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Hello everyone I am glad to meet my regular subscribers again! I hope that our advice will suit a beginner as well.

Today I will lend a helping hand to those who are puzzling over the problem of what to give a young mother for the birth of a child. Agree, such an event requires worthy attention. Of course, it all depends on who you are to a young mother.

First, let’s throw a few ideas to the newly-made father.

Firstly, do not be upset that you did not think about the gift a little earlier. Not everyone can be thoughtful and pragmatic. In the end, your beloved woman chose you just not for these qualities.

Secondly, right now, when your feelings have reached their peak, you will be able to choose the most desired gift. I just want to warn you against making a mistake.

What kind of husband’s gift will disappoint a young mom?

You should not give your wife something that you will have to buy for the baby anyway. Do not try to give a breast pump, diapers or a bath. A crib, a stroller, of course, are necessary things, but let others give them.

I think no woman would be happy with such a gift from a man who recently became the father of her child.

What can a young dad give his wife?

I advise you to give your beloved something personal, even if you have a modest budget. It’s not about the number of zeros on the price tag, but about sincerity and love. We have already discussed how to arrange and win a gift. Let me remind you – creativity, originality, aesthetic packaging.

If you are free with finances, then I suggest the following ideas:

  1. Good perfume. Perfumes from well-known companies have always been, are and will be a great gift.Perfume
  2. Beautiful underwear. An exciting and promising gift.
  3. Certificate to a beauty salon. Many women think that their beauty needs improvement and will be glad to have the opportunity to “brush their feathers”.
  4. Gold or silver jewelry. If your spouse likes jewelry made of gold or silver, it’s even easier. Feel free to go to the jewelry store, no one has ever left there without a gift. Elite jewelry is also suitable.
  5. Smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s even hard to imagine how our parents were able to raise and educate us in the pre-Internet era. Modern mothers without the Internet experience, to put it mildly, discomfort.
  6. Camera. With the birth of a baby, mom will want to capture every moment of a new life for memory.

Choosing a gift from parents

Not only a young father is overwhelmed with feelings associated with the birth of a child. Grandmothers and grandfathers were no less worried and happy.

Emotions have subsided, and now the older generation can show practicality. It is quite possible that the best gift for the baby’s mother from you will be a crib or a stroller, a playpen or a car seat.

A lovely addition will be a miniature cute lamp in the bedroom.

Tips for sisters, brothers, girlfriends, colleagues and others who are not indifferent

The Internet is full of ideas for gifts to newborns and their parents, made with their own hands. A cradle, a canopy, a baptismal set, a bead painting and much more will keep the warmth of your soul for a long time.

Mobile for a child

Are you not a handmade ace? And you don’t want to give the mother of a newborn a fifth developmental mat? Then go on a reconnaissance mission and find out what others will give. If an envelope with money is unacceptable, use my ideas:

  • Feeding pillow
  • Sling, kangaroo
  • Baby monitor
  • Sterilizer (heater) for baby food bottles
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Terry towel
  • Diapers
  • Night light
  • Toys
  • Mobile to the crib

And in the future, parents may want to note the first tooth has crumbs, so be sure to read about it :)

I am always pleased when my thoughts are useful to others. Subscribe to the blog to find new ideas here next time.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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