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Good day to all the regulars of my “ideological” blog, as well as new arrivals! Today I wanted to talk about such a delicate and delicate topic as choosing flowers for a girl.

Ask any girl what flowers are the most pleasant for her to receive on a holiday. 99 out of 100 will answer: “Roses!”. And the more, the better)))

But today I would like to talk not about the number of flowers in the bouquet, but about what kind of roses to give to a girl so that she appreciates your sign of attention.

No matter how banal for many roses did not look – but it has already become a classic, a symbol of expressing their romantic feelings, serious intentions, love.

Now you can see dozens of varieties on flower stalls. How to determine which roses to give correctly, because the fairer sex are very vulnerable natures and sometimes the wrong shade can cause a spoiled mood.

Deciding on the color of roses for the first date

Red roses have always been considered the “word of love”, a scarlet bouquet will say everything for you. This is a confession, an expression of his warm feelings, admiration for his chosen one, which is on the first date is very appropriate :)

Yellow is in vain considered by many to be a harbinger of separation and a bad sign.

It is because of an erroneous stereotype that we pay little attention to this sunny shade. At the same time, psychologists interpret it as the color of good mood, positivity and optimism.

Therefore, get away from templates, give yellow buds, inform your lovely darling about your most rosy plans for the future! And at my wedding, the duet of the boutonniere and my bouquet had yellow roses among all the flowers. It was great :)


Choosing roses for your birthday

If you want to make amends or just make a compliment, a bouquet assembled from delicate half-opened buds in pastel colors will be a great idea.

A gentle gift for 17-18 years

White is considered a symbol of tenderness and innocence. When your relationship is just beginning, but you want to hint at your serious feelings, a bouquet of white roses will be an excellent option.

The 18th anniversary is a special date for every girl, which becomes a kind of boundary between childhood and adulthood, so carefully approach the choice of colors.

A sophisticated representative, who is difficult to surprise with anything, will like the composition of the petals of light roses. She will appreciate your exquisite taste, responding with gratitude.


What flowers to give for 20-25 years?

The first anniversary in the life of your girlfriend, sister or work colleague!

In addition to the gift itself, you need to think over a bouquet of flowers. Make it creative, dream up, connect several different colors. Yellow with red, white with maroon.

At 25, the girl becomes a little older, which means more sophisticated. If the budget allows, give her 25 roses. You can, of course, surprise your friend more modestly by giving her a basket of delicate buds, or an original composition composed by a professional florist – a cute basket will not leave anyone indifferent)


We give for 30 years

Going to an anniversary, and a gift is not provided, it is better not to limit yourself to one bouquet, but to add a box of expensive chocolates. Such a composition will look decent and very gentle.

Flower decoration is a separate topic.

It is better to give flowers without packaging, unless, of course, it is a fashionable designer bouquet. No need to “strangle” them with foil, paper, decorative mesh. It is enough to choose fresh 7-9 pieces, tying them with a ribbon.

Rainbow roses

Of course, if you have to take flowers to the other end of the city by metro, then it’s better to worry about the safety of the gift. Ask them to pack them in a transparent film, but before handing them over, the packaging will need to be removed.

How to choose roses?

  1. Pay attention to their freshness. Even if the seller seems strong, look at the edges of the petals. Often, unscrupulous “flower growers” tear off the outer petals of the buds in order to preserve their presentation. As a result, such flowers will last no more than two days. And you want the girl to admire your worthy gift for at least a week.
  2. Check the stem for strength. If he stood in the water for a long time, it will be immediately visible from the cut.
  3. Buy not yet fully opened buds. In indoor conditions, they will bloom in a vase after standing longer.
  4. If it so happens that you gave a bouquet, and after 2 hours of celebration it has lost its freshness and looks unpresentable, fill the bath with cold water and gently lower the flowers into it. Leave it overnight, in the morning you will have fresh, like freshly cut roses from a bush.


Surprise your loved ones, give them flowers, arrange surprises. For girls, a bouquet of flowers is filled with great meaning and special meaning.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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