What should I give my husband for February 23? The answer to the eternal question

Gifts for all occasions

Hello girls, hello boys. The girls put their ears on top of their heads, the guys nod and grin contentedly. What? The fairness of advice about what to give my husband on February 23, so that he would be happy and not stint on March 8.

Why did I bring up this annual holiday when the memories from the previous one are still fresh? That’s why. Who coped perfectly – well done. Who has seen the dissatisfied muzzle of a beloved man – we will figure it out and try to prepare in advance to prevent this from happening next year.

Children – ice cream, and who are these?

Day of the Red Army and Navy… Day of the Soviet Army and Navy… Defender of the Fatherland Day. Appointed by order of 1918: on such and such a day, everyone should rejoice. A professional holiday for those who are somehow connected with military affairs. By default, all young men are conscripted. So it turns out a Man’s Day. This policy has completely confused the already difficult calendar of important dates.


But who are we trying to fool? The essence of this holiday is to be a “counterweight” to Women’s Day. And it has taken root deeply, most likely for this simple reason. It is celebrated not only in the family, but also symbolic offerings are made to male colleagues, to all close men.

From the above, we note two important consequences:

  • to congratulate and give gifts to the military without fail;
  • all other men – according to the degree of desire to please (to make amends, to suck up, to attract attention, to remind of obligations – the right to emphasize).

Guys, calm down: there is a wife – there will be a gift. Motives? Don’t you at least guess that yet? It’s okay – the whole life is ahead. In the meantime, just enjoy.

Girls are preparing notebooks and pens. Let’s move on to the practical part. Not really. A little more theory.

Tell me who your husband is, I’ll tell you what to give him

I preach the belief that there are gifts of interest and universal gifts in our universe. Moreover, it turns out that universal presents have a clearly expressed practical nature or status.

With gifts corresponding to the hobbies of the spouse, it is not worth much to be wise and plunge into the wilds of differences in the types of jigs or baubles, the fundamental difference between digital and tube sound, as well as the advantages of Zeiss optics. You can limit yourself to things that are commonly used in the field of interest, which increase comfort and are optional attributes of a geek (in the broad sense of the word).


Here for the apple store, the presence of an iPad is mandatory. The keyboard to it is an option that he will not refuse, but he will not buy it himself.

A lot of things are like that with guys: it seems to be a useful thing, but he will never buy it himself. We use it.

The same is true with fishing chairs, mosquito nets, equipment care products, cases and covers, convenient organizers in the car. A little purposeful observation of her husband in the natural environment and the solution for the gift will ripen.

Am I macho in the world at all?

Regarding status gifts, consider a men’s wristwatch, which is made in the style of rock and roll and looks very impressive. But their charm is not even that. This is Hublot. Didn’t the name say anything? That’s for most men, too. But you and I know the value and price of brands.

The strategy is as follows: we give without a fanatical gleam in our eyes and not especially wagging our tail, so as not to reveal the value of the gift. It is important. If he does not know what a watch really is, then, putting them on, he will behave naturally and treat them slightly carelessly. It’s a charm. We are subtly controlling so that we put them on at the next joint exit “into people”.

We enjoy the reaction of others and the slight bewilderment of the spouse about excessive attention to the wrist.


I admit: not many people can afford such a gift. Therefore, a replica will be appropriate.

Reviews say that the aura of chic and elitism extends to high-quality copies. In general and in particular, I understand that the conditions of existence are much more severe. But this is not a reason to despair or deprive her husband of attention.

If there is no money, but there is a husband

The state of “no money” is very relative and situational. For example, the next tranche to the family budget is scheduled by cents: this is for communal services, this thin stack is for food (oh, lobsters will have to be replaced with shrimp), in a separate pocket – for transportation costs. And you also need household chemicals, new furniture, a coffee maker … Yes, a coffee maker is an interesting idea.

But now about something else. About the fact that there are almost no free funds.

The situation will be saved by an original solution or a thing made with your own hands.

Here another meaning of such an early conversation about gifts for February 23 is revealed. How long have you been knitting sweaters? Unreal? Well, then, a colorful scarf? A tablet case? A doormat for a computer desk?

And here is a simple idea of a felt rug, which even a girl who does not understand needlework can do:

Another extreme that requires an original approach is material wealth or, even more so, excess. When you and he have everything and you can buy anything, the value of the gift shifts to the emotional sphere. Your own portrait – a photo in a stylish frame made by a professional photographer is the best gift. Let him remember, defender who needs a round-the-clock guard and patrol)

Well, girls: hello to husbands, friends – repost to social networks, and you – subscribe to updates. While. See you. I’m going to finish tying up…

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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