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Hello, readers and readers fans! But how else: it is strange if a person who is alien to reading books begins to think about what book to give a man for his birthday. But nevertheless, this pleases already for two reasons:

  • there are those in your environment who care about books;
  • willingly or unwittingly you contribute to the spread of book culture.

Before we delve into the subtleties of choosing a genre and authors, I will note this – it is not for nothing that so-called “gift” editions exist and are in demand.

What’s so special about them? The quality of the paper, the finish and the overall design of the book. Carefully selected illustrations, glossy pages and colored insert pages give the folio an elegant and solid look. After all, the gift should be beautiful.

At the age of 30, we are looking for an answer about business

Thirty–year–olds – as one famous character liked to say – are men, even if they are in the prime of life.

Their plans are ambitious, their eyes are hot and assertive. The energy boiling in them should be directed to a peaceful channel. Or at least explain how you can benefit from the ebullient enthusiasm.

The book about methods of achieving success in business serves this purpose as well as possible. I recently read the book “Be the best version of yourself,” written by Waldschmidt. The author chose a very unusual approach to break down stereotypes that prevent him from achieving outstanding results in any of the chosen fields of activity.

Be the best version of yourself

I am still under the impression and draw inspiration from it! Such a printed stimulator can even become a turning point in the career of a happy gift recipient.

At the age of 40, a council is needed in management

By the age of forty, many have already reached a very leading position. However, management as a management system has many nuances and approaches, many of which have clearly defined national features.

I mean, a top manager from America will not necessarily become an effective manager in Russia due to local peculiarities and the special “Russian” mentality of employees and the environment. That’s why the advice given by the Russian author in the book ] “45 tattoos of a manager” may come in handy, especially if the storehouse of wisdom is presented as a gift.

45 tattoo manager

At 45 years of history, we draw wisdom light

We agreed that by the age of forty, an accomplished man occupies a leadership position. By the age of 45, it is quite expected that he achieves mastery in management and thinks about issues of a global scale in detail.

The world is developing spirally and similar stages occur periodically. So, many answers can be obtained by referring to the experience of past generations – history. Maybe that’s why book lovers with silver-gray temples prefer historical novels, memoirs, chronicles and even historical monographs of recognized authorities. From this category we choose a book for a gift to a respectable man.


At the age of 50, we are waiting for greetings from childhood

By the age of fifty, usually all the peaks marked with a cross have been conquered, it’s too late to swing at new ones. And this means that you can spend more time studying for your own pleasure. For example, to read not educational and reference, but fiction. For example, fiction.

Why hello from the past? And you will remember yourself in your youth: with what a binge you read space operas, fantasy adventures, maybe detective stories or even romance novels. In adulthood, preferences usually remain the same. There are just more opportunities to implement them.

Recently, a series of works of the artistic genre written by different authors, but describing the events and characters of a single space-time – a fictional or real universe – have become fashionable.

This type of publication includes the series “Metro Universe 2033”, describing a post-apocalyptic world trying to survive after the horror of nuclear war.


How do I know about her? In a sense, my brother is even tired – he watches the release of new books, collects them and considers it his duty to advertise and spoiler at any opportunity))) Maybe there really is something in them?

In any case, a set of books of the same series is a great birthday gift for someone who has everything, and the thirst for novelty and impressions is not quenched.

I remind you that I am summarizing my own observations, and I do not exclude the possibility of the existence of eccentric personalities and just people with extraordinary tastes in your environment. Therefore, try to find out your literary preferences in advance.

And if it didn’t work out, then give the man a certificate for the purchase of books. (I’ve been talking about this recently wrote).

By the way, for fans of fantasy, the books described in this video are probably suitable (maybe not Narnia or Harry Potter, but something for sure)):

For this, I bow out and wish you success in selecting a worthy recipient of the book. The gift theme continues, so stay tuned via subscription.

The repost and distribution of the record in social networks is strongly welcomed and supported. …Or ban (I think out loud thoughtfully), so that they would surely drag me to Facebook and to the walls of classmates …)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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