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Good afternoon, dear readers, I am glad to see you again on my blog. This time we will touch upon a rather important event in the life of any young family, and more specifically, the six-year anniversary.

For a loving couple, it is a real achievement to live so long in marriage, and the guests, and especially the parents of husband and wife, have a reasonable question – what to give children for a cast-iron wedding?

Let me give you some valuable and useful tips on this :)

Why is the wedding cast iron?

A cast-iron wedding is the sixth anniversary of family life. It is considered important because cast iron is the first metal in the life of the family.

After going through calico, leather and wooden weddings – years when family life is still quite shaky and fragile – a loving couple enters a period of stability and confidence in their relationship.

Such metal is very hard to damage, and oh, how difficult it will be for those ill-wishers who want to get in and somehow ruin the life of a husband and wife. The cast iron itself can be poured into any shape that the family itself chooses.

In a few years, a couple, of course, is waiting for tin wedding, but it’s still a long way off.


And if trust, mutual understanding, love and care are at the forefront for a loving couple, then having strengthened her sixth anniversary with cast iron, she can confidently go to other metals, more valuable and luxurious, knowing that the foundations of their happiness are an unbreakable fortress.

Confident and practical

With a logical and, to tell the truth, the most traditional option, it will be just the first thing that most likely occurred to you.

For a cast-iron wedding, an excellent present will be a cast-iron product – as reliable and strong as the relationship between husband and wife. Let’s say you choose a set of high-quality and beautiful dishes for your husband and wife.

Cast iron cookware

It is obvious that such a gift will appeal to them, since a good frying pan or saucepan is certainly useful in the household, and given that only good memories will now be attached to it, it will help to cook the most delicious family lunches and dinners :)

Creative and original

If you do not want to make banal moves in your congratulations, and prefer to surprise with your gifts, you cannot use absolute other options for making a decision.

The present should be cast iron, but who said that only dishes are made of this metal?

A very good choice would be a cast-iron boat or a handmade steam train. The ship and the locomotive are moving only forward and will be a wonderful parting word for a loving couple who must overcome everything together and go into a bright future without looking back.

Also try to approach the choice of a gift with humor, and give, say, cast-iron dumbbells, light for the wife and heavy for the husband. Accompany this with words that a husband and wife should not be afraid of the hardships of family life and always be ready for them. But how can you be ready for something difficult without proper training?


You can also give a couple rings from the above-mentioned material, hinting that the tradition of giving rings will remain until the golden wedding, to which they must now walk together. Or give handcuffs that will bind a young couple together forever.

As you can see, now it’s not as hard to think about choosing a gift for a cast-iron wedding as it was at first, and if you want, you can develop ideas by coming up with something very original and funny)

But always remember one thing – you need to give a surprise only from the heart and with good intentions, especially if it is a gift for a loving married couple.

I wish to bring joy to the heroes of the occasion! See you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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