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I welcome all fans of interesting ideas, pleasant surprises and original gifts. Today we will talk about what kind of flowers to give to a man and is it accepted at all?

Have you ever thought about the fact that our whole life consists of some events, anniversaries, holidays and anniversaries? We have to think over souvenirs, design ideas, etc.

With relatives and friends – everything is clear. It is not so difficult to guess what to please a loved one with whom you communicate every day.

But what if the person being congratulated is not a very close colleague (and even more so boss) or a distant relative whom you hardly see? How to please him, surprise him and show respect? Maybe give an armful of flowers?

In any case, the bouquet should also be accompanied by some kind of gift. It’s not so easy to find the perfect gift when you don’t know a person’s tastes. It should be beautiful, useful, pleasant.

Although our people like to repeat a template phrase, they say, the main thing is not a gift, but attention – as for me, this is said by those who do not want to be puzzled by the selection of the right present.

But, believe my experience, failure to choose a gift can spoil the mood for both you and the person being congratulated for a long time. So you need to approach the choice of a gift with all responsibility.

So, first, the preparatory stage before the flowers is the choice of a gift.

We are deciding on the choice of a gift

If you are acquainted with a man relatively recently and have not yet studied his tastes enough, it is best to choose a neutral birthday gift. It can be an original set of elite chocolate, a set of towels, photo frames, etc.


You can give, say, a parachute jump (not suitable for everyone). Not everyone will understand such a gift, but if you are sure that the gift will be accepted with a bang – why not? Just be sure to contact a trusted office, coordinate all the details in advance.

Here is a hot air balloon flight, a subscription to visit an elite gym – gifts that are already more applicable to the case. If you want to make some particularly unusual and pleasant surprise – ask for help from his relatives, friends, ask about his desires and hobbies.

Remember that originality is good in moderation, otherwise you risk being “misunderstood”.

We turn to one of the most ambiguous gifts to a man – flowers.

Going to a man’s birthday party – choosing a bouquet

When we are invited to a man’s birthday or some significant event, many begin to hesitate, not knowing whether it is customary to give flowers to men.

It just so happened in our society that flowers are usually given exclusively to ladies. However, there are dates on which it would be simply indecent to come without solemn flowers.

When to give flowers to men:

  • For the anniversary
  • To the film premiere
  • Promotion
  • Publication of the article
  • Publication of the book
  • Sports record
  • Concert or theatrical premiere


50 years old

Choosing a bouquet for 50 years, emphasize the solemnity of the date. These can be red roses, plumeria, luxurious carnations, gladioli and gerberas. Packaging is very important, it will help to emphasize the severity of colors and give them status. If the budget allows, it is better, of course, to contact a professional florist who will create an elegant and original present for you.

To make the flowers look luxurious and not confuse the hero of the occasion, attach elite alcohol, cigars or a book to them – then your gift will certainly not go unnoticed and misunderstood.

Flowers are given on professional holidays to the head, Defender of the Fatherland Day, the presentation of a diploma.

60 years old

If you are going to give flowers for 60 years, give preference to burgundy, blue or green colors. Calla lilies, lilies, orchids will be most welcome for such a date.

If you still doubt the decision to give flowers, you can present an original modern bouquet in the form of a set of alcohol, expensive chocolate or a grocery set.

A certain situation

Sometimes you can choose a bouquet if you know about… hobbies of a person.

It will be appropriate for an avid angler to give a funny basket that will demonstrate your humor and give wonderful emotions to the birthday boy.

And a luxurious composition of fresh roses will demonstrate to a man your special attitude towards him. It can be given as a gift for a wedding anniversary, anniversary or congratulations on a promotion.

There are situations when you cannot personally attend an important event of a close or respected person. A bright status armful of flowers from delicate carnations will demonstrate your location to the hero of the occasion and will set you apart from other guests.

I hope that this article was useful to you and, going to a man for an important event, you will not be confused with choosing the right present ;)

And if you want to compose a composition yourself, then watch this video. The girl explains very clearly what and how:

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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