of the “family”. We approach the table, plop down on a chair, leg by leg. A picture pause with a long look in the eyes. Suddenly we snap our fingers. The assistant opens the case and turns to her. And there’s enough imagination for that: a bouquet and a gift, as well as congratulations on the inside of the case lid.

Then the rest of the company can catch up. Or taking her by the arms, we take her to the place of the main celebration. Or, with an imperious gesture, we “release” the bouncers and continue the tete-a-tete celebration. Fantasize and embody.

On February 14, you need a very personal gift, but not vulgar in any way

All girls are fashionistas by default. Are they waiting for the replenishment of their wardrobe at the expense of a gift from a loved one? I do not even know… So it will be possible to surprise in any case.

Clothing as a gift is already a very bold move. Therefore, it is better to choose a thing that is not very intimate, but to shift the vector towards tenderness.

For example, give a pretty blouse, as in the photo. The romantic, sophisticated cut makes her very pretty. Actually, you can order here. About the specifics of ordering things on Aliexpress I have already written once.

How to present? Play dress-up games. Blindfold her eyes (oh, these shades of gray … but it’s good for us ;)). Take off the blouse she was wearing. Look, don’t forget yourself along the way. Put on her the one you have in store. We untie our eyes in front of the mirror.


Why are your ears burning? The holiday is just like that – only for two, at home and behind tightly drawn curtains.

On the anniversary, it is important to show that you remember

The value of turning dates in a couple’s life is very subtle and sublime. Therefore, a rude gift on this occasion can even damage the relationship…

The best choice is a romantic event: a candlelit dinner in an unusual place (on the roof of a house, by the sea or on the central square of the city), a horseback ride, a ritual tour of memorable places (where they confessed their feelings, kissed for the first time, etc.) or something even more extraordinary.

A memorable, symbolic trinket is also appropriate. It is better if it is made with your own hands.

To make with your own hands means to invest a part of yourself

Whatever surprises you would not plan, a gift can be a homemade thing. At the same time, virtuoso skill is not a prerequisite.

Enough neatness and at least some sense of style. Sometimes even the deliberate handicraft of manufacturing can give a gift a special touchiness: I tried after all.

Even if you suddenly find yourself without money at the wrong time, a product made of improvised materials, flavored with inspiration and resourcefulness, can save the situation.

I think I have set a direction for thinking. I didn’t even skimp on examples. So that’s it for today.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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