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If your loved one’s birthday is just around the corner, then more and more often you are wondering what to please him this time. Surely you want to surprise your soulmate?

By the way, I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to congratulate my husband this year (Let’s all brainstorm together on what kind of surprise to make for my husband’s birthday.

Did you know that the word “surprise” in French means: surprise, surprise, unexpected gift.

It turns out that gifts are expected and surprises. And which ones do you like best? I love surprises, of course, if they are pleasant.

Why do I vote for surprises?

Firstly, the anticipation of a surprise perfectly lifts the mood and fills all the days on the eve of the birthday with mystery. I hate boredom and despondency.

Secondly, the surprise, thanks to the strong emotion of surprise, remains in the memory forever. And then the memories of the past become vivid and exciting.

Marshmallow, love

Let’s decide where and when we will present a surprise. You can consider various options for celebrating a birthday and arrange a real show with the participation of your guests. It all depends on the temperament and character of the birthday boy.

I think you’ve heard about the pranks involving detention, car theft and calling the fire department. Maybe someone gets pleasure from such performances. A matter of taste. I prefer a more intellectual and affectionate greeting.

No one has come up with a better time for birthday greetings than the morning.

I think that at home, in your cozy nest, you will find the most sincere and warm words for the person who is always there. Agree, in the presence of other people, even close relatives, at a festive table, you can’t say or wish for everything. Therefore, I always try to congratulate my beloved in the morning.

What kind of surprise can banish sleep in an instant? Choose according to your financial capabilities. There can be many options here.

Surprise ideas for him, the one and only

New bike (motorcycle, car, yacht outside the window.) Why not? When, if not on your birthday to receive such coveted and expensive gifts.

A new fishing rod, racket, soccer ball, punching bag, etc. fun for your husband’s hobby. Men are grown–up boys and they will definitely be happy with such gifts.

Weapons. If you know exactly what He has been dreaming about for a long time, go to the gun store. There is a wide selection of souvenir and non-traumatic weapons. Perhaps you will opt for a crossbow or an air rifle, a souvenir saber or a dagger.

You can also give less serious weapons. A souvenir knife will be appreciated by any man. It can be safely worn as a belt and used to protect you))) In fact, it’s just a very convenient gizmo for everyday life, which will allow you to quickly cut paper, rubber, well, or anything!


Electronic gadgets. There are more and more of them every year. For a year, by the next birthday, something new is sure to appear and many do not even bother, but immediately go to choose gifts in a high-tech store. What you won’t find there. Netbooks, smartphones, smart watches, GPS, MP3 players,3-D pens. This is one of the most universal ideas, as it will always come in handy and will always surprise.

Clothing or shoes. Many people will probably argue with me, they say this is not a man’s business. How to say, many men are pleased to receive a chic cashmere jumper, scarf, suit or shirt as a gift. Although, it is better not to make such gifts as surprises. There is a high probability of not guessing with the size or color.

Accessories. It can be a stylish watch, a leather belt, a purse, a bag. Everything that will emphasize the independent style of your man.

Perfume. Men, like women, like to emphasize their individuality with expensive toilet water, so this is a great reason to update his perfume wardrobe, pampering him with a novelty or an ageless classic.

A surprise created with your own hands will be a particularly dear and sweet gift to your heart:

  • Delicious creative cake
  • Candles
  • Soap
  • Coffee tray
  • Scarf
  • Photo

And here are some more ideas:

Although, it’s probably better to supplement the main one with such a surprise. This will be the little highlight that will emphasize the expensive status gift.

Filling without wrapper is NOTHING!

And don’t forget about design. I probably won’t get tired of talking about this in every article, because I feel insanely sorry for those cool and bright gifts that fade, wrapped in cellophane or handed in a branded box from the store.

Don’t be lazy! Fantasize! Surprise me!

Be sure to think about not only WHAT to give, but HOW to present a gift!

So while I was writing this article, I decided exactly what I would give. And you? Did my advice help? Then do not hesitate to share in the comments, discuss who spoiled their husbands with what?

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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