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Hello dear readers, I am very glad to welcome you! Today we will talk to you about the first date. This exciting day can be fateful for every man, so you should prepare for it with all seriousness.

It is customary for a lady to give something pleasant at a scheduled meeting, but after all, you are still little familiar with this woman and do not know her taste preferences.

What to do in such a situation?

The answer is simple – you need to use such a universal gift as a bouquet.

He is unlikely to be able to leave a lady indifferent, but you need to choose the right colors and quantity! After all, this is the key to success and a guarantee that the first date will not be the last. So what kind of flowers to give a girl on a first date? Let’s look into this issue in as much detail as possible.

Bouquet of flowers in oil

Traditional version

The most traditional option can be called a composition of delicate pink roses.

After all, they symbolize the tenderness and reverent attitude of a man to a woman. Bright, for example, red roses should not be handed over at the first meeting, because this can be interpreted as bad form.

I would advise you in this case a magnificent composition of roses, chrysanthemums and carnations.Rose

But roses are not all that a man can limit himself to.

It also makes sense to choose others, but for this you need to know exactly what they mean. For example, lilies of the valley and lilies are an expression of tenderness, daisies are excitement and awe, tulips and chrysanthemums are a confident mood and peace of mind.

But if you are a creative young man and want to demonstrate this, then it is best for you to present a beautiful orchid in a pot to a girl! But you should know that not every lady will be able to appreciate such originality, everything depends on the character.

Girl with bouquet

Spring flowers

If it’s spring in the yard and many flowers are blooming, then it’s worth giving the girl a spring bouquet. It will be much better than roses that are not very appropriate at this time of year.

Here you can experiment and make a composition of different colors, or be conservative and make the bouquet uniform. The composition of tulips is the best fit for the first meeting. They symbolize pure and sincere feelings. According to beliefs, real happiness is stored in the closed buds of tulips, can you imagine?


A man should choose tulips in light shades, but avoid red, which means passion and burning relationships. Of course, such strong feelings on the first date are out of the question.

A composition of fresh lilac will also be a great spring gift for a lady.

Lilac is characterized by a special romanticism. She will show that you treat the girl with tenderness and that you have serious plans for her. If you follow the so-called language of flowers, then lilac means innocence on it. Purple lilac is called a symbol of first love, and pink is associated with love.


Orchids can become a luxurious gift on a date.

A bouquet of them is beautiful and it will charm every woman. Orchids are a symbol of harmony, beauty, sophistication and love. An orchid is different in that there can be several color shades in one bud at once, which really looks beautiful. You can express your admiration for the beauty of your lady just by giving her a composition of orchids.


It is impossible not to mention daisies, because they are light and simple, but, nevertheless, many female representatives like them.

These are perhaps the most famous spring flowers, which you can also present to your betrothed exactly when you have a romantic evening, where they will be very appropriate.


Number of colors

Now we need to figure out the number of colors. Some men believe that on the first date you can do quite one.

This is actually not quite true, although giving a huge luxurious bouquet at the first meeting is also not very right, because your relationship is not so close yet and the lady simply may not accept it, then the situation will be awkward.

Girl in a wreath and with a bouquet

One flower can upset a woman, so it’s better to look for a golden mean, and these are 3-5 pieces. But let’s still figure out the meaning of colors by quantity:

1 – symbolizes sympathy, as well as attention. Not a bad option for the first romantic meeting, but only if the girl is modest. It is also suitable if your meeting is scheduled in a public garden or park, and then you are going to visit a cafe or restaurant. A large composition would interfere with you, and one flower will definitely not become a hindrance.

3 is a serious compliment. Three flowers usually go in addition to the main present, but on the first date they can act quite as an independent surprise.

5 is already a real declaration of love. And you need to give such a number of flowers only if the lady made such a strong impression on you right away that you fell in love with her, as they say at first sight :)

7 – usually given for anniversaries and other serious celebrations. Therefore, such a bouquet is hardly suitable for the first meeting.

9 is a frank hint at the seriousness of your plans, but such a huge bouquet presented on the first date can just scare a girl.

And in addition to the bouquet, you can also romantic gift to present))

Well, we have considered this interesting topic in detail. Therefore, be ready for the first date fully armed and do not spoil it! I hope that this article will help you charm your chosen one and make a positive impression on her ;)

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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