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Hello to you, visitors of my cozy blog! What’s new with you? I hope your summer is going very well :) Today’s article is devoted to a rather non-standard topic, or rather, how to properly make beautiful compliments for girls.

Of course, it will be useful for men. Representatives of the stronger sex often find themselves in such a situation: it seems like I wanted to make a nice girl, I let go of a few compliments, but the result was completely different from what was expected. Instead of joy and pleasure, misunderstanding and even some kind of alienation freezes on the girl’s face.

And then the man begins to puzzle over what he said wrong and what to do. If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, then my article is just for you.

Heart on threads

Let me tell you what pitfalls a young man can expect when communicating with his lady.

Praise her inner world

This is the most obvious and simplest thing a guy can do.

There is nothing more pleasant when your views, beliefs and principles are shared by another person. If you let the girl know that you understand her, appreciate her personality and character, then you will definitely get her grateful look.

It brings pleasure to any person when they see him not just as an interlocutor, but as an individual. And it’s even nicer when this individuality is also praised.

Determine what is important to her

There is no secret here either. Anyone aspires to something, has goals.

If a career is important for a girl, then believe me, a few words about how you like her dedication and hard work will be a balm for the soul.


If a woman aspires to have a great figure, do not forget to tell her that she is the most athletic and strong, and believe me, such words will only spur the girl to achieve the desired result, because she will feel your support and attention.

Always pay attention to her achievements and victories

Every person, and especially a woman, loves when her achievements and efforts are appreciated.

If your companion has received a new position, or won in some kind of competition – be the first to tell her what a good fellow she is, and that she one hundred percent deserved such a victory.

And this applies not only to some official titles and competitions. If a girl was able to win something in herself – forced herself to run in the morning, went on a diet or started learning a foreign language – her young man should be the most devoted partner and fan

Believe me, any representative of the weaker sex will be extremely happy to feel sincere interest and support from a person close to her.

Know what she values most about herself

It is obvious that if you take compliments from the ceiling and praise those traits of character or appearance that your lady does not have or that objectively considers rather weakly expressed, then insincerity or flattery will immediately be felt.

Red poppies

Analyze the girl’s behavior, her words and character, and determine what she considers really good and bright in herself.

After that, praise these qualities, and a compliment that really has some basis will cause not only pleasant feelings, but also trust, because your lady will see that she is really interesting to you and you have studied her character.

Compliment appropriately, at the appropriate time

Perhaps you have had such a situation when, after some event in a girl’s life, you make a seemingly innocent compliment, but the reaction to it turns out to be completely different from what you expected.

The fact is that you praised absolutely not something that would really be worth praising now.

Let’s say if a girl has just run a marathon, and you are talking about how beautiful her eyes are, it will not only be inappropriate, but even insulting. She has not been training for a couple of years for you to praise her eyes, and for the last few hours she has been overcoming a grueling route under the scorching sun.

I think you yourself understand that in this situation it was still worth paying more attention to admiring her fortitude and perseverance, hard work and dedication, and not beautiful eyes.

Ring with heart

How to properly make compliments

  1. Always do it from the heart. Believe me, girls really feel when they are lied to or flattered. If a man is insincere in his praise, it can cause not only distrust, but also disgust, because no one likes liars.
  2. Always praise in your own words , and do not quote other people’s compliments, especially some widespread ones. Remember that all the magic is in the words that you choose, so be selective about expressions.
  3. Never compliment a girl in order to get what you want. This is low and makes a cynical and cunning scoundrel in a man who wants to use a girl. With such tactics, you will never succeed.
  4. Sometimes back up words with deeds or surprises. Let’s say if she looks great, say that she is charming, but she would be even more beautiful with the ring she has long dreamed of (or with one that would emphasize her femininity). Your beauty will feel sadness or bewilderment for a moment, but after these words, give her as a gift the very ring you were talking about, and you yourself will feel her gratitude and delight)
  5. Create the cutest and smallest moments – write her short SMS in the middle of the day with some nice and pleasant things.
  6. And the last and most important thing is don’t follow the pattern. All these hackneyed phrases about angels falling from the sky, almost every girl will immediately cause nausea. Therefore, do not cross out everything from the very first words. Even if, for example, write a letter to her.

I hope that my advice helped to sort out this hard science somewhat :)

Dear men, remember that your lady is the best in the world, and deserves only the best words and compliments. Therefore, do not be lazy and please them more often with warm and sincere words ;)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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